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Get IPVanish Update & Double VPN Speeds

IPVanish Update

The new IPVanish VPN update for Firesticks and Fire TV Cubes is sitting in limbo with Amazon right now.

Unfortunately, when it comes to updating applications, sometimes it takes a long time for Amazon to approve them.

The new IPVanish V4 app is already available for install through Google Play if you have an Android TV Box, phone, or tablet.

The new V4 update provides a new user interface and new features as well.

See my new video below on how to install IPVanish V4 on your Firestick or Fire TV device without waiting.  Get it today!

You will also learn some tricks that may help you double your VPN speed!

Get IPVanish Update on Firestick / Fire TV


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71 thoughts on “Get IPVanish Update & Double VPN Speeds”

  1. Troy I’ve gone to the updated IP vanish and my speed on download is 17 and no higher. Can you recommend a fix for this.

  2. Hi Troy I look installed the new VPV 4 through the rapid app installer.
    It took several minutes for it to open. I had to click on it several times before it took me to the sign in page. As I would sign it it would pop out and take me to the home screen. After I finally was able to sign in it would never connect to my location. The green line just kept going around and around the map. This went on for about 45 minutes before I reached out to tech support. We cleared catch & data reinstall it and still nothing. I had to install the other version back into my TV. The only thing I noticed that was different was it installed on the Remote ADB shell. Maybe that is why it would not work.
    I never er got a response in regard my message I was getting about my memory being almost full when I only had 4 apps on my ADB Shell. I ended up having to remove 2 apps because the TV would stop playing and take me to manage apps. It’s like! my apps on my ADB shell is still taking up room on my application. Now I only have Troy point installer on it and my Kodi has no build on it. When I try to put my build back on I now get a message about an invalid install from file manager and the build stops. Sync!er was never on the ADB shell. I’m showing 1.22gb of 5.34gb available.

    1. TROYPOINT - Ryan

      Hi Tina, yes I would try installing on internal storage. If you are having further issues you can always contact IPVanish support

  3. My firestick 4K updated to this new version without me doing anything last week. Was wondering what was with the new interface.

  4. I used analiti for the first time. It’s showing my speed is testing 3x faster then when testing with the speedtest app. Why would I be getting such different results?

  5. I completely appreciate your information and education it is very helpful. But I most say as a IPVanish user for many years (now because of your recommendation) I am very annoyed seeing all these discount offers that are only for new customers. I understand the business strategy but maybe with your influence there could be some kind of loyalty offer for us existing customers. Thanks for listening.

    1. Jay, yes call IPVanish. I am a long-term existing customer . I called them and was able to get one year at $31.50. This will begin when my current subscription runs out in September.

      1. I went to cancel online screen of their website, clicked on the CHAT and told them I was cancelling because of price, that I needed something closer to their 2yr promotion being offered to new customers.. They immediately offered 2yrs at $31.50 but I would charged immediately 2x$31.50 and it would simply extend my subscription by 2 year.. So I did IT!!

    2. That used to bug me too, but if you call and tell them the ad for a reduced rate was on Troypoint, they will give you the that rate. It worked for me.

    3. If you call and talk to customer service and ask to cancel, they’ll give you the current, best discount when it’s time to renew your service. I did just that and got it for $31.00 for the year at the time instead of the $99.00 renewal.

  6. Hello TroyPoint.
    I just got email about the new IPVanish and your tutorial about installing it.
    It’s 6-21-22 @ 7:51 am est I looked at my fire tv cube and the new version is already installed on mine. But I look at the version and it is
    You said it was supposed to say gtv at the end. Is the ATV on mine right.

  7. Is the version 4 really that much faster than the older version? I watched the video and it seems it’s still the same servers to choose from within the same list of cities.

  8. So happy with Troypoint – Rapid App Installer and all the help videos are awesome. Thanks for all you do for us, Troy! I’m also a Troypoint Insider Patron but haven’t used it much. Love the recent IPVanish update BUT can’t get the widget back in Wolf Launcher. Any suggestions??

    1. TROYPOINT - Ryan

      Thanks Bonnie we appreciate your support! Amazon is always updating its software so who knows with them anymore. I would suggest using the TP Insider and asking one of the thousands of cord-cutters in there for assistance –

  9. Hi Troy, I tried to put Ipvanish 4 on my Firestick 4k but it wouldn’t let my logon to my account so I had to go back to version 3.

    1. More than likely you installed the mobile version on your device. There are two apps in the Rapid App Installer. One is for TV and the other is for phones/tablets.

  10. I already have IPV my account is good til 2-4-23. Can I still get discount? Will I lose what is currently on my account?

  11. Hey Troy, thanks for everything you do. I want to install the updated ipvanish v4 beta but it’s not showing up on the my troypoint app. I tried to update the troypoint app but it’s up to date. Could you please help?

    1. Hey Troy, I want to thank you for all the help you giving us, by explaining using video to us and how to install and do things so it runs well I installed my IP vanish4 and actually had no problems I have the new fire stick in both rooms and it works great thank you again.

  12. I have an off topic question I’ve wanting ask. Why doesn’t NVidia Sheild give us full access to all available apps on the Google playstore?

    1. Hi Dan, they only give you access to apps that have been modified to also work in the TV environment. Most apps created for phones and tablets don’t work well on the TV screen with a remote. You can follow this guide thought that will help you install these other apps that you may want.

  13. Troy

    I am finding out that I have to use my smart tv controller to use my fire stick. Is this something smart does ok or do I need to do I something to use my fire tv controller

    1. Hi Vernon, sorry but I don’t understand your question. Can you please provide a bit more detail? When you say Smart TV controller, are you referring to your TV remote control?

  14. I live 80 miles from New York but get much better speeds using Canada, My experience with IP vanish is it is like the wind you never know which direction it’s going to go in or how fast or how slow, Things will work great for a while then you have to do a total change, the really is no rhyme or reason in my opinion.Ikev2 Is what currently works best for me ,in a month or so it will probably be wire guard.

    1. Thanks John, I’ve had quite the opposite problem. You will see in the video that mine has been connected for a very long time without any interruptions and my speed is always consistent and best with OpenVPN / TCP. If your network/ISP is constantly changing things then that could definitely be the problem but once you lock-in on what works best for your situation, it shouldn’t change. I’ve been using my settings for over 2 years without changing once.

  15. Thanks for the quick response. And I knew you would make the point of the net speed being more than enough. I suffer from analysis paralysis and tend to overkill as well. I was really just curious to see what your response would be. I am streaming along just fine on my net 24-30 Mbps. Once more, I really appreciate you and have good friends who use your tutorials as well. Keep the good news coming!!

  16. Hi
    I clicked on link you have for 2 year IPVanish deal but it’s only for 1 year… am I missing something?

    1. Hi

      Nevermind, if you click on SUBSCRIBE button on top left it only gives 1 year, but if you scroll down the home page there is a link to the 2 year deal.

      Thank you!

    1. Hello Duncan, if you’re running your VPN off of a router, you aren’t using any type of IPVanish application. You are simply inputting your VPN credentials and the firmware in the router handles the rest so there is nothing to update on a router.

  17. Troy, On the setup for IP vanish, can you shut down your current version and install the new version? This way you can insure spilt tunneling and other setting a set correctly in the new version, like for disney / netflix etc, or can you add this to your video on setting up IP Vanish?

    1. Hi Rick, if you already have IPVanish installed, you should be able to skip the uninstall process and install through the TP App. When you do that, it will ask you to update and you just go through the typical installation process. I like doing clean installs for new versions like this i.e. going from V3 to V4 but you should still be able to update I would think. But, I haven’t tried it on other devices yet.

      1. I was following your guide to update IPVanish but when I switched on to my firestick and selected IPVanish the update was already done, I only had to enter name and password, it runs very nicely.

  18. I have several split tunnels setup in my current version of IP Vanish. Is there a way to save them/export and restore/import them into v4. Your directions have you uninstall and I would loose these settings.

    1. Hi Richard, yes it should. If not, just request a refund. You do get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you buy their 2-year or 1-year plan.

  19. Thanks for the things you do. I get so much useful information from your emails and posts. I use both firesticks and a NVIDIA box on different TVs. All have the lates version (version 4 discussed above) of IPVanish.

  20. Hi Troy,
    I already use IP Vanish and it works great, but my original discount ran out. How do I take advantage of additional discounts that are offered, either now or when I need to renew?


    1. Hi Mike, I suggest contacting IPVanish customer support and tell them that you want the current deal added to the end of your existing subscription.

  21. Troy, should I delete my existing version of IPv prior to installation of v.4-gtv or simply install over it? Or, even still, can I just do a software update from within my current IPv application?

    1. Hi Howard, you can try installing over it and it should update. I personally like uninstalling old versions when jumping up to a complete new one like this. Going from V3 to V4. But, updating should still work.

  22. Hi Troy, I purchased the 3 yr option for IpVanish and it comes up next January. I see there’s an updated version available. How can I update without losing my plan. I keep getting the screen for payment as if a new customer. Btw I love that you keep us informed of apps and what is safe and what is not. If I ever have questions I always refer to your pages before downloading anything new. Thanks

    1. Hi Michelle, thanks for following TROYPOINT! You’re seeing that screen as it is shown to everyone regardless of whether they already have it or not. They can’t determine whether you do or not. Since you already have an account, you can update to the new application by just following my guide above and inputting your IPVanish account credentials in.

  23. Troy, I am a faithful reader of your material. It is just great to be able to browse your archives. I use fiber optical internet pegged at 100 Mbps. I use Private VPN and Surfshark. They rob nearly half of my finaspeed, with Private doing a bit better than Surfshark. I tried IP vanish and it also used about 50% and was not friendly with Prime Video. I live in México and a VPN is absolutely necessary for US programming such as YouTube TV or Sling.

    1. Hi Johnny, you will always get a decrease when using a VPN. But, if you can still get 20 to 30, that’s all you need to stream 4K. 10 Mbps to stream 1080p. People make too big of a deal out of download speed. Having more than enough doesn’t do anything for you.

      1. Why can’t he put Prime in split tunneling?

        I kind of miss the old wave form home page for IPVanish. It tells my reptilian brain that it’s doing something.

      2. The work around for getting Prime video is to “split tunnel” anything amazon related. In the new IPVanish version, just click recommended within the settings gear.

  24. thank you Troy for the great job that you are doing . Thanks for all the great information that you have past on all these years .

  25. I installed Kodi on my firestick but don’t know how to setup a library to watch movies or live tv… can someone please help me

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