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UK Police Arrest Two in Connection with IPTV Service & Warn Subscribers

UK Police Arrest IPTV Operators & Warn Users

Two men in the United Kingdom have been arrested for their role in operating an “illicit sale of TV subscription packages”.

This was announced by the UK’s Eastern Region Special Operations Unit or ERSOU after simultaneous raids were conducted in numerous locations.

This included Harlow and Chigwell in Essex, Waltham Cross in Hertfordshire, and Lanarkshire in Scotland.

The raids resulted in the seizure of multiple streaming devices and other digital devices as well as roughly $21,800 in cash.

Pictures of the devices posted on the official news release look to be Amazon Firesticks which are extremely popular among IPTV users.

Seized Firesticks UK Raid

Ultimately, two individuals aged 33 and 35 were arrested for their role in the operation on suspicion of money laundering, fraud, and intellectual property offenses.

The IPTV Service was brought to the attention of investigators after finding a Telegram channel that was offering subscriptions to unauthorized access to Sky TV Packages.

Investigators say that thousands of individuals signed up for the service earning the operators over $1 million in profit.

Detective Inspector Steve Payne of ERSOU’s Regional Organized Crime Unit noted the following on the arrests made:

Yesterday’s arrests form part of an investigation into a sophisticated large-scale criminal operation which has generated significant sums of money through the illicit sale of TV subscription packages.

We know from experience that the money generated through illegal means such as this often goes on to fund wider organised criminality, which is why it’s key to apprehend those involved

It is also important to note the “warning” given by Mr. Payne to individuals who used the service or use other services to stream illegal content.

We have also gained access to the details of those purchasing the streams, and I would remind anyone doing so that they will be breaking the law and could ultimately be subject to criminal proceedings.

UK Police have previously made home visits to unauthorized IPTV subscribers to deliver cease and desist letters.

It seems that Sky UK likely played a role in dismantling the operation as there have been numerous instances of this in the past.

Matt Hibbert, Director of Anti-Piracy UK & ROI at Sky made the following comment regarding the situation.

We’re grateful to ERSOU and to the forces involved for taking this action, which will have a significant impact on the illicit sale of Sky TV. We’ll continue to support efforts to shut down the organised networks involved in the large-scale theft of our content, and to protect consumers from the risks involved in accessing content in this way. Anyone concerned about those risks can visit for more information.

We have seen Anti-Piracy Campaigns in the past from BeStreamWise which focused on deterring the use of illicit streams due to risky websites and malware.

However, most of these claims were laughed off after numerous marketing campaigns came under fire on Reddit and other sites.

bestreamwise billboard

You can find the original press release from the ERSOU UK at their Official Website below.

Two arrested in illegal streaming investigation


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We want to know what you think of the latest arrests made in the UK for IPTV Service Operators.

Do you think subscribers will be contacted by law enforcement for accessing illegal streams?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. I think that the iptv sellers in the UK made a fatal mistake in a bulk purchase of Amazon Max 4 devices. It would have behooved them to order a small number every 2 or 3 days Someone was tipped off.

  2. Inspector Clouseau could be doing other police work that would help the citizens avoid mugging,killing, armed violence etc, etc.

  3. Avatar for teehar teehar says:

    but where is the money in that sort of crime fighting?That’s the biggest issue,these mega billion companies have the money to pressure law enforcement,and governments to do their bidding.

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