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TROYPOINT Polls Reset for March 2023 – Vote For Your Favorite!

troypoint polls

The TROYPOINT Polls have been reset for the month of March and we are looking for your input.

Currently, we have 10 different polls to vote on. Let us know your favorite!

These polls help us stay on top of popular APKs, addons, builds, streaming websites, and more.

Voting for your favorites will ensure that these streaming options are working and still relevant in the cord-cutting industry.

We also encourage any suggestions you may have for new apps or services.

TROYPOINT Polls – March 2023

Use the following links to vote for your favorite streaming options:

If you do not see your favorite listed within these polls, simply select Other and enter your choice(s).

Doing so provides TROYPOINT with new ideas and applications that may be useful for others.

Cast a vote today and let your voice be heard!

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45 thoughts on “TROYPOINT Polls Reset for March 2023 – Vote For Your Favorite!”

  1. Need to have a “show off your kodi” contest. Users submit a picture of the customizations (color schemes/backgrounds/etc.) people have done. Users pick a fav and that person wins a slinky….or something….lol
    Just though it would be need to see peoples creations, and at the same time show others what it is possible to do with Kodi.who may not know.

  2. I really enjoyed the happy chick retro gaming app but now I can’t find a game controller that works for fire cube 2nd gen. My controller works for the 1st gen fire cube, 2nd gen fire tv, 2nd gen fire stick. Anyone got any ideas?

  3. Off topic. Fire TV Stick no longer response to any program added. from modi, to Cinema, Live Tv exact. I had uninstalled all the program and reinstall one by one and no success. Any suggestions.

  4. I use Kodi with tons of different addons and I’ve tried a bunch of different builds. I can’t really say I have a favorite. All of them have pluses and minuses, it’s all about the user’s preferences. Trial and error is how I’ve always done things. The main app/addon I’d love to see is a full eq with balance, mostly because I use bluetooth headphones.

  5. I’m really liking the new Xenon Debrid (Xenon Plus). And many thanks to Troy for the information about Real Debrid. It has transformed the kodi experience for me. I’d gladly pay three times as much for the service!

    1. I agree, Linda. Real Debrid is an excellent service. One of many that I’ve learned about from Troy. I don’t recall using Xenon Plus, I’ll have to check it out. Thank you.

  6. I like Vemon addon the best. I have had lots of success watching TV shows & movies without any real problems. Sometimes I get buffering if I am watching a 4K movie. Not sure why, but I look for a 1080 if it gets annoying. I use SportzTV for my sports. But, due to COVID-19, I have not watched because there is not much to watch. I have not had much success with Kodi builds. The addons seem to work best for me.I have many of the Kodi addons, but use one until I have problems, then move to the next addon. It’s good to have many choices.

    1. If you have not already, try the “No Limits Magic” build. The ability AND ease to customize not only the look but operation as well is outstanding, and something I found lacking in other builds I have tried. I too use Venom as my main choice, and when combined with Real Debrid and a Trakt account it runs flawlessly on the No Limits Build.
      One thing good to do with a build is go in and uninstall all the addons you do not use. Drastically increases load time decreases RAM usage and improves stability.

  7. For some reason I can’t put any builds on Kodi. I’ve tried Xanax, and the Green monster, but it always comes back error. What am I doing wrong. Followed your videos to the tee, but at the end where I hit home mine starts going through hidden stuff. Any suggestions??

    1. After downloading Kodi, open it up, then go up to the settings icon, then go to system, then go to add-ons, and click on unknown sources, then move back to the left and go down to where it says standard, and change it to expert, then hit the back button, go to file manager, click on add source, and put in, and click on ok, then go down and click ok again, now hit the back button 2x, go down to addons and click on that, them go up to the open box icon and click on that, go down to install from zip file and click on that, then go down to repo and click on that and then click on, wait a couple of seconds and now go up to install from repository and click on that, now go down to xanax repository and click on that, then go to program add-ons and click on that, then click on xanax wizard and hit install, click on continue, then build menu, then click on one of the 18.7 xanax links, then go down to standard install and click on that and then hit yes install, after it’s done downloading, click on force close, then reopen kodi and you will be all good to go

  8. Yay! Found a fix for Cyberflix 3.3.0.
    If yall still see the “no data” screen. You need to reselect all the Providers and Resolvers. If you dont have real-debrid, dont select the resolvers ending with DEB.
    Works perfect.

    1. I’ll have to try this. I’ve had it happen with Catmouse, Cyberflix, and Cinema. For some reason though, I’m seeing fewer Debrid links available in searches.

  9. Kelly A Campbell

    Anyone having problems with catmouse? It quit working for me yesterday. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it with no success. It will bring up titles but when you click on it it says error and shows a blank screen. Any ideas??

  10. I just installed Xanax build on my firestick and I have to say at first it was really kinda confusing but with a little work and some help with your newsletter I’m starting to like it a lot more

  11. I have been using Kodi more and more because Cyberflix just stopped working. Cinema HD works great and so does Bee TV

  12. Curious to why I can’t install your downloader ro my Minix box. I have tried many times but it will not install. Any ideas? Thanks

      1. I have tried this multiple times over the months but still will not install. Not sure if it is the MINIX android box or ? Will try again this week and keep notes to let you know the steps I take. Thanks

  13. Cinema offers the most links by far. The ads drive me crazy. Second choice would be Cyberflix but, it goes down quite often and requires re-installation.

  14. About a week and a half ago magic dragon, when i clicked the icon, just went to a blank page nothing. I uninstalled it and then reinstalled and made sure it was the right version and still nothing. Then i went to the crew to do movies what catagory i chose it went to a blank page. Only some tv shows worked several other addon also.stopped working such as apex and 7of9 which always worked nothing.
    Any clues? i update kodi from18.6 to 18.8 didnt make a difference

    Also the Cinema APK 2.2.2. App is not showing and subs for movies. It shows the same extremely long list of unrelated titles no matter what film i choose the tv show subs work but not movies its been like that for weeks. I do need those.

    And now withno addons working in Kodiim deadin the water.
    Hope someone has an answer.


      I can not get any updates on Magic Kingdom for over a month now. Is the site down? Can anyone tell whats going on? By the way, I’m using real debrid and IPVanis, so that is not the problem.

  15. Has anyone had issues with Zion on Firestick, was working great until a week ago and now won’t even load…. I tried to reinstall but same thing, only thing I found was perhaps the local time was set wrong, I checked and its ok? I am using Firestick 4k with 6GB and 500 Mg free.

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