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DAZN Files DMCA Against Pluto TV to Remove Their Own Channels

Pluto DAZN DMCA Takedown

DAZN, the popular streaming service known for its live sports events and on-demand streaming, has recently filed a DMCA takedown notice against Pluto TV, a widely used ad-supported streaming platform. The reason behind the notice is the alleged unauthorized hosting of DAZN’s own channels on Pluto TV’s platform.

DAZN’s DMCA notice claims that Pluto TV is hosting copyrighted content belonging to DAZN, including its live linear channels such as DAZN 1, DAZN 2, DAZN Fights, DAZN Pluto, and DAZN Womens. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) provides a legal framework to address copyright infringement, and DAZN is using this mechanism to assert its ownership rights over the content.

In fact, we have seen the M3U Playlist for Pluto come under fire in the past after a DMCA Notice from MPA to Gtihub demanding the removal of Pluto’s M3U Playlist from their servers.

However, there seems to be a twist in this story. The listed URLs in the takedown notice actually point to the official stream URLs on Pluto TV’s service. This suggests that DAZN’s own legal streams on Pluto TV are being mistakenly identified as infringing content. The unintended consequence of the notice is the removal of legitimate content on Pluto TV.

DAZN Fight Zone Pluto TV

Challenges Faced by Free, Ad-Supported Television (FAST) Services

Free, ad-supported television (FAST) services have gained popularity among budget-conscious viewers due to their vast library of TV shows and movies across numerous channels. Platforms like Pluto TV, Tubi, The Roku Channel, and Freevee offer a convenient way to access entertainment content without a subscription fee. These services are easily accessible on various devices such as PCs, smartphones, and streaming devices including the Amazon Firestick, Android TV, & more.

However, while these FAST services provide convenience and cost-effective entertainment options, there are certain limitations when it comes to their availability on different devices. Although users can access these services through web browsers, those who prefer alternative media players or IPTV Players may encounter compatibility issues, restricting their access to the desired content.

To address this problem, developer Matt Huisman has developed .m3u8 playlist files for several FAST services, including Pluto TV. These playlist files ensure universal compatibility, allowing users to access their favorite shows and movies on various platforms seamlessly. With Huisman’s efforts, FAST services are now more readily available on different devices, providing a wider audience with easy access to free, ad-supported television.

Matt Huisman M3U Github

Potential Implications of the DMCA Notice for DAZN

One possible reason behind DAZN’s DMCA notice against Pluto TV could be related to advertising. Unlike the official Pluto TV playlist URLs, which include advertising and tracking functionality, the URLs in Matt Huisman’s playlists only provide direct access to DAZN channels without any advertisements.

While there is no explicit mention of an ad-blocking issue in the DMCA notice, it is reasonable to consider the potential impact on DAZN’s advertising revenue. Adding an ad-blocking complaint to a regular DMCA notice might face challenges. This speculation raises questions about the motives behind DAZN’s takedown action and the implications it may have for advertising on Pluto TV, particularly in Germany where the DAZN channels are broadcast.

However, the nature of the DMCA notice and the evidence provided suggest confusion and potential errors in identifying the allegedly infringing content.

This story was originally published by TorrentFreak.

We want to know what you think of DAZN’s DMCA Notice to Pluto for the removal of their own streaming channels. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Notable Replies

  1. Who needs DAZN anyway. They suck

  2. Avatar for MarkxG MarkxG says:

    I had no idea what DAZN was but I have a bunch of their channels in my IPTV service. I googled it to find out they are one of the largest entertainment and sports broadcasters around the World. They must have the rights to broadcast the NFL in Europe as all the NFL games are on DAZN Channels. Nice to have another set of redundancy for NFL games if ever needed

  3. I have ton’s of the channels too, but I don’t think I ever used them. Just another greedy corporation money grab maneuvering tactic

  4. These companies are trying to make people pay for TV. That’s not happening with me and thousands of other people.

  5. Avatar for teehar teehar says:

    Ahh me and my family pay for many services,but we also get some extra value via iptv stremio etc.Honestly if they didn’t ask a war pension for entertainment I wouldn’t complain as much lol.

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