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Google TV Users Can Expect to See More Ads During Live TV

Google TV Ads during Live TV

A new advertising campaign from Google will likely bring more ads to users of Google TV and Android TV Boxes that are increasingly popular among cord-cutters and streamers.

According to a blog post from Google, they are officially launching the “Google TV Network” that will focus on bringing more ads to the live streaming channels offered within Google TV.

This network will offer “targeted, in-stream video inventory across more than 125 channels built into Google TV” as a method to reach the ever-growing number of people accessing free, ad-supported streaming services and channels often referred to as FAST. Currently, 60% of households use these services and many expect this number to continue growing as time goes on.

In the blog article, Google says that viewers of their free streaming channels average 75 minutes per day of watch time and that currently there are over 20 million active users on Google TV/Android TV OS.

With the implementation of Google TV Network, we can expect to see the ads ramp up on these services and the plan is that these will be “non-skippable” as well as “6-second bumper ads” that advertisers can purchase directly through Google Ads.

We have seen an uptick in advertisements on media devices as Amazon recently implemented full-screen ads on the home page of Firestick/Fire TV Devices which has annoyed thousands.

Many Google TV/Android TV users enjoy the ability to sideload 3rd party launchers such as Wolf Launcher that alter the home page entirely to remove targeted ads and let you personalize the display to your liking.

Wolf Launcher on Android TV/Google TV
Wolf Launcher on Android TV

Unfortunately, if you use Google TV’s live streaming tab you can expect to see the ads ramp up without any way of removing or reducing these on your device. You can read the official blog post from Google using the link below.

Meet the Google TV Network

What do you think of Google’s new Google TV Ad Network? Do you use these FAST services for live streaming? Let us know what you think in the comment section!

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Notable Replies

  1. Yay just what we all need,more ads…

  2. Avatar for MikeN MikeN says:

    Guess Google will then offer to take the ads of for a fee

  3. Okay I hate Ads that is why I don’t record anything Live and watch all my VOD Ad Free on KODI. I don’t even want to Fast Forward through Ads…BUT when I power my ONN box on I’m barely at the home screen long enough to care or let an Ad bother me. I’m into my IPTV App or KODI in 5 seconds. and nobody here is watching the Live TV or Tubi, Samsung +, Chive BS crap, etc… out there anyway. That’s all Shite!

  4. good way to cut there sales

  5. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I’m with @MarkxG on this one. I have never understood all this ad fuss. I get up, fire up my system and by the time I’m sipping my coffee my Shield is running and TiViMate has auto started. I choose my channel and I’m watching live TV, commercials and all. I have a look at upcoming sports programs and start setting up my reminders or recordings for the day. Later in the day I might fire up Stremio to watch a recommended movie or TV Series and oh ya, AD FREE. My VPN has an ad blocker that simply put, is annoying as hell. Damn thing blocks so many sites that I’m trying to surf to, for info, that I’m having to constantly go into the settings and turn it off. Then I surf to the site and don’t notice any “ads” as I just surf to the info I’m interested in. I guess I just have a thick skin and can easily ignore things that seem to irritate others. Commercial TV hasn’t changed much since my first B & W TV and we actually use to get a kick out of some of the commercials. “Where’s The Beef”? Remember that? Ok rant over.

  6. the only thing i find hard to believe is @Miki sipping coffee :rofl:

  7. Maybe it is premature,but Google has the option of disabling launchers,and forcing those ads down our throats.That remains to be seen,but the way it’s going I won’t be surprised.Pretty soon ads will be playing in our dreams lol

  8. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I don’t use launchers. Tivimate allows me to set it to start on boot, bypassing my home screen. Well the home screen does show for about 3 to 4 seconds, but that’s it.

  9. Onn 4k and Onn 4k pro have a “apps only mode” that eliminates all the busyness on the home page. Only problem I have found is with the pro the apps only mode elimites the voice option. That doesnt bother me because the remote is permanently attached to my hand anyway.

  10. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    I’m with @Miki on this. I don’t sit on the homepage very long. I go straight to either my IPTV program or my stremio program and start streaming. I don’t need to stare at no homepage, no picture, no nothing of that nature. If I want to do that I’ll watch the series Ariel america.

  11. I use other apps besides tvmate,such as stremio,smartube,so I am on the home screen more often.But hey when they figure out a way to slam you with ads in the future,don’t say I didn’t warn you lol.

  12. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    All these companies are in the ad biz and they will never stop trying to force feeding them. I read an article recently that roku was working on hdmi ad injection. So it never stops so when you bypass the launcher screen, no problem…heresssssss Johnny :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  13. to be honest some of the adds are better than the programes :rofl:

  14. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Ya but ads literally don’t bother me. It’s like complaining the sun rises. Can’t stop it and as it’s a part of life, it doesn’t bother me. Speaking of which. Good morning all you wonderful insiders.

  15. lol thats because your always sipping coffee :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: ps and a very good morning to you

  16. 100% Agree @Miki. Power on device and I’m in my IPTV service or KODI in mere seconds. And the New ONN 4K makes it even faster with the button you can program to go right to an App. Although I will say if the day ever comes I can’t circumvent Ads on YouTube then I’ll be pissed. But all good for now

  17. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Ok I got my cofee so what we gonna do, huhu?huh?huh cmon lets talk what’s happenin? Lets go. What’s the topic for today oh ya ads, bummer. Did I mention I’m ADHD?

  18. what ever coffee you have i want some :upside_down_face:

  19. but seriousely people like you make this site the place to be

  20. Happy Father’s Day…you guys are the best… :+1:

  21. Good morning,well it’s noon here now.I am anti ad,I loathe them lol.

  22. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Oh hey @teehar that’s perfectly fine. We all have different things that annoy us and different ways to handle them. I understand completely.

  23. Avatar for _Mike _Mike says:

    Ah you mean like Amazon Prime, a service you pay for to which they start showing ads and lo and behold. You can pay to have them removed.

  24. I don’t know if any of you remember back in the day, maybe the 70-80s VHS recorders came out with something on the recorder that sensed commercials and you could immediately skip commercials whether they were 30 or 60 second commercials in a second or two. They skipped them so fast you wondered how they did it, had to have been electronic sensors doing it. Seems like that would work in this day and time, not sure how to accomplish it though!

  25. Plex has that feature.

  26. Back then, where I lived had cable tv with 8 channels and I had an outside antenna with a slide switch switching between outside antenna and cable box. 8 channels, boy we were high fluting back then compared to the number of channels available now!

  27. But now there are only about 8 channels worth watching. :slight_smile:

  28. Luckily we have KODI/Stremio and other sources so we can watch All our VOD content commercial free.

  29. I feel empathy to those users who deliberately moved away from FireTV for just that reason.

  30. I’m reminded of the song from Cheap Trick. :rofl:

  31. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    Yeah I can’t stand honeylove advertising 300 lb women in bras!

  32. Same here. Won’t bother me in the slightest.

  33. Avatar for AJS1 AJS1 says:

    NHRA does not show up on VOD! Neither does a lot of your automotive sports programs.

  34. 1000005343

  35. Avatar for _Mike _Mike says:

    I remember that option, although it was short lived.
    This required the provider to transmit a signal for when adverts started and stopped. The machine decoded that signal and did its pause when recording.
    There was a pretty large furore from advertisers saying they would withdraw advertising revenue and the manufacturers soon recanted and stopped this happening.

    I guess with AI this could be achieved without on a bespoke machine, but doubt if device manufacturers would go for it in a big way.

  36. No it didn’t pause, there was a button on the remote to push and it would fast forward either in 30, 45, or 60 sec commercials. I’m familiar with FF at normal speeds, this was super FF and probably 10X normal FF speed to the point a 30 sec commercial took 1-2 seconds and a 60 sec commercial twice as long but man it was faster than normal FF!!! If I remember correctly, it was a Panasonic and it was great recorder, wish I still had it or the features it had!

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