Block Amazon Firestick / Fire TV Automatic Updates

Block Firestick or Fire TV Updates

The following tutorial will show you How to Block Amazon Firestick & Fire TV automatic updates.

Amazon is constantly pushing out updates that usually do one of two things.

  1.  Add additional unwanted apps that reduce internal storage.
  2. Block customizations that can be made such as using Launcher Manager and Wolf Launcher.

The reason for this post today is due to #2 in the list above.

It has been reported that the new updates that Amazon is pushing out are removing the ability to use 3rd party launchers.

This means that Launcher Manager and Wolf Launcher (or any other 3rd party launcher) won’t work properly after those updates have been applied.

Amazon Blocks Launchers with Fire OS Update

The two updates in question are.

Fire OS NS6287/3768

Fire OS PS7273/2622


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You can see below on how to check which Fire OS version you currently have.  If it is lower than what’s listed above, you can block updates with my video tutorial below and continue using 3rd party launchers.

Fire OS 6 Users:  If you’re running Fire OS or later, neither tutorial will work to block updates.

Fire TV Cube Fire OS, neither tutorial is working according to our comments below.

Fire OS 7 Users (Firesticks): If you’re running Fire OS or below, both tutorials below should work.   

To determine the Fire OS running on your system, do the following.

1. Hover over Settings icon.

Hover over Settings

2.  Click My Fire TV.

Click My Fire TV

3. Hover over Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, etc.  You will see your Fire OS version on this screen.

See Fire OS version

How to Block Amazon Firestick / Fire TV Automatic Updates

Below, you will find two methods for blocking Amazon Fire TV updates.

I suggest first starting with the TechDoctorUK Debloater Tool in the first video and if that doesn’t work, use the manual process in the second video.

You will find that the TechDoctorUK Debloater tool is a much faster process.

Fire OS 6 Users:  If you’re running Fire OS or later, neither tutorial will work to block updates.

Fire TV Cube Fire OS, neither tutorial is working according to our comments below.

Fire OS 7 Users (Firesticks): If you’re running Fire OS or below, both tutorials below should work.   

NOTE: If you are trying to prevent a forced update after a factory reset or when setting up a new device, use our instructional guide below the videos.

TechDoctorUK Debloater Tool

Get TROYPOINT App with Rapid App Installer

Remote ADB Shell App

Get TROYPOINT App with Rapid App Installer

ADB Commands to Block Amazon Fire TV Updates

pm disable-user --user 0
pm disable-user --user 0

ADB Commands to Unblock Amazon Fire TV Updates

pm enable
pm enable

How to Block Updates After Factory Reset or During Initial Setup

Special thanks to a patron from our TROYPOINT Insider Forum for providing these steps to block forced updates on Firesitck and Fire TV.

To do so, users will have to cut their internet connection rapidly.

The best way to do this is with an Ethernet Adapter, however, you can also unplug your router if you do not have one of these accessories.

1. Go through your Firestick Set Up Process following the steps on your screen.

2. As soon as your device is installing the latest updates, quickly disconnect your internet connection.

3. Your device will then stop installing updates and prompt that there is no internet connection.

4. Click the back button and Menu button (3 vertical lines) on your remote simultaneously.

5. This will enable the VoiceView accessibility feature. Click the back button to exit VoiceView.

6. Reconnect your internet connection and log in to your Amazon Account.

7. Disconnect your connection again and finish the setup process.

8. Use one of the methods above to block any future system updates.

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117 thoughts on “Block Amazon Firestick / Fire TV Automatic Updates”

  1. if you have the update all is not lost you can still use wolf launchervand launcher settings.

    download total commander from the app store
    load the app
    navigate to installed app at the bottom and find kftv launcher in the list
    either move it to another folder if you want it for whatever reason or do as i did and delete it.
    now it will ask select launcher to which you select your fav launcher
    job done

  2. Hey Troy, I have 4 new 4k Fire OS 7 sticks and the debloater tool worked great. Until… the wife said the Amazon Prime App was gone! After further investigation I had selected all which turned off the app. If you want to still watch your paid for Amazon Prime unselect it and run the program again.

  3. After a lot of research, trial and error, here’s my (so far bulletproof) tutorial to block updates, even working when you’re using a VPN:

    1. Sign up for a free open DNS account
    2. In open dns, block these sites:

    3. On your router, set the open dns dns servers as primary/secondary, respectively:

    (you may be asking yourselves why do that when normally you can set websites blocking through your router settings – for me, although I had blocked the above sites through my router, the updates were still downloading)

    Restart your router and give open dns 5 mins for the changes to take effect)

    4. Optional only if you use a VPN – on your VPN app, select only the apps that you need VPN connection for – for example, the streaming apps that need Geo unblocking. If you don’t this, the VPN works on your entire traffic and therefore the DNS resolver is the VPN’s one, not the Open dns’, and updates start downloading

    5. Done. Checking for updates would result in an update error.

    The con of this method is that you have to do this individually for each network – this includes the router setting and the open dns setting.

    I hope I’ve saved someone the hours it took me to come to this solution. My specific use case was that I’m using a VPN and the Adguard method is not working while connected to my VPN

    Also, a few users have hinted at this solution before, so credits to them. I’ve just put all the steps in writing.

  4. Hi Troy, after reading your latest tutorial on blocking updates from Amazon for fire stick 4K,
    I was wondering if something had changed. Your recent post talks about OS version Fire OS NS6287/3768.
    The earlier post had version NS6281 in red indicating that it would not work.
    My version is / 4812. I just wanted to know if you had a way for blocking the updates
    for version since the more recent post was apparently a later version. If I’m one of the folks stuck with , I can live with it as I pay for the major streaming services anyway.
    Many thanks, Larry

    1. I already posted how to block Amazon updates via the Router method (I have a TP-Link router btw). I am still on and won’t be forced to upgrade unless my Firestick 4k moves to a new network.

      For some reason few people have noticed my comment or acknowledged that as a viable method – but it works!

      If for some reason you have issues blocking all required sites, you might consider buying a new router – I bought my decent TP-LINK for under $20 used on your favorite auction site not long ago. Pretty inexpensive solution to a pretty annoying problem (staring at the ugly slow Amazon launcher)!

  5. Best way to fix all of this is comment on amazon and let every one no before they buy one!I Think at this point I will be looking at a android box instead of Amazon’s android fire stick! To bad I just updated 4 of the to fire stick Max’s! Like I sed if every one leaves a comment on the amazon store it mite heart there sales.

  6. Hey Troy,
    I have firestick lite, with the, last night and this morning the f launcher had disabled on my stick but I re-enabled it both times and it’s been on since. But regardless I wanted to avoid any updates that may happen in the future to compromise that so I’m tried both methods and neither worked, both gave the same error at the end,
    security exception: cannot disable a protected package:, I also noticed when you were typing in your command in the adb it started with kara! Mine says Sheldon, don’t know if that makes a big difference but thought it should be mentioned.

  7. Hey everyone so I follow Troy point and have been for years my current version I have the 4K Max fire stick and my stick and my version is fire OS 7. 2. 7. 3 I followed the tutorial verbatim and it’s saying that my last update was today Please help we use cyberflix in cinema TV on the daily

  8. I have Firestick TV Lite with FireOS (PS7242/3515). Neither method worked to block updates. Had to use an alternate method of blocking the Firestick Updates via OpenDNS — it’s been working for two months now and Launcher Manager and Wolf Launcher are still working. @Troypoint, leave a reply and I can provide the link that I used for setting up OpenDNS to block updates from being installed to the Firestick.

  9. I did my living room TV without an issue, but my bedroom TV is wireless. Not sure if it worked. I used the TeckDoctorUK’s instructions

  10. I tried both ways and it says my current version Fire OS Your fire tv is up to date. I tried both ways twice and nothing. I did notice when I did the adb way what commands you showed t\mine had that but a bunch more info. Any idea Thank you and I love the info you put out for us.

      1. My FireTV Cube had already updated so the methods mentioned by Troypoint couldn’t be successfully implemented however, the update did not reset my loader (Wolf) to the default like past updates did. I used your address blocking methods with my router and even on a restart of my cube I still have the Wolf launcher. Really unfirtunate Amazon doing that anyway since their launcher sucks.

    1. If they are new, just return them. Switch to Android instead. I have disconnected my FireTV devices for the last time and they have now been destroyed and reside in the rubbish can where they belong. Only custom launchers and additional thumb drive memory made these device worth a darn to begin with. Now that they have blocked my ability to control MY device, I have no further use for any Amazon related streaming device.

  11. Just adding myself to the ever growing situation. Realized my FTV Stick 4K Max recently updated to OS I can no longer force Wolf Launcher to be the default launcher but can still access it. When I manually turn it, if I go in and out of IP Vanish, it returns to the stock launcher. Not sure what else I can do at this point.


    The 1st method did not work for me so I proceeded to the 2nd video. During that video I found the “flash” at the top of the screen was the same one for both commands. Using the commands posted below the video will prevent the word override at the end of the second command line. Once corrected, the 2nd video worked fine for me. Troy, thank you for the urgent video!!!

    1. Still didn’t work even after I made corrections. Help! It will not work. I also noticed there’s a lot more commands on my page when u use back button after u enter commands. Like pages of commands. Troy only has a few lines. Could that be problem?

      1. I noticed that with the override added as well so I corrected it and did it all over again and it’s still not working for me either

  13. Please help! I’m a green techy and I don’t know what I’m doing! I’m running on an Amazon 5.X update, and trying to use the codes both from TroyPoint and TechDoctor Debloater gave me a “Connection Failed”, a bunch of words then “No route to host.) I have no idea what to do next. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I don’t even KNOW what I’m tryi’ng to prevent or what I’m using. I go into Kodi or Cinema and sometimes Nova, but I’m wanting to watch live tv, so my next stop is to Troy’s article on THAT!!

    1. Janet, I’m an old fart and this tutorial is to allow an app, Wolf Launcher, from being blocked by Amazon. I mention “old fart” because all the ads, pop-ups, blinking in and out stuff, is a distraction to me. Wolf Launcher is a clean, and peaceful, interface. Later, even if you don’t mind all the rackety ads tossed at you and you wanna go thru this procedure, you can. It just involves a factory reset (more work, lots), as described by Mr. X below. Relax, we all have a great tool! I know little to nothing of kodi, so maybe I can help your “green techy” claim for some info, or why, I want kodi?

  14. I have OS 6.28.7 already. Now what? I don’t think I use. Wolf Launcher, or Launcher Manager. Am I in the clear? I can’t stop any updates at this point for this? Anyone working on a rollback.

  15. For those who are on where Wolf is working, but you can’t “disable” the OTA files … and maybe the wolf-killing update has already been downloaded and you’re just dreading when it will be force-installed :(

    Maybe I have some relief!

    There are options to block the amazon download websites to prevent updates, but what if the update has already been downloaded and the forced update is imminent?

    The below steps might actually delete that downloaded update and prevent future updates (as long as you do not select “Check for Update”).

    Perform these ADB commands:

    pm clear
    am force-stop
    am kill
    cmd appops set RUN_IN_BACKGROUND ignore
    cmd appops set RUN_IN_BACKGROUND ignore
    cmd appops set RUN_IN_BACKGROUND ignore

    The “clear” command should delete the already download pending update.
    The other commands should restrict the OTA apps from running in the background and downloading an update because these processes normally run in the background.


    1. I wanted to give an update on this potential “3rd” method to block updates.

      It seems to be working on my because I have rebooted many times and left the stick idle for long periods of time.

      When I do go into “About” – it does say that it is “Downloading Update…” but it has been saying this all day, without every completing the download.

      So keeping my fingers crossed that this is an alternative (an additional method to the two posted in the above article) way to block updates.

      1. I am using a Firestick 4K (non-max) and running

        Since it’s the /4812 version, it won’t allow me to disable the OTA files using method 1 or 2.

        And in the “About” section, it said there was an existing downloaded update (probably the wolf-killing and that it will be installed when my stick was “not in use”. So that meant it was just a matter of time before the wolf-killing update is force-installed on me.

        So, I had nothing to loose by trying this third method to prevent auto-updates.

        After I did the above ADB commands, the “About” now says that it is “Downloading Updates…” and the progress bar is full. So this suggests to me that the previously downloaded update was deleted (probably via the “Clear” adb command in this method) and it’s trying to download a new update. But, it’s been saying this all day now even after multiple reboots and not using the stick for long periods of time.

        So it looks like this method is working to prevent the downloading of the new update.

        If you are in the same situation, then you have nothing to loose in trying it.

  16. The app downloaded directly from TechDoctor UK disables all 3 processes labeled “Breaks Amazon System Updates”, not just the 2 mentioned here.

    1. Thanks Bill, yes that is correct on Amazon OS 6 devices. The one I’m using in the tutorial is Amazon OS 7 and that one only has two.

      1. It appears that there are 3 on OS7 devices now? Using a 2nd Gen Cube at Hopefully, this works, I love the Wolf Launcher.

      2. Hello Troy,
        Me and a couple users below are running We’re fully capable of downloading and launching the ADB shell app but when using either our own ip or the generic one you’ve provided the app gets basically stuck. It will say it’s connecting but it never actually does. Nothing happens and after about 20 minutes, (for me anyways) my unit just goes to sleep. Any tips for this? It’s the last device I own that hasn’t already been given the unwanted software update and I’d like to make it last. Thanks!

  17. i can’t believe the day i decided to open my firestick to all the updates before i blocked everything again, this happens grrrrrrr… i should have checked online first to make sure no changes had occured, but i have learnt my lesson lol….i just live in hope someone finds a way round this….thanks troy for all your hard work…

  18. 4K Fire OS Users (Works for me on my 4K stick with NS6281/4812)

    Suggestion: Use the Router Amazon update blocking method (for now at least)

    Access your router’s Parental Control or Block Sites settings and block the following domains:

    1. REQUIRED:
    2. REQUIRED:
    3. REQUIRED:
    4. OPTIONAL:
    5. OPTIONAL:

    Test if this is working by trying to download:

    Obvious limitation of this is if you reset your router settings or move your Stick to a different router/network.

    But otherwise – trying to check for updates eventually times out in an error.

    Doesn’t help those who already have the poison pill update but for people like me looking for a 11th hour option before that update installs, this should help!


    Good luck!

    1. I did try this. Unfortunately, my router (a Linksys) wouldn’t allow me to enter a domain over 32 characters in the parental controls, so I am not able to block I blocked the others, but as soon as I hit check for updates it started downloading an update. But Wolf launcher is working… For now. Don’t expect it to last.

      1. That’s odd, wonder if there’s any way around that (try Googling).

        Otherwise, depending how important this feature is to you, you might consider buying another router on your favorite auction site. I bought a used TP-LINK AC1750 for under $20 recently and can block all 5 sites with problem. Up to you.

  19. Okay, I see people here having issues with version (PS7242/3515) for Firesticks.
    I have a Firestick Lite on (PS7242/3515). I ran the bloat tool several times and the updates function does not notify as blocked. However, I did allow an update and after the very short update, I am still on (PS7242/3515). Amazon says my Firestick is up to date. Wolf Launcher is still working fine and is currently my Home screen, even after a reboot.

  20. Aloha Troy,
    I do have the Fire OS 6.2.8..will there be a blocker for this addition in the future?
    Thank you for your time and knowledge.

  21. This stinks because I have two new/unopened Firestick 4k’s (that are one year old) and now I can’t stop the installation of this custom-launcher-preventing update because part of the new stick setup process is to download the latest firmware and I do not know a way to prevent this update when setting up a new stick.

    1. You can still perform a factory reset to undo the update.
      The first forced update can still be prevented/skipped, even after a factory reset.
      See the following steps.
      I have testet this.

      Furthermore, if you run the Fire tv stick only via usb-cable to the tv, so without extra power supply, the update downloads but can not be installed because of low power supply. At least there is an error message.
      This is virtually a low cost update blocker.

  22. Ok mine did not work also because it had preadolescent been updated. Everything I use is working at this point. What do we expect next to happen or is there something else we can do to correct the problem. Thanks for the great work you do for us cord cutters.

  23. neither one worked for me . I tried both 3 times and abs shell kept gaving me (java language security exception error cannot disable protected package) like so many ideas they don’t seem to work on my 4k stick os 9(ns6281/4812

  24. I can’t get either method to work on my fire tv cube. I’ve tried the debloat toolbox and the remote adb shell but the toolbox doesn’t seem to work and the adb shell says “connection failed” and “connection refused” ???

  25. For Firestick 4K users that have, running the debloater still might work if the “sub-version” is not too high.

    For example, one of my Firestick 4K’s had a version (in “My FIrestick – About”) of (NS6281/4061) and the debloater worked!

    But the other Firestick 4K with (NS6281/4812) did NOT work.

    (notice the last four digits in the parentheses – /4061 vs. /4812)

    1. My 1st gen fire cube is running and neither option works for me Tried several times but remote ADB shell says “connection failed or refused”.

      1. I am not aware of an amazon update that causes “Connection Failed”, so this specific problem might be fixable, and when it’s fixed, you then might be able to disable those files.
        Have you tried rebooting your firestick and trying again?

  26. I’ve tried both methods and neither are being accepted. Running version Ive tried both on different t.v.’s, no luck

    1. It might, but part of the “New Setup” of the device is to download the latest firmware, so it wont allow you to run the debloater app to block that firmware check.

  27. I am on OS I installed the Remote ADB Shell App but once I put the details in it just says connecting if you can help please

  28. I have two TV’s with Firestick. One is the Firestick 4K Max the other Firestick 3. Both have OS7. The Max stopped updates OK, the other did not. Said it was protected. How do I get around that. I have V7.2.4.2

  29. My Firestick version is Fire OS I tried the manual process and I just got the wheel that kept going around and around. Am I doing something wrong? Also it says there is an update available.

  30. Charles S Carothers

    So my cube has the update already. So what will happen, my Wolf launcher is still working. Do I need to uninstall it?

  31. Is there ever a reason to allow Amazon to automatically update our Firestick? I have Kodi along with The Crew, The Oath and Venom and am very happy. I also use Wolf Launcher and enjoy too. Wondering if the risk of updating is worth the rewards if there truly is any.

  32. For me, the main thing is the CHOICE OF LANGUAGE ! (Russian)

    if my Fire Cube is updated to, and Fire Max is updated to – can I still select Russian Language as before ?

  33. Oh man! The 4K firestick in my bedroom is so I can’t get these to block updates. Let us know when you figure something out brother! Got updates blocked on my 4K max in the living room tho, thanks! Huge fan of everything Troy point keep it up man!

  34. There is a little hope for users with…

    I have two units that both have

    One of the units gave the “Security Exception” error, but the other did NOT! :)

    So, it appears the sub-version info is important: (NS6281/4061) will work (NS6281/4812) will NOT work

  35. Troy, in the future when we purchase a new firestick, will it be able to be fixed, or are we going to have to find another source to load KODI onto?
    What other devices can kodi be loaded onto safely, other than Amazon devices?

  36. Neither method worked with Fire OS
    “Security exception: Cannot disable a protected package:”

    But very educational tutorial anyway

    thank you

  37. Running FireTV with Fire OS Debloat version didn’t work for me so I went with option 2. After running the first command in ADB Shell app I get the the following “Security Exception: Cannot disable a protected package:” and “java.lang.SecurityException: Cannot disable a protected package:” Bunch of at commands after that. High probably that I did something wrong but any ideas would be appreciated!

  38. Hey Troy – are us OS 6 users pretty much hosed? I use Wolf Launcher and would hate to lose it. Any brilliant minds out there working on a fix for OS6 users.

    Great job on the update. You rock!!

    1. Hi Don, if it is or higher, it doesn’t seem to be working. Hopefully the devs of Launcher Manager will be able to figure a way around this new update. We will keep everyone updated on this. Thanks for following TROYPOINT!

  39. I have approved debugging and tried to use ADB shell and I am on version Fire OS It keeps giving me an error of security exception: cannot disable a protetected package: Any reason why it would not let me do this?

    1. Thanks Bob, it appears that this firmware is also already stopping us from blocking updates on the Fire TV Cube. I have added that to the list in red above. Thanks for sharing this with us.

      1. Same on my Firestick 4k [PS/7242/3515] – anyway around it as yet? comes up with an error cannot disable a protected package

  40. Thanks! Used the debloat tool on my 2 firestick 4k max with os 7 to disable the updates right away and it worked! One thing to note your video said 2 checkboxes but I saw 3 of them that said breaks updates in the tool so I checked all 3. The stock launcher is so bad it almost makes the firestick unusable so I am glad it worked, you are THE BEST! Do you think the launchers will be updated so we are not stuck on this version of fireos forever if we want custom launcher?

    1. Hi Lee, glad it worked. Yes, there are 3 check boxes for Fire OS 6 devices. I don’t know whether Launcher Manager will be able to be updated to deal with these Amazon updates. We will keep everyone updated on this.

  41. I have utilized ADB command and the first “pm enable,etc.”as indicated. How do i know that it was accepted and is in place

  42. There is a third choice of “ (breaks amazon system update)” why is this NOT selected along with the other two?

      1. Troy I have a Firestick 4K MAX, with Fire OS and there was a third option as Frank said and I checked it and all seemed well.

    1. Hello, unfortunately if you are on Fire OS 6 and you have already upgraded to or higher, you can’t block updates. See red remarks above in post.

  43. Hi Troy. Thanks for this fix. However, your pasted codes for blocking updates was typed wrong. Both entries needed a double dash before the 2nd User word.

    1. Thanks Dave. I noticed that when doing this on my Fire TV Stick 4K. For some reason, the html on the screen was automatically joining those dashes. All good now as I have a gray code box now in the post. Thank you.

      1. Hi Troy. I yust bought brand new fire stick. What can I do to avoid this problem with updating. Any suggestions about first installation

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