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DailyMail UK Sends Warning to Firestick Users – Your Data is Being Sold

Daily Mail UK Warns Firestick Users

A new article written by Daily Mail UK is warning Amazon Firestick users who download and stream content via 3rd party services.

As subscription prices for streaming services such as Netflix, fubo, and more continue to rise, many are looking for alternative ways to view their favorite content.

This includes via Streaming Apps & APKs that are available for sideload on numerous devices including the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, and Android TV Boxes.

However, unlike Netflix and other popular platforms, the developers of these 3rd party applications are generally unknown which can be of cause for concern.

The article from the Daily Mail features a laughable title aimed at getting people’s attention and clicks on their website:

EXCLUSIVE: Warning to Amazon firestick users streaming illegal content: Cyber experts warn devices are fuelling organised crime with gangs profiting off YOUR personal data – as retailers vow to crack down on subscription dodgers

The article states that those who use these services may be at risk of prosecution, as well as personal risk including stolen data and information.

Dr. John Dempsey who is a “digital safety expert” and Professor at the University of Central Lancashire was interviewed by Dail Mail for his take on these devices and applications:

Your personal data may be sold – this includes contact details such as email addresses, IP address, home address, credit card numbers…

A firestick contains an ‘operating system’ which can be infected by malicious software, which could then infect any device it is connected to – this may give a criminal access to other devices that are connected to your home network

He also states the risks that come with purchasing from a seller other than an official vetted source such as Amazon or Best Buy.

The person selling the firestick may even have included vulnerabilities or backdoors that allow them to access your network and collect network data.

We always preach the importance of buying streaming devices from official sellers as there are various risks associated with “Fully Loaded Android Boxes” that come pre-installed with 3rd party applications.

Of course, all of the risks that Dr. Dempsey lists above can be eliminated with the use of a quality VPN, an anonymous email service, and anonymous payment methods such as Bitcoin or Abine Blur.

Dr. John Dempsey

Dr. Dempsey also noted that users of 3rd party services and applications should be aware that they could be funding organized crime without pointing to any examples or data to back this up.

We have seen instances in the past of authorities targeting IPTV users including via home visits in London, Dorset, Greater Manchester, Scotland, and more.

UK Police Making Home Visits to IPTV Subscribers

However, more often than not, police efforts to slow down the use of these services are targeting the developers with fines and jail time.

It is clear that there are many fear tactics involved here to try and reduce the number of people streaming content via illicit applications and services.

We can see in the comment section of the article by the Daily Mail numerous instances of people noting the blasphemy behind it.

DailyMail UK Comment Section

You can read the original article by Daily Mail UK by clicking the link below.


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EXCLUSIVE: Warning to Amazon Firestick users streaming illegal content

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Notable Replies

  1. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    scare tactic? media is gona media, no matter the facts :roll_eyes:

  2. Avatar for MarkxG MarkxG says:

    Who knew that all this time I’ve been paying for a Real Debrid sub that I’ve been funding organized crime :rofl:

  3. Avatar for Mslea Mslea says:

    Unfortunately, there’s probably no way to stop our data from being sold. IMHO, just about every app you download or access sells data. Even the major streaming non-3rd party apps are selling data. Its about making money by any means necessary.

  4. Data being sold is from everywhere. Big money in data selling, greedy bastards :laughing:

  5. Glad I use a Shield Pro and not a Firestick, huh! LMAO!

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