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Amazon Bans New Launcher Manager 1.1.8 But Dev Releases New Workaround

Amazon Blocks Launcher Manager

Amazon blacklisted the updated Launcher Manager app 1.1.8 for taking control of Firestick/Fire TV remote buttons.  The original Launcher Manager for Fire TV app was previously banned but recently the developers introduced version 1.1.8 which reignited the app.  The app, which was designed to customize the remote buttons on Fire TV devices, was blocked from operating properly on all Amazon Fire TV systems.  When users tried to open the app they were greeted with the message, “Cannot Open App.”

The developer of the new Launcher Manager app 1.1.8 has already pushed out an update that changes the package name and modifies other blacklisting files.

Here are some quotes taken from the developer SweenWolf from the XDA Developers forum.

Since the original package is now flagged, I’ve changed the package name from “com.wolf.lm” to “com.wolf.lm1”

I’ll try to change some static codes of lm so app cloner will work, if lm survives these blocks.

Amazon can do many things to stop LM from working, and most of them cannot be stopped, but i would not like to give someone some idea.

Not only that I managed to disable adepfos app which handles blacklisting according to the notifications i got whenever it gets removed from my device. Im not sure if rebooting is the reason it gets removed by this app but I’ll see if it lasts for 1 day. adb shell pm disable-user

How to Install Updated Launcher Manager 1.1.8

We have the new updated app available for quick install in our TROYPOINT Toolbox.

The TROYPOINT Toolbox allows for a quick way to install apps on Fire TV/Android TV that aren’t available through official app stores on those devices.

Launcher Manager 1.1.8 Download

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Launcher Manager App: What It Does

The Launcher Manager app allows users to customize the remote buttons on Fire TV devices to launch any app or function. For example, users can program the “home” button to launch a 3rd party launcher such as Wolf.  3rd party launchers are extremely popular as they get rid of the annoying ads for streaming services that most people aren’t using.  The new release of Launcher Manager 1.1.8 also allows for the mapping of Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and Hulu buttons.

Amazon’s Reasoning for Banning the App

According to Amazon, the Launcher Manager app violates their guidelines by “interfering with the Fire TV user experience.” Amazon stated that the app takes control of the remote buttons, which could confuse users and lead to a poor experience.

What This Means for Fire TV Users

This will continue to be a cat and mouse game between Amazon and the developer of the Launcher Manager 1.1.8 app.  A few weeks ago, TROYPOINT announced that it will be recommending Android TV devices due to these ongoing restrictions by the Amazon Fire TV department.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen Amazon shut down multiple “hacks” over the past few years and from what we’ve recently experienced, they aren’t letting up.

Alternatives to Launcher Manager

While Launcher Manager provides a convenient way to customize the Fire TV remote and use a 3rd party launcher, there are still other options available. Users can still use 3rd party launchers by using a method that involves an application called Launch on Boot.

Our guide on Wolf Launcher offers two methods of using a 3rd party launcher.  If the new Launcher Manger 1.1.8 is somehow permanently banned, we still have another method by using Launch on Boot.

Use Wolf Launcher on Firestick / Fire TV – 2 Methods


Let us know what you think about the ban of Launcher Manger 1.1.8 and the new circumvention by its developer in the comments below.

Will you be switching to an Android TV device?

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14 thoughts on “Amazon Bans New Launcher Manager 1.1.8 But Dev Releases New Workaround”

  1. In general, I’m personally tired of Amazon & their F-in game. They must have 4gotten who it waz that built their business, & I think it’z way past time that we remind them. Tomorrow I’m returning the new (FTVS 4KKMAX 2nd GEN) I just recently bought, the new update stopz just about everything. I’ve decided 2 give the (ROKU ULTRA-4802) a try. I know 1 thing 4 sure, I 4 one will not be buying any more Amazon productz until they stop their ish. And the only way that will ever come about is if all of us cord-cutterz make it become so. So I say 2 (CC) nation, git wit me & let us right now set dis party off quickly right??????

  2. I installed the pre-banned Launch Manager and having the “home-hook” was very nice to have. I’ve not had much luck with Launch-on-Boot working as advertised. I noticed this morning that not only is Launch Manager not working, it’s no longer listed in my installed applications listing. Looks like it has been removed ….. not sure if I want to reinstall the updated Launch Manager yet.

  3. You guys took part of my comment on that forum believe it or not. I’m the one who found out you could block and prevent the app from uninstalling. Also that method works btw I think I forgot to comment on there about the progress on that. The 1st half of that comment is indeed from the developer. It’s just the 2nd half.

    1. The only way we take down comments is if they violate our rules set forth that you see above where you type comments.

  4. Michael Sweeney

    Amazon is being petty! We bought the devices and we should have the ability to use the device as we see fit.
    I have both versions of Nvidia Shield and love it because you can do anything with it

  5. I have 5 FireSticks in my house mostly 4K Max, 1 2nd Gen FireStick and 1 4K Toshiba FireTV.
    Only one of my FireSticks (my personal one) and my 4K Toshiba FireTV use Launcher Manager.
    I have been looking at other option and am waiting for the Walmart Onn to return, but I love the FireStick and don’t really want to move on, so I’m going to use update wipers and update blockers to stay with it as long as I can.

  6. I like and use the Launch Manager along with Wolf. I just simply reinstall the Launch Manager every day.

    1. Hi Marty, the new version should allow you to use it without installing every day…at least until Amazon figures out a new way to block this workaround.

  7. I too switched to an android box and am running FLauncher with no problems. As another posted, my Firestick is pretty much unsellable so I got a USB HDMI video capture device and am running the Firestick on my laptop. Thanks Troy for all the updates.

  8. Thanks Troy, Yes I have moved off of the Amazon platform and slowly moving my friends towards Android devices. We have seen Amazon trying to control our Video world for a long time. It is refreshing to be able to use an Android remote and reprogram the Prime Video button, since we no longer subscribe to Amazon Prime. I guess others are doing it too. I see tons of firesticks for sale on craigs…. some for 5 dollars and nobody buying them. Thanks for giving us options Troy! Your efforts are appreciated.

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