Does Surfshark Work with Real Debrid?

Surfshark & Real-Debrid

Does Surfshark work with Real-Debrid?

First it’s important to know what Surfshark and Real-Debrid are.

Surfshark and Real-Debrid Services

Surfshark is a popular VPN service that provides an anonymous connection to the Internet.  It also offers ad and malware blocking capabilities among other awesome features.

Real-Debrid is an unrestricted downloader that many cord cutters pair with their favorite Kodi addons and free streaming APKs.  Real-Debrid pulls in high quality (HD) buffer-free links and it works extremely well.

Real-Debrid is extremely popular among those who use a jailbroken Firestick or Android TV device.

Does Surfshark Work with Real-Debrid?

When I wrote my unbiased review of Surfshark VPN I indicated that it was not compatible with Real-Debrid.  The reason I did this is because it’s listed as a Non-Cooperative VPN on the Real-Debrid website.

After I posted my review, some TROYPOINT Insiders set me straight and indicated that it actually does work.  Thanks guys!

So, I went back to the Real-Debrid website and took another gander at their page that shows which VPNs work and which don’t.

What I failed to look at the first time was the “IP Addresses Allowed” column which displays servers that will work properly with Real-Debrid.

Yes, Surfshark is listed as a Non-Cooperative VPN but over 3,000 IP addresses will work properly with Real-Debrid.

Surfshark Works on Over 3,000 IP Addresses for Real Debrid

We explain more on this in one of our Real Debrid guides.

Best VPNs for Real Debrid

Video Demonstration

In the video below I will perform a test to see if Surfshark works with Real-Debrid.

I will also show you what can be done if for some reason Surfshark doesn’t work with Real-Debrid.

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10 thoughts on “Does Surfshark Work with Real Debrid?”

  1. My Whitelisted static IP in Surfshark works for real-debrid and the geo blocking issue with Netflix and Amazon Prime. It will be interesting to see if changing to a closer server with dynamic IP will also work for all 3.

  2. I’ve been using surfshark for years now. On multiple Builds, all 19.4 kodi Builds show “Error pop up” within the Wizard using a 4k Firestick. Thanks to Troypoint e-mail I read yesterday , I had to switch to a different location. (Chicago) within SurfShark , After I tried many different Surfshark locations, I found this one that works. For me , not many work., Only on
    Kodi 19.4 I hope Surfshark corrects this problem. Thanks again Troypoint

  3. I have been using surfshark for a year and works great with everything thus far. I was using Ipvanish for several years but heard that they could be forced to give out our information. since they are US-based overall I think surfshark is a better product at a better price!

    P.S. Thank You Troy for all of your insights information and tutorials they have been very helpful over the years

  4. Will Surfshark work with a build that has “Resolver Url and Url Resolver” in the build addons to authorize RD. Or do you have to go to each addon and try to authorize each one with RD if they have it. thanks KK

  5. Hey Troy and everybody,

    There is a way to verify if your current IP address will block Real-Debrid links or not. Here’s what I did awhile back when PIA added servers that hadn’t been whitelisted by Real-Debrid yet.

    Before opening Kodi (or if it seems like RD links are not coming through), have your VPN running and open some sort of web browser and go to (I just saved this link as a Favorite in Downloader for fast access.) Toward the top of the page under VPN Information you will get either a Green of a Red box. If it’s Green you’ll get a note say something like “Your current IP address is whitelisted on our website. Your VPN provider seems to be Private Internet Access” If it’s Red your IP address is not whitelisted and you will not be able to pull up Real-Debrid links.

    As I was writing this comment I looked further down the RD/VPN page and it looks like Surfshark is now whitelisted.

  6. You can also just use your browser on the firestick and while surfshark is connected go to and it will show you if that server is okay with real debrid. It will show up in green with a checkmark.

  7. If I have surfshark do I need internet? By the way you are very impressive.i study networking in college but got discouraged after I failed my A+ cert the 1st time

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