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Free VPN Servers Seized by Ukranian Authorities were Unencrypted

free vpn windscribe seized

The popular Free VPN Provider, Windscribe, recently had its VPN Servers seized by local authorities in Ukraine.

These servers were not encrypted, the company announced, and they are apologizing for the error.

Windscribe is a well-known Free VPN and Ad blocker tool that has apps available for installation on nearly any device.

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Two Windscribe VPN Servers were seized by authorities in Ukraine back in June of 2021.

These servers were found to not be encrypted which means users accessing these did not have complete privacy and anonymity.

In a blog post by Windscribe, a representative made the following comment regarding the situation:

On the disk of those two servers was an OpenVPN server certificate and its private key. Although we have encrypted servers in high sensitivity regions, the servers in question were running a legacy stack and were not encrypted. We are currently enacting our plan to address this.

The company also noted that users shouldn’t worry about their data being breached.

windscribe vpn seized

As stated in the blog post, it would be very difficult for a hacker or other entity to access this VPN traffic.


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In extremely limited cases, an entity in possession of the private key, with a very high level of resources and access to your network could impersonate a Windscribe VPN server and capture VPN tunnel traffic running through it.

Unfortunately, hackers oftentimes do have a high level of resources and access which is why users opt for VPN’s to ensure their privacy.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Free VPN Company come under fire with various Providers who have also been known to collect data in the past.

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Windscribe addressed customers in the blog post mentioned stating that actions are being taken to fix these problems.

We are making changes to our OpenVPN certificate authority which involves client side changes some of which are breaking depending on if you use our applications or not. The majority of you using our client applications will not need to do anything beyond waiting and/or logging out and back into the app.

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