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LimeVPN Hacked – Thousands of User’s Data Exposed & Sold

limevpn hacked

It was recently reported that a VPN company, LimeVPN, was hacked with thousands of user’s personal data exposed.

This situation has turned into a full website breach, as the hacker has stolen the entire contents of LimeVPN’s website server.

They are also in the process of selling thousands of user records on the dark web and various hacker forums.

It’s estimated that over 69,000 users of LimeVPN are at risk of their data being exposed.

This report comes from Privacy Sharks who actually contacted the hacker on the situation.

In the screenshot below you will notice that over 69,000 records were breached and exposed by the hacker.

These records include IP addresses, emails, passwords, payment information, and other personal data.

The hacker then posted the following messages on a popular hacker forum called RaidForums:

This situation has turned into a full website breach, as the hacker has stolen the entire contents of LimeVPN's website server.

You can view the full thread on this LimeVPN data breach by visiting the RaidForums Website.

LimeVPN is a cheap VPN provider based in Hong Kong with servers in the United States, UK, Canada, Japan, India, France, Sweden, and other locations.

As seen right on their home page, LimeVPN heavily promotes itself as a “cheap VPN service provider” that boasts their $1/month subscription plan.

As seen right on their home page, LimeVPN heavily promotes itself as a "cheap VPN service provider" that boasts their $1/month subscription plan.

As with most cheap and Free VPN companies, they lack the security infrastructure compared to premium VPN providers.

They also make the majority of their money selling user data to 3rd parties without their knowledge.

This isn’t the last time we will see large data breaches with user data exposed and often sold on the dark web.

We’ve already seen several scenarios in the past where user data has been collected and exposed without knowledge.

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This is another reminder of why using a trusted and secure VPN provider is a must. The same can also be said for using an Anonymous Email Account.

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Overall, it will be interesting to see how this LimeVPN situation plays out, and we will keep our visitors informed if there is any major news following this story.

For more information on this story, you can read the full report found on Privacy Sharks.

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