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Peacock TV Surpasses 10 Million Sign Ups

peacock tv surpasses 10 million sign ups

NBCUniversal’s new streaming service Peacock TV has already surpassed 10 million sign-ups after it’s initial launch.

The ad-supported Peacock TV became available on April 15 to Comcast customers exclusively and was followed by a national launch on July 15.

Peacock’s free version has been the largest contributor to sign-ups so far, but the premium tiers have also been attracting new users.

During Comcast’s Q2 earnings report, CEO Brian Roberts stated the following:

NBCUniversal successfully launched Peacock in (Comcast) Cable’s footprint in April, ahead of the streaming service’s U.S. nationwide launch earlier this month, with 10 million sign-ups to date. This exceeded our high expectations.

NBCUniversal is hoping Peacock TV will attract 30-35 million subscribers by 2024 bringing in an estimated revenue of $2.5 billion.

Due to its popularity, interface, free version, and more, we have included Peacock TV as one of our Best Firestick Apps.

For more information on the Peacock TV service, refer to our in-depth guide below.

This guide covers pricing, subscription options, content selection, installation tutorials, and much more.

Peacock TV Review & Information

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For more information on premium plans, content selection, and more, refer to the official Peacock TV site below.

Peacock TV Official Website

Although Peacock TV has become extremely popular among cord-cutters, there are better streaming options available for those using the Firestick/Fire TV and Android devices.

I suggest viewing our popular best APKs guide below for some of the best streaming applications available.


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What do you think about Peacock TV already surpassing 10 million sign-ups? Do you use Peacock TV?

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11 thoughts on “Peacock TV Surpasses 10 Million Sign Ups”

  1. Can’t watch certain stuff on (1) Amazon Prime, or, (2) anything on PeacockTV unless I first disconnect ipVanish VPN.

    If I disconnect VPN on Amazon Prime, I can then watch stuff.

    If I disconnect VPN on Peacock, I then get an error msg. that prevents me from viewing because I’m outside U.S.

  2. The only way to view on your TV for now is off your phone by casting content through a ChromeCast device. It must be some legal restriction preventing the app from working on a FTV stick or box. It’s been noted on Google searches that sometime down the road it will be available on FTV platforms. What do you say Mr Troy.

  3. I loaded this on my FireTV. two boxes. As soon as it goes to where it’s going to play, it goes back to the homepage every time. I read somewhere you should go into settings, stop and restart the program, that didn’t work. I also read you need to restart the FireTV, back to settings and I did a restart, that didn’t work. I uninstalled and reloaded Peacock and that didn’t work. Has anybody else had this issue and how or what did you do to rectify it? Thank you for your help!

    1. Interestingly enough, my Amazon Prime now does the same thing. Nothing you click on will open and it throws up error code 7136. I could live with this, but since Britbox is integrated in, we can’t view it. I see other people are having the same issue too, as I tried to find a work around on the net. Why they don’t have a copy of Prime video in the app store is beyond me, but I don’t see it. I called Amazon and I may as well called McDonald’s about it. Something tells me they’ll get back with me in a couple of days and tell me I have to do a restore. I have all kinds of apps side loaded, so with loading all of them back on, sign-ins, setting changes, link real and all-debrid, etc, etc, I can see half a day down the drain. I wish geek heads at these companies would stop worrying about all the extras and fluff and make sure you basics are covered. If you don’t have the basics down, what does the rest really matter?

      1. Well, I was getting no where fast, so I decided to face the inevitable and do a full reset of Fire tv. Man what a chore, mostly in time, of course you lose settings, etc and it just takes a lot of time to get the box back where you had it. It did take care of the problem with Prime, etc, but Peacock still won’t work. It’s doing the exact same thing as before, so I guess it’ just my destiny to not have Peacock? Of well, if that’s the worst thing, I’m doing pretty well. I’d like to thank Troy for this site, it made the job much easier. It’s great to have a site like this where everything is handy and you know you can safely download it. I really appreciate it and keep up the good work!!

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