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Largest IPTV Piracy Trial in History is Underway in the US

Massive IPTV Piracy Trial is Underway in the US

The biggest IPTV piracy trial of all time in the United States is officially underway.

In a landmark case in Las Vegas, two of the largest IPTV piracy services in the United States, Jetflicks and iStreamitAll, are under scrutiny.

With 19TB of data and 175,000 pages of print discovery, the trial has been a monumental undertaking in the IPTV industry, taking five years to prepare.

This article dives into the complexities and key moments of the trial, highlighting the legal strategies and stakes involved.

Background of the IPTV Piracy Trial

Almost five years ago, a grand jury indicted eight men from Las Vegas for conspiring to violate criminal copyright laws through their IPTV services, Jetflicks and iStreamitAll.

These services were accused of reproducing and distributing tens of thousands of copyrighted TV shows and movies without authorization to a massive subscriber base across the United States.

Jetflicks and iStreamitAll pirate IPTV services

Jetflicks alone purportedly offered more than 183,200 TV show episodes, while iStreamitAll boasted over 118,479 TV shows and 10,980 movies, surpassing the content libraries of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

Guilty Pleas and Sentences

In 2021, key defendants began pleading guilty. One was sentenced to 57 months in prison and a $1 million forfeiture order for copyright infringement and money laundering.

Another defendant received a sentence of one year and a day in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit copyright infringement. However, several defendants chose to fight the charges, resulting in a prolonged and complex legal battle.

The IPTV Trial Begins

The trial, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, has been marked by its sheer volume of data and legal documents. The defense estimated that copying the necessary data for trial would take months, given the overwhelming 63TB of information generated.

The trial proceedings began under the watchful eye of District Judge Richard F. Boulware, II, with strict instructions that transcripts would not be made available online for several weeks.

The trial’s first day, May 28, saw an extensive legal team on both sides. The government’s team included four attorneys, an FBI Special Agent, and an IT expert.

The lead defendant, Kristopher Lee Dallmann, had a formidable defense team, including three counsel, a paralegal, an investigator, and two interns. Jury selection was a significant event, with 85 prospective jurors called, though only 50 remained by midday.

Key Moments in the Trial

Juror Concerns and Opening Statements

The second day of the trial began with private discussions between the judge and two concerned jurors.

The government delivered its opening statement just before noon, followed by the defense’s statements in the early afternoon. The day concluded with the examination of a Supervisory Special Agent at the FBI.

Day Four: Motion for Mistrial

On the fourth day, significant developments unfolded. Counsel for Peter Huber informed the court of an issue with their client, while Kristopher Dallmann’s counsel announced a forthcoming motion for mistrial.

The motion stemmed from a PowerPoint presentation provided by the government, which Dallmann’s counsel argued contained inadmissible and prejudicial evidence.


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Prejudicial Evidence and Legal Arguments

The motion for mistrial centered on several pieces of evidence presented by the government. One key exhibit was a letter from HBO’s Director of Anti-Piracy, which Dallmann’s counsel argued constituted an inadmissible legal conclusion.

HBO Letter

Similar objections were raised against an infringement notice from the MPAA and an email from PayPal, both of which were used to demonstrate Dallmann’s alleged copyright infringement.

MPAA Letter

Government’s Response and Court’s Rulings

The government opposed the motion for mistrial, arguing that all exhibits shown to the jury had been previewed and approved by the court.

The court maintained that the exhibits were presented to demonstrate the effect on Dallmann, rather than for their truth, thus avoiding hearsay issues.

Throughout the trial, every detail has been subject to intense scrutiny and prolonged legal debates.

The government’s legal team, bolstered by experts from the FBI, DoJ, Paramount Global, Netflix, Warner Brothers Discovery, and NBC Universal, has meticulously argued their case, countering the defense’s numerous objections.


The trial of Jetflicks and iStreamitAll has highlighted the complexities of prosecuting large-scale IPTV piracy operations.

With substantial legal arguments on both sides and high-profile witnesses, the case underscores the challenges of navigating copyright law in the digital age.

As the trial progresses, it will serve as a critical reference point for future legal battles in the fight against digital piracy.

For more details on this story, refer to the official court documentation (PDF) and the report from TorrentFreak.

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