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Convicted IPTV Seller Must Pay Over $1 Million or Face Extended Jail Time

iptv operator jail

A convicted IPTV Seller in the United Kingdom has been given an ultimatum – pay back over 950,000 pounds or face over 6 more years in prison.

In 2019, three men were convicted for running an illegal IPTV Service and faced a total of 17 years behind bars.

As reported by TorrentFreak, one of the individuals who was sentenced must now pay up for his crimes or see an additional jail sentence added to his term.

We want to know what you think of the penalties against these IPTV Operators.

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Steven King was the leader of the operation that provided streaming content to subscribers that “defrauded the English Premier League”.

These entities ran under the names Dreambox, Dreambox TV Limited, and Digital Switchover Limited.

King was sentenced to a total of seven years and four months in prison for his involvement.

His associates, Paul Rolston and Daniel Malone, also received extensive sentences for their role in the operation.

Rolston was given six years and four months in jail while Malone was sentenced to three years and three months.

These are some of the harshest penalties for providing streaming content that we have seen.

3 Individuals Arrested for IPTV Copyright Infringement

ThopTV Developer Arrested

Mobdro Developer Arrested

But the troubles haven’t ended yet for King who is now faced with another challenge in order to avoid more jail time.

According to the Premier Legaue, King has been ordered by the court to pay back the proceeds of his activities or face extended time in prison.

At Warwick Crown Court today, he has been ordered to forfeit the proceeds of his criminal activities and pay back £963,000 within three months, or face having his prison sentence extended by an additional six years and eight months…

The judge ruled King must also surrender his passport within 28 days and cannot travel abroad until the sum has been paid.

While it is unclear which route King will elect to go, this ruling is a stern warning to those who broadcast content illegally that there are consequences.

For more information on the legality of streaming, check out our guide below that will explain this subject in great detail.

Is Streaming Illegal? What You Need to Know


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We want to know what you think of this news story. Are more arrests on the horizon for IPTV Developers? Drop a comment below!

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15 thoughts on “Convicted IPTV Seller Must Pay Over $1 Million or Face Extended Jail Time”

  1. So, Troy, are you guys moderating or censoring? I expected it to be taken down, but since I knew of no other way to contact you, I commented anyway. I was kinda hoping that you would look into the behavior that I described.

  2. I am quite disturbed by this unfortunate news. Have there been similar prosecutions in the USA against iptv sellers. OMG. Does anyone know the court judgment for the Set TV provider. Or if he was prosecuted. Has any re-sellers been charged & prosecuted in the USA?

  3. Maybe I’m missing something but that story doesn’t sound legit. Once a person is sentenced you cant later add more time/fines. I admit to not being familiar with the legal system in the UK but our system in the US is based on their system.

    1. The ruling is correct. He has been sentenced to the obligatory jail time and ordered to pay back the money. However if he chooses not to pay back, or is unable to pay back the money, then this penalty is converted to additional time on the jail sentence. This is often the case where a jail sentence involves money that is required to be paid back to the courts, if the defendant is unwilling or unable to do so, an extension to the sentence is given, whether this is additional custodial time added to the custodial sentence, or time doing community service. The actual sentence will depend on the choice and financial situation of the defendant.

  4. Who’s running their justice system? British law or large media corporations? Media should be free for all sponsored by advertisers. Did anyone ask them how they felt about their ad viewership being limited to the public?

  5. I’ll apologize for sounding a little cynical:
    And don’t get me wrong, I am truly blessed living in the USA.
    But over here, someone can commit a heinous and violent crime and be back on the
    streets in a day.
    The cynical part: it’s not about concern for someone’s welfare and life; it’s about
    the almighty dollar or British pound in this case.

  6. IPTV operators should not be prosecuted at all . They are not criminals they’re providing a necessary service because all the cable systems and satellite systems are robbing Us blind for something we should be getting for free ! Those guys should be released immediately and let back to work. I for one will use nothing but a free service of some sort.

  7. Well, the purpose was not justice but, rather, to make an example – a deterrent to others. Principal issue being – NOT justice!

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