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Sony Patents Technology That Can Block Illegal Sideloaded Apps

sony anti piracy

Sony has patented a new technology that would block illegal sideloaded and 3rd party apps on streaming devices and more.

As first reported by TorrentFreak, this technology would monitor all apps installed outside of the device’s official app store.

We want to know what you think of this new technology. Let us know in the comment section below!

Sony has been at the forefront of the anti-piracy movement since the beginning of the decade.

The company pursued legal action against Napster and has continued the battle against online pirates.

At the beginning of 2023, a patent was published by Sony that can blacklist various apps & APKs on streaming devices and more.

The motive behind this software is the ability to block access to pirated Movies and TV Shows that are readily available in these applications.

Some of these third-party applications may include pirate applications that may acquire content from rogue websites to stream pirated content onto the streaming device…

In such scenarios, the pirate applications may provide premium content to the streaming device without authorization, and may subvert the services of legitimate content providers…

Shown below is an example picture of how the technology might work from the patent published by Sony Corp.

sony anti piracy technology 1

sony anti piracy 2

sony anti piracy 3

You can read the entire patent using the link below.

Sony Patent Anti-Piracy Technology

Sony’s intentions, it seems, are to implement this technology in streaming devices such as Firestick and Android TV.

However,  whether or not Amazon & Google will choose to use this technology is entirely up in the air.

We have seen anti-piracy coalitions and others pressure major media companies into removing apps from their app stores and more.

Google Removes IPTV Smarters from Play Store

One thing to note is that it is unlikely that lesser-known TV Box companies would face the same pressure as the heavy hitters in the industry.

Devices such as MECOOL, Formuler, and BuzzTV are fabulous streaming options without the brand name associated with Firestick and Android.


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Many of these smaller tech companies are making waves in the streaming community with powerful, affordable media devices.

Use the following links to browse through some of the most popular new devices that are challenging Amazon, Google, and Roku.

BuzzTV Official Website

MECOOL Official Website

Formuler Official Website

Overall, it will be interesting to see if and when this technology gains any steam with streaming device companies in the future.

We want to know your thoughts.

Do you think these major media companies would implement this technology in streaming devices? Would you continue using them?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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42 thoughts on “Sony Patents Technology That Can Block Illegal Sideloaded Apps”

  1. Incognito see i had to jail break my sony tv could not add any content to kodi.
    Then complained to sony about bad performance, They sent me a patch upgrade my.
    Software in developers mode i can use sideloader kodi loads on its own but to remove
    Some on want apps you side load to a removable drive then remove drive restart you computer also note that your sony tv has to ben born after 2016 to have updated tuner
    the that case new tuner or tv or separate tuner

  2. Maybe Amazon Firestick has already implemented the Sony app blocking technology. I just bought a firestick 4K max and it’s not allowing me to download apps not in its store including Google Play Store, Cinema HD, Crowns VOD and others. I keep getting the message “Download not supported at this time.” This is happening even though I activated Developer Options.

    1. I had the same issue. I cannot see the option to allow downloads from unknown sources. Let me know if you find an answer to this.

    2. I can still update apps such as BeeTv on my fire stick 4k. So I don’t think the technology has been rolled out yet. I think you have a separate issue.
      Re-check your set-up and confirm

  3. Richard Merrill

    Any idea if this will effect older devices? Possibly through a firmware update? Or would it be just new devices?

    1. I don’t think the technology has been rolled out yet.
      It would be safe to assume it would impact both new and old devices if and when implemented

  4. Remember how the music industry crashed and never has recovered….They should act wisely so their products do not become worthless after driving away their $$$ base. It’s bad enough that they are mostly producing garbage as it is, lets kick back and watch them finish polishing themselves off.

  5. Users need to block Sony apps and not use Sony products. Boycot them and dry up sales of what they seem to think is so special and irreplaceable. Let’s see how well their stock does with out sales.

  6. I do not like it, they are always trying to slow us down. If the price of cable was lower maybe most people would not stream tv. Just my thoughts.

  7. I really hope it won’t affect apps already installed….or there will be a way to ‘block’ this sony ‘thing’ from being updated into our devices

    1. Everyone is trying to block us unless we obey. Sony has made me aware to steer clear of their products, which i will, most certainly do.
      Technology will render these fossils useless.

  8. i think VPN need to address tbe anonymity and shoukd block this new software from invading their servers and customers privacy

  9. As the comment above, the lack of being able to side load apps would, I think, have a major impact on Amazon device sales. So I would not expect them to play ball with Sony. If they did I would bin my fire TV cube

    1. I think maybe Amazon feels it’s more important to protect their Amazon Prime Video business than worrry about how many people won’t buy Firesticks. I mean, they still sell many Android Boxes from other manufacturers on their site. They haven’t stopped that. So they make a little less money. If you make billions of dollars annually, but are down…say $200M in lost Firestick sales, are they really going to cry about that?

  10. If Sony or Amazon implements this I will no longer buy their products. I am a faithful user and android user and I will dump both if they give into this pressure. I paid for the hardware and I wa t to de ide what I put on it.

  11. I wonder if this would affect boxes like the Superbox and other boxes that come pre installed with apps that already give access to apps they have? If Amazon does agree. Their sales as far as the Firestick will end and their sales will become non-existent as compared to now and their competitors of other boxes will have more sales.

  12. If the big media companies had blocked the big cable companies from gouging the public with their outrageous pricing the public would not have had to look for an affordable alternative for viewing every day programming…as you can see even now with the legal streaming apps the prices continue to rise.

  13. If Amazon were to force-download this technology, I would no longer use their devices, nor would I ever buy another one! I also think that their FireStick sales will plummet!!

  14. Miguel Maldonado

    While this might be an issue for the movie and tv industry the bottom line that the sellers of streaming devices like Amazon Firestick look at is product sales.

  15. If this comes to pass, and the makers of streaming devices implement the technology, I would hope that someone would be able to figure out how to disable it and include the process for doing so in the jailbreaking procedure.

  16. I don’t know but seems like invasion of my right to privacy. Also possibly 4th amendment violation of illegal search when you are suppose to be free from search in your home without a warrant. Is this any different than a wiretap on your phone?

  17. Well, if Amazon thinks it’s more important to chase some pie-in-the-sky anti-piracy scheme at the cost of million -dollar device sales, I’m fine with giving my money and recommendations for Mecool or Beetv instead.

  18. If you like big brother deciding what you can and cannot watch, get a Roku system. I purchased a Roku system and was impressed with streaming until they decided to remove some of my favorite streaming apps. Afterwards, I purchased fire stick which was legions better. Six months later I purchased the NVIDIA Shield Pro which was even better.

  19. I didn’t see at first why Sony is putting so much efforts in anti-piracy stuff and then I remembered that they own several major movie production compagnies. The only way they could implement this on Firesticks would be through an OS update so I’m happy that I blocked all updates on mine via ADB shell command. I just hope that Amazon will not buy it from Sony to modify their OS on future Firestick models. Anyway, I’m done buying Sony products …

  20. F*** them, I bought the device I should be able to do with it as I please. Back in the days of video recorders if you chose to watch a porn tape they couldn’t stop you why should they be able to stop you from doing what you want with what you bought?

  21. I bought a Sony XBR77A9G when they first came out for $600080.00.. I will ditch this and buy a Samsung OLED model and NEVER buy a Sony product again…. F–k Sony!!!!!

  22. If this technology works it will probably be just a matter of time before box producers circumvent it. It will be interesting to say the least.

    1. Amazon, Google, and Roku will implement the software into their operating systems and an update will install the tech into our devices. Pretty simple!

    2. What part of “this technology would monitor all apps INSTALLED outside of the device’s official app store” don’ you understand?

      “I think Sony sucks!”

      Then maybe you should stop streaming their copyrighted content.

    1. Thanks for letting us know about this looming cloud on the horizon, Troy. I’d have thought there might be some countermeasures we could take to avoid this type of intrusion into citizens’ privacy of personal (non-commercial) usage of the Internet. If worse came to worst, I’d likely jump ship away from Amazon & Google technology in favor of a more open, free Internet tech that protected & supported our privacy rights. Seems to me that tech is being more & more weaponized against our freedoms.

    2. Yeah I can see them losing about 80% of business instantly. Other android boxes would take notice and refuse to use the technology. And that’s who will become the giant.

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