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Mandatory VPN Detection Tools? Latest US Copyright Inquiry

vpn detection tools

Mandatory VPN Detection Tools? This is one of the latest inquiries to the US Copyright Office.

We want to know your thoughts in the comments. What do you think of mandatory VPN detection tools? Do you want every app or website to know you are connected to a VPN?

Drop a comment below!

According to a report by TorrentFreak, the US Copyright Office is apparently considering a recent inquiry about mandatory VPN detection tools.

A cybersecurity company called GeoComply wrote a letter to the US Copyright Office suggesting that VPN detection tools can play an important role in combating copyright infringement.

A cybersecurity company called GeoComply wrote a letter to the US Copyright Office suggesting that VPN detection tools can play an important role in combating copyright infringement.

While some streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, or Peacock TV already have VPN detection tools in place, GeoComply is pushing to expand VPN detection to other services and websites.

If you are using a VPN and try accessing Netflix, you have likely encountered the screen below.

If you are using a VPN and try accessing Netflix, you have likely encountered the screen below.

Side Note: After testing several VPNs we did find that SurfShark does work with Netflix.

In the letter to the US Copyright Office, GeoComply CEO Anna Sainsbury said the following:

“As the U.S. Copyright Office explores potential technologies and solutions to include as part of the Standard Technical Measures under section 512, we respectfully suggest the inclusion of accurate and effective VPN detection tools to ensure the full protection of copyrighted works.

Our ability to help battle copyright infringement relies on providing online streaming companies and broadcasters with accurate and effective VPN detection tools to ensure that consumers asscessing their platforms are located in a jurisdiction where they have paid for that service and content.”

What does this all mean exactly?

Well, enforcing VPN detection tools for every single website, app, or service in the United States could be a slippery slope.

This would mean that whenever you are connected to a VPN every website operator, app developer, and anything you access online would be alerted that a VPN connection is in place.

enforcing VPN detection tools for every single website, app, or service in the United States could be a slippery slope.

Ultimately, this could open up an entirely new can of worms when it comes to censorship. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

For more information, you can view the full GeoComply letter to the US Copyright Office below.

GeoComply Letter to US Copyright Office (PDF)

This isn’t the first time we have seen the US Copyright Office and other copyright groups push for stricter enforcement.


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What do you think of mandatory VPN detection tools? Do you want every app or website to know you are connected to a VPN?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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51 thoughts on “Mandatory VPN Detection Tools? Latest US Copyright Inquiry”

  1. They’re ALWAYS infringing on our right to privacy and people are waking up to it. We’re not taking it anymore, and it’s THEIR way of life that’s ending. I’ll stop watching this stupid TV all together, I refuse to watch mainstream media, movies or shows and this won’t change that. It just makes me hate them more and fight harder.

  2. I quit using companies that prohibit online access for product/services. No longer do I shop at Amazon, Lowes, Tractor Supply & others.
    Perhaps they will get the message———— or not

  3. There’s nothing more dangerous in the world of cybersecurity and with detection tools, that will be abused, you can bet on it. If I found out that VPN is activated, I would confinue to attack the network with my new acquired tools. As Netflix has begun blocking VPN, it is up to the company to place the tools and controls to protect their networks. It should not be controlled by government regulations. I do not provide governments a key to the door of my house, and they should not have access to see into my network. Ask yourself, what can you see for those who do not have VPN deployed.

  4. I’m disgusting with what they are doing with the vpn blocked on most things now,this is for our protection we need the vpn to be safe!. If they want to get rid of this security for us they must sort it so we can never be in jeopardy on the net. If we pay for something its ours to control in the way we want so why don’t they just leave us be. Especially when we pay for WiFi,/broadband and our phones too they shouldn’t be allowed to keep slowing it down to stop it doing what we are paying for . It’s always on there terms! I’m sick of these big companies getting away with all those infringements they do to us ,look we have rights too . Respect us as we are the ones who you make money from ,start doing the right thing for us with safety on the net and we wouldn’t have to use a vpn but as it stands we need them so we will keep using them. Uk kid

  5. Make no never-mind of this shi**. As in the cartoon of Tom & Jerry, the cat never catches the mouse. You up the game and the technology used changes. It may take time, but inevitably some new mechanism will be invented to circumvent a restriction. Mankind has always mastered challenges as folks get bored with the status-quo. Hackers are the breed to create tools to get around things and they will. Where in the heck do you think crypto-currency came from? Somebody out there probably already has technology that is next generation VPN.

  6. I use IP VANISH and if I remember correctly there is a setting to where it says to hide that I’m using a vpn.

  7. just want to say , when i use kodi with a vpn my windows 11 pops up a (Activate Windows) like it knows i am no longer a pc in my country, but in a country the vpn selected

  8. The more the government and companies try their best to block VPN use, the more the hackers are loving it. BofA and others refusing a VPN connection from the user, extra layer of protection with https, are making the hackers/scammers job easier. But the government and big business do not care about the little guy, it is all about control and profit/greed with them.

  9. When I was born, you had the freedom to live life w/o intrusive interference, unless you were audited by The IRS. Today, look at how intrusive the government has gotten into our lives. I can’t even be sure my vote counted anymore!? Too much government.

    1. I agree with you 100%. The government wants to know every single thing we do nowadays. There’s no more privacy. And it’s only going to get worse unless we do something about it in the coming elections.

  10. Like this you to know how the web works ip address.
    Tech is as Tech does someone runs malware someone make the spyware.
    Must Web savvy and Tech Savvy i remember A Troy Pointed guy and his web savvy,
    Tip Mr. Peabody jump in the way back Machine

  11. Before the Copyright Office acts in response to Geo Comply, wouldn’t they initiate a comment period? People in this forum have pointed out a lot of good reasons why the Copyright Office shouldn’t accept Geo’s request. I’m sure a lot of these same people, and more, would want to respond to a comment period if given the opportunity.

  12. Never stop? The rich want to stay rich and will go to any length to make sure they stay that way. MGM, warner bros. Metro Goldwyn , Disney and all the other big company who use micro wave technology to shut down free tv so they could make millions. Remember before micro-wave technology ‘ there was ABC, NBC, WPIX, FOX and numerous other free station, then there were non and everyone had copyright laws and made millions and if you were genius and developed systems or technology to hack satellites and get people cheaper or even free visional technology you were sued out of existence. VPN don’t really work wholly effective(Amazon detect and does shut you down). It’s about the dollar bill and if you interfere with theirs they will find a way or help to shut the little guy down!!! Enjoy it now gov’t will be brought off to get rid of VPN and free streaming. It’s just gonna happen no matter what or who you know. We’re an economic society and money talk and the little guy or working people will alway lose if you get one dime of their money!!! Just normal days work in America!!!

  13. Aileen Martin



  14. OMG this is so stupid companies use vpns to stop hackers and for privacy my wife works from home and her company uses a vpn on her laptop to keep what she is doing secure where will this stupidity end ?

  15. So, does this mean that they can detect that I am using a VPN, but will they still not see my true IP address? If so, I guess they have the option to block me? Makes me think twice every time I renew my VPN and causes me to not sign up for more than a year at most.

    1. TROYPOINT - Ryan

      Hi Bob, correct your IP address would still be anonymous. I’m sure VPNs are working on more ways to combat this as time goes on.

  16. VPN is used by major corporations and smaller to thwart hacking into their networks. If you have ways to detect and follow you have ways to hack into a network and get info without them knowing. Slippery slope if this VPN detection goes foreward.

  17. I use a VPN for bona fide financial transactions as I’m sure many others do as I live outside the “realm” of the continental US. No other way for me to do that other than VPN. Of course, I do use a VPN for streaming too….and I like the anonymity of it. Big Brother…stay at home and leave me alone.

  18. Correct don’t some already use some type of tool..but that would really throw a wrench in the believe

  19. A lot of companies already block VPN’s. Lowes, of all companies, blocks and Amazon does on a hit or miss basis. Many others are joining the anti VPN movement. I say just use a different company.

  20. Orwell’s 1984 – it was his view of UK 1948 but retitled.
    Have been re-reading it and he would be a source of energy, turning in his grave.
    Amazon Prime also have VPN detection. Also had issues with my UK bank, now resolved.
    Whilst appreciating that the makers should receive compensation for their efforts, the pricing makes it inevitable. Sky in the UK have made great efforts to copyright the Internet distribution and it is not possible.

  21. I think that a VPN should remain legal and private. I use my VPN for Protection against hackers and want my security to remain safe. I think Amazon has done enough to try and block people from side loading apps and filling all of our space to load the apps that we want with their apps that we will never use. I call it extra fluff. Having a VPN should be our right. The movie industry makes PLENTY off of advertising and other means. Every time I get notice that one of my apps has a update that needs to be installed I get the notice that there is not enough storage space to update. I have learned that it does not matter how many apps I remove it is never enough. Now I just uninstall the app that needs updates and reinstall the new app with the new update. This is a game that Amazon plays. Please if they don’t want the apps updated then why do they offer them? ENOUGH!!!!

  22. Jeffrey Hardin

    Greed is the root to all evils.
    I ain’t the complying type of fella. And I don’t like people take a peek see over my shoulders or tracking my every movement. But we’d be sorely surprised ifn we knew just how much they already know about us and how long they have been tracking us. I read one CIA guy claim he could tell you all about a person just by what he was watching?!
    This is a guys’ whose job was to fill in the cracks and the problem with that is people can be tried and sentenced based on what he thinks he has interpreted.
    And that in the end is where all of this leads.

  23. It’s the old cat and mouse game ,it will always play out, they do something today (example) and I P Vanish will do something tomorrow !

  24. On the premise that VPN detection will become law, this will leave internet users wide open to Hackers, Scammers, Fraudsters, and more!
    For these reasons alone it could potentially cost users £/$ Millions if not £/$ Billions from bank accounts, fraudulent scams, ransom ware, etc, not to mention identity theft!
    This has to be stopped in its tracks, no ifs no buts!
    I can understand why there needs to be restraints on copyright material, etc, but this potential law will have worldwide repercussions for every internet user, innocent or otherwise!

  25. My biggest use of VPN is for banking, stock trades and crypto trading. Withiut VPN all my finances could be in jeopardy of hackers stealing my info.

  26. We just can’t get a break, they just want to control everything that makes our life easier, It’s all about the mighty dollar

  27. One thing to say – “Mission Creep”

    It won’t end with copyright protection and I doubt that is the whole reason they are promoting it

  28. Heck no I’m not with this. I’m hiding my VPN for reasons NOT THEIR BUSINESS!! There are many reasons you want to stay anonymous and that reason I use VPN is, and pardon if I repeat myself, NOT ANYONES BUSINESS!

  29. Heck no I’m not with this. I’m hiding my VPN for reasons NOT THEIR BUSINESS!! There are many reasons you want to stay anonymous and that reason I use VPN is, and pardon if I repeat myself, NOT ANYONES BUSINESS!

  30. It’s all a waste of time and money. It’s been a “fight” for a long time now. Per usual their attention is in the wrong place. CD/DVD Rips, Bootlegs, Napster, Kick-ass Torrents, Pirate Bay, Amazon Fire Stick, etc etc. They spend millions to pay companies to spend millions to lawmaker to stop people from making millions to keep people from spending money they don’t have.

    There will always be bootleggers. There will always be people in need of a discount or people looking for free things. They need to stop fighting it and learn to adapt and make a profit. Advertising is money. In it’s own way, copyrighting is a form of advertising. Try thinking outside the box. Everything doesn’t need to be hit with a stick.

  31. I have no issues. I only use IPV for a few steaming services anyways. But like everything else do we really need big brother to monitor us?

  32. Unless the tracker is equipped with a blocker from 3rd party companies viewing one’s activity it should not be made mandatory. When does the consumers rights get protected ?

  33. I cannot understand why the tv and music industry constantly spend millions and millions of dollars and resources trying to curb illegal downloading of so called copyright material when all they have to do is provide a lower cost and simpler means of distributing their material. Think of all the new subscribers they would obtain and additional revenue that would ensue. The industry surely needs to get their heads out of the sand

  34. Its just another way to keep constant track of where you are , hows about stopping all these cookies that want to share our personal shit ffs

  35. This is another effort to control the internet and streaming. Why is the government involved in this and why do they stand to gain? This is not in the best interest of the public.

  36. Joseph J. Wiseman

    Just what we need, RIGHT !!! More government and business invading our privacy.
    I think 1984 is just around the corner if people can’t stop this constant invasion into our private lives.

  37. This is what they did to music years ago and lost and this is more government control we should be able to use a VPN what will businesses do that use them if no longer able to secure personal and financial use it is not that way now when you start with apps it continue to grow and the government and these other companies should realize just as in music other VPN service with better technology will come out and more apps will return the government and these companies need to stop streaming is not illegal all forums have coved that conversation and explained what is. Like gas prices they move the gas prices so high the government believes that will force everyone in to electric cars not people I know enjoy your day

  38. Can’t say i am surprised by this news, it’s not like they are ever going to try to stop, people from cord cutting and using VPN’s, it’s a cat and mouse game, and we can do is try and stay on top of things.

  39. Well, these systems can not distinguish between legal use of a VPN (for security against cyber hackers and criminals) and illegal use (downloading and serving copyrighted materials). This would render a VPN pretty much useless. BofA and WellsFargo already block VPN connections for online banking!

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