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ACE/MPA Target BeeTV, TeaTV, and More in Cloudflare Subpoena

ace target beetv teatv

Popular Streaming Apps BeeTV and TeaTV have been acknowledged in a new subpoena to Cloudflare.

As first reported by TorrentFreak, ACE and the MPA are pursuing the app owners for alleged copyright infringement.

BeeTV and TeaTV are used by hundreds of thousands of people to stream content including Movies and TV Shows.

The official websites for these applications including the GitHub Repos are being targeted by the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment.

ACE is well known for their anti-piracy measures with various shutdowns and more.

HDFilme and xCine Shut Down by ACE

These Popular Sports Streaming Sites Shut Down by ACE

Due to the popularity of Jailbroken Firesticks and other streaming devices, ACE seems to be turning its eye toward applications that users install on various streaming devices.

Within the subpoena complaint is a requirement from Cloudflare to provide the following:

The subpoena requires that you provide information concerning the individuals offering infringing material described in the attached notice. As is stated in the attached subpoena, you are required to disclose to the Motion Picture Association, Inc. (on behalf of the ACE Members) information sufficient to identify the infringers. This would include the individuals’ names, physical addresses, IP addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, payment information, account updates and account history.

The websites referenced host download links for both BeeTV and TeaTV with infringed title examples and links.

ace subpoena examples beetv teatv

You can find the entire subpoena sent from ACE to Cloudflare using the link below.

ACE Cloudflare Subpoena for TeaTV & BeeTV

As noted above, the MPA (Motion Picture Association) also sent takedown notices to GitHub for both BeeTV and CyberFlix.

Within these notices are examples of “extensive copyright infringement” including screenshots of various Movies and TV Shows owned by the MPA that are available through these apps.

GitHub DMCA Takedown Notice – BeeTV

GitHub DMCA Takedown Notice – CyberFlix

It will be interesting to see if or when Cloudflare will comply with the subpoena and what ACE will do with this information.

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BeeTV Review

TeaTV Review

Let us know your thoughts on this situation in the comment section below!

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36 thoughts on “ACE/MPA Target BeeTV, TeaTV, and More in Cloudflare Subpoena”

  1. I must admit, My household has been slacking on running with VPN lately…and I have no excuse as to why, especially after being vigilant for 5+ years of staying on top it as we use several different IPTV services. Thank you for always keeping us informed of the latest…
    With that being said, there’s no better timing than now for me to FINALLY link VPN to run over the router vs each individual streaming device. I’ve put it off this long only because of the apps that won’t run when they detect a vpn in use (y’all know the ones I’m referring to)…my question : is there any VPN services out there that will run from ROUTER continuously but also identify when app/site you visit blocks any access from the vpn server, and can allow ROUTER to bypass or tunnel or shut off for just that ONE site/streaming device while still running vpn to the other devices that are using the internet at that same time… Without me having to install 2 separate routers and manually having to disconnect the vpn router entirely and then reconnect (remember to) manually each time, affecting all devices in use and not just that individual device shutting off vpn?
    My family and I can’t thank y’all enough for how much your a yes great and then and add and then but then I’ll go up and then in the next week and I guess get fucked up I know I throw

    1. No one needs to be concerned about watching any show, movie at all ever. Because the United States, and individual states politicians are illegally forcing all U.S. Citizens to subsidize the entire television entertainment industry by way of taxes we all pay for running cable throughout the entire country WITHOUT our permission. It was illegal when they did it and still is. Take that bit of information to your court case should the Govt or the entertainment industry come after you.

  2. Surfshark is without doubt the number one VPN thank you very much Troy for keeping us informed it’s amazing cuz you used to see on all these apps you know share with your friends and now you see please don’t post on Facebook and he blogs which because have a safe space where you know people are vetted they really should be trying to stop paying these actors and actresses so much money that’s where they can save money not the few million people out of just trying to get affordable TV movies. I just bought a new fire TV 4K Maxx and it was really disappointed because I would love to go on Troy point rapid installer have my really important stuff there to install. Keep up the good work Troy orange cat express my thanks is there anything that I can do to help keep affordable TVs and movies. Patrick

    1. It was just a matter of time which is why I stopped downloading APKs a long time ago with the demise of Cat Mouse
      I strictly use the “K” app as I have been for many years!

      1. Ditto! It’s been at least a couple of years since I’ve loaded other streaming APKs, apps, media and so forth. Not to mention having TWO active VPN subscriptions and RealDebrid running interference and screen plays…. Actually only use the one VPN, but still had 1+ yrs paid for, so have it for a backup.

  3. I use Surfshark and have been using it before Troy rated it #1. Doesn’t this protect me from being ID’ed as using BeeTv? I used to use Cinema HD and didn’t use any vpn and had no problem for a couple of years, until they took down the service, which I understand was a voluntary shutdown.

  4. Yeah, it’s gonna happen. And sometimes it’s not easy finding a replacement apk. An updated list of the top rated apk’s would be helpful.
    Once I learn how to install and use a good iptv app, I probably won’t use an apk much, if at all.

    1. hey kodi is a legal app i dont know why everyone wants to use these other illegal apps they dont workas well or have as much content. be sure to still use vpn

  5. Thank you for this information. It will be a sorry day when we loose BeeTV but I’m confident that you will inform us a suitable replacement. I have continued to send people to your web pages for reliable information on cord cutting.

  6. If there was no option or no way to download from these Apps, would that make them more acceptable to use ? Without coming under fire from the authorities !!

  7. Hi Troy, love your site I have been a avid subscriber for years, have appreciated and learned much over the years thanks to you. It seems this game of wack a mole with these streaming channels is going to continue on indefinitely until some kind of compromise or settlement is reached with all involved . This is not a regional conflict that one country could defuse or end but a global issue do to the internet traveling around the world and servers being anywhere and everywhere. This will only end when greedy producers and providers of this copyrighted material sit down and negotiate a fair settlement for all people who wish to legally view this content.

  8. After 20 years with Directv and a $545.00 disconnect fee – I refuse to pay these thieves any more money. I have used my fire sticks for 4 years and have been super satisfied thanks to TROYPOINT. Wish the greedy could be happy with the billions they already make and leave us alone.

  9. I think when they go after very popular apps, it’s because cable companies are complaining they’re losing viewers to FireStick. Lord knows Mobdro was one of the best. I’m just hoping they never get rid of Kodi or find a way to shut down FireStick all together.

  10. Just another chest piece in the game of chess. Some go out and some come back. Hopefully all the people of knowledge of figuring out this stuff will prevail.

    1. Same here and it’s been working fine. Only problem I have is when I connect my VPN and try to log in to my HULU Live, it always says I don’t have any different locations left and can’t log on. When I disconnect my vpn, I have no problem with HULU live.

      1. Your VPN should support a tunneling feature to allow apps you choose to not be re-routed by the VPN, so you do not have to turn it off. If you use the Troypoint recommended SurfShark, the Troypoint site has very clear instructions of how to do this. Various apps such as Prime Video and Hulu do not permit using a VPN, so this is a handy feature.

  11. Maybe the goons at ACE and MPA should consider a new job, maybe stay home and watch free tv on the apps that I’m sure they have, slimey bastards .

  12. Thank you for the information Troypoint. I love how you ALWAYS stay on top of the most important news when it comes to these apps that were streaming. But my question to you is. By any chance are we in trouble by getting those apps from your websites. You’re the Best at all of the streaming apps Period!! I don’t follow any other app specialist ONLY YOU!! SO ARE WE GOOD ON YOUR END??

    1. Hi Marilyn, we show how to install these apps in our reviews from the official sites but we also instruct people to only stream content that isn’t protected by copyright such as works that fall under Public Domain.

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