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UK Police Making Home Visits to Unauthorized IPTV Subscribers

iptv subscribers home visits

UK Police will soon be making home visits to subscribers after uncovering and seizing an IPTV Subscription Service.

As first reported by TorrentFreak, over 1,000 subscribers will likely be met with a cease and desist via mail or in person.

This was noted in a press release from FACT which is an Anti-Piracy coalition located in the United Kingdom.

This month, FACT and police will pay home visits to people who used illegal streaming services. These people, more than 1,000 in total, were presumably identified following last month’s raids by West Mercia Police.

The raided service offered modified streaming boxes, Firesticks, and subscriptions. While details are scarce, those targeted were identified as users of the service through administrative records.

While criminal prosecution is pending against the operator of the illegal service, police are also reminding consumers that using illegal streaming services is not just a crime but one that is treated extremely seriously by the courts.

These individuals were apparently targeted due to administrative records found during the raid of an illegal IPTV provider.

It goes on to note a previous incident in which two individuals were sentenced for viewing unauthorized streams.

In 2021, two individuals, Paul Faulkner and Stephen Millington were sentenced to a total of 16 months in prison for watching unauthorised streams.

It is important to note that the individuals cited above were jailed for more than just viewing unauthorized content as both developed and earned revenue through various streaming platforms.

We have seen IPTV Users in the past face possible fines and even court hearings in places like Italy.

Italian IPTV Subscribers Facing Fines and Possible Court Hearings

FACT notified TorrentFreak that while all subscribers who used the service are set to get a warning from authorities, not all will receive home visits.

Some can expect an email instead but nonetheless, it is clear the UK is trying to crack down on those who use unauthorized services.

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45 thoughts on “UK Police Making Home Visits to Unauthorized IPTV Subscribers”

  1. No longer using IPTV as can´t afford it no more as i´m going throught radiochemothearpy treatment and which meant after living 9 years in Cancun mexico i had to return as couldn´t afford anymore medical treatment there and i have my own little flat now here in uk but no tv and when i do get a tv not interested in Sky or any other service i will only use amazon prime and disney plus services as well as Netflix ,fed upp with IPTV being so unreliable and going down so much.

  2. Jonathan Peters

    These companies should be responsible for putting out a product that can’t be stolen by a 3rd party device. The 3rd party device company should be responsible for putting out product that can be used to steal the product. So, why don’t they go after the devices that are being used. No TV boxes. No stealing. No more problem. Oh, I forgot. Then they can’t steal your money.

    They should be selling products and services that don’t allow this to happen. But, no instead let’s put the poor guy who can’t afford to watch TV in jail. Just like it’s been for centuries. The rich get richer and the poor go to jail. Just my opinion.

  3. Before I got a VPN I just went ahead and streamed. I have spectrum for internet and I actually got a letter from them stating I was streaming illegal and if I didn’t stop they would disconnect my internet.

  4. Thxs troy for this update also ustvgo is down I have nord VPN still no go I think the servers are down or it’s done for

  5. People actually use their real name and address when they sign up for IPTV? What dummies! I use a prepaid card that I bought with cash, a vpn, proton mail and made up name and address. Use your brain people.

    1. I think the entertainment community/Film makers might just be throwing some $ into the pot to scare.
      Wonder what’s the $ for an officer these days?
      ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use a good VPN as Troy recommends and the new FREE green VPN Monitor Dot is awesome to help you ensure protection, been using it months now and it’s worth the donation (any amount you can afford ) to me personally.
      Let’s hope the developer keeps his word and works on donations alone. So far developer has done as promised as he is upfront about how much donations are made as to what’s coming and has delivered so far. We all gota get compensated but the green dot guy just got greedy rather than taking a donation approach.

  6. The police do not have the resources to carry out these actions, they rarely put drug dealers in prison, imprisioning thousands of those just streaming and watching illegal content is not going to happen

  7. Is this really an issue here in the states? I was always led to believe that just streaming content usually isn’t enough to bring down the law. It’s those people who are downloading content and offering it to others. That being said, I DO think avoid not a bad idea.

    1. So most ISPs will show you your internet usage. That is basic surfing. Background processes, IPTV has its very own colour on the graph that I can look at. With a mix of a VPN and a real debrid my ISP sees no IPTV action l, unless I use the ones that are legal and appropriate (Locallly provided free online same as FTA).

  8. I suppose I should not have said “stupid”…that is a bit harsh…sorry. But yes…believe this…these things DO happen. But folks…Troy harps and harps on getting a VPN. He tells us this in every news letter…every one. IT PROTECTS you! It’s really is all you have to do. They are not that expensive, but if you prefer to surf with the sharks…have at it.

    1. I’d sure like to know who your iptv provider is. I can’t find a decent one. All I ever get from about 8pm on at night is buffering with everyone that I have ever tried.

  9. Boy that would never fly in the states. Your city better not have any issues with real crimes because the people and politicians would destroy a police chief whose cops have time to go to people’s homes because they streamed a UFC PPV while robberies or violent crime is up. Hell they’d probably still get knocked for it even if come is down.

  10. I can’t help to think that this is fear mongering at its best especially since it is taking place in the UK and Italy. The two guys who are spending time in jail are said to be watching not supplying copyrighted content. It was said the authorities found names and addresses in the files of the service provider so a VPN wouldn’t help in that case anyway. I don’t see it actually happening to customers but only the service provider.

  11. Peter Tomkinson

    As commented above, pity the UK police don’t concentrate more on real crimes. Stabbings and shootings at an all time high. Report a burglary in your home and wait days for any response. Post something negative online however and they will be round immediately.

  12. Too bad they won’t go after corrupt politicians, illegals, death jabs…. it’s way more important to take out the little guys who are trying to afford being able to watch the telly……..

  13. Had Nord for 3 years. Had a lot of issues. They also own surfshark but is much better. No issues so far. Hope you get paid for your recommending it Troy. Get a VPN people. Don’t be stupid!

  14. So people are literally dying every single day where I live in Baltimore City, innocent men, women and children are being murdered by the police by the hundreds every year, there is food scarcity and more homeless children then ever before yet the cops are not just shutting down but CONVICTING people for illegal streaming? So basically murder is ok but God forbid u jailbreak a Firestick, then u will go to jail. This world is sick, why can’t they go after the real criminals? How is this even a crime? To me the crime is Comcast charging $180 to watch reruns everyday! If they had affordable options people wouldn’t have to do this! Go after cops killing innocent people or Donald Trump for every thing he illegally did white he was president and after we the Capitol.

  15. Yeah, you’d think police agencies would have more “pressing” items than going after a few streamers. The percentage of people who get around local restrictions to watching streaming TV cannot be large enough to represent a serious matter IMO!

  16. And this is why I’m always John Smith and my address is a large department store. Also a protonmail email is quite handy

  17. As Troy suggests, watch movies in the public domain or local broadcast channels. How can the authorities prove you are not doing that even with an IPTV service?

  18. Very interesting, I use a VPN for all my streaming. I wonder if that is enough? Any thought greatly appreciated. Thx


  19. Patrick Rafferty

    Love Troypoint, have been a cord cutter for about 6 years. I have one problem, I have an X88 android box, and cannot get Downloader by AFTV News on my box. I have looked in play store, it says it is Downloader by AFTV News, but it is something different by another company. Can you put downloader on rapid installer?

    1. Hi Patrick!
      I am not Troy, but I had the same problem with my T9 box. The AFT News Downloader is available in Aptoide. There are also some good players and utilities available there also. Hope this helps!

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