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How To Install Exodus On Kodi

How To Install Exodus On KodiThis tutorial will teach you how to install Exodus on Kodi.  Exodus is a 3rd party Kodi addon which means that it is not supported in an way by the developers of Kodi.

As of this writing Exodus is the most popular addon available for Kodi due to its enormous choice of movies, television shows, kids shows, and documentaries that are available.

After you follow the steps below, you will also have Indigo installed which will allow you to install many other popular addons as well.

Simply follow the screenshot tutorial below and you will be up and running with Exodus in no time.


How To Install Exodus On Kodi Guide

Click the gear icon toward the top of the page under the Kodi logo.

Click Settings Icon

Click the System settings button.

Click System Settings

Hover over the Add-ons menu on the left-side of the page and then click the Unknown sources button on the right-side of the page to enable this option.

Click Unknown Sources

When this pop-up appears, click Yes.  After clicking Yes, click the back button on the remote to return to the previous “System” screen that you were on.

Click Yes

Click the File manager button.

Click File Manager

Click the Add source button.

Click Add source

When the window comes up, click the box that reads <None>.

Click None Box

Type in the following url for the Fusion addons repository – – double check that you have typed this in correctly before proceeding.  Click OK button.

Enter Fusion Path

Press the down arrow on your remote and place your cursor in the box at the bottom and then click the select button on your remote to open the keyboard.

Name The Source

Name this media source anything you would like.  In this example, I am naming it fusion.

Name The Media Source

Click the OK button at the bottom of the window.

Click OK Button

Go back to your Kodi home screen and click the Add-ons button.

Click Addons

Click the open package icon in the top-left corner of the screen under the “Add-ons” heading.

Click The Open Package Icon

Click the Install from zip file button.

Click Install From Zip File

Click the name of the source that you added in the earlier step.  I named mine “fusion”.

Click Fusion

Click the begin-here button.

Click begin-here Button

Click the .zip file that appears in the window.  After you do this, you will receive a notice that Indigo has been installed.  This may take a minute or two so be patient until you see the message.

Click Indigo Zip File

After you receive the success message that Indigo has been installed go back to the Kodi home page by clicking the back button on your remote repeatedly.  Once there, hover over Add-ons and click Indigo which should now be listed under the Video-add-ons section and Program add-ons section.  It doesn’t matter which one you click.

Click Indigo Addon

Click Addon Installer.

Click Addon Installer

Click Featured Addons.

Click Featured Addons

Click Exodus.

Click Exodus

Click Install Exodus.

Click Install Exodus

Confirm by clicking Install.

Confirm By Clicking Install

You will see a message that Exodus is installing onto your Kodi device.

Exodus Will Begin Installing

Once installation has been successful, you will see a message like this.  Click the OK button.

Exodus Installation Complete Message

Go back to the Kodi home screen by pushing the back button repeatedly.  Click the Exodus icon.

Click Exodus Icon

If you see a blank menu appear like this, go to the next step.

Exodus Blank Screen

Click the power button on the top-left corner of the screen under the Kodi logo to exit the application.  Re-launch Kodi and then launch Exodus by hovering over Add-ons menu item.

Restart Kodi and Launch Exodus


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  • Chris Ro

    Exodus: so I got as far as Indigo>featured addons> exodus, but when I press exodus, Im getting a pop-up saying Indigo error, check log….any help

    • Garrett

      Mine keeps saying that too! I checked the log and it all just says error messages. I tried exiting and going back in while on a VPN but it did the same thing. I can’t make sense of the log so I’m not sure where the problem is but can someone help fix it??

      • Everything is fixed with Exodus and Indigo now.

    • Paul Myers

      I am also having that issue. Did you get it figured out?

    • There is currently a problem with Indigo, check back and try installing later. They will get it fixed, they always do.

  • April Nicoll

    Hey, I get as far as featured addons the the next page is ..

    Please help me

    • Hello April, try again. Indigo was down for a day and is fixed now.

  • Try installing Exodus on Kodi again. The addon was down for maintenance but fixed now.

  • Fiona Harrison

    Have installed indigo and down loaded exodus but it does not show up on home screen. Have tried 3
    times – help!

    • Hello Fiona, when you hover over Addons, you should see Exodus under the Video addons section. If not, try restarting your device. Should be there if it was installed.

      • Fiona Harrison

        Got it thank you. By the way you do a great job

        • Thanks Fiona! Keep checking back for more tutorials.

  • Texomachiver

    Indigo is failing to install

  • Kathleen A Dombrowski

    Enable Live Streaming after successful install of Indigo
    Relaunch Kodi
    Addons menu tab
    Launch Indigo
    Click Addon installer menu
    Click enable live Streaming
    Click OK button

    • Thanks for sharing this Kathleen!

  • Jordan Raper

    My ccloudtv isn’t working at all. I’m having to use castaway

    • Hi Jordan. Right there with you. That Kodi addon isn’t working for me either. Hopefully they get this fixed.

  • Joe

    When I get to the step to click the “begin here” button, there is nothing on my screen, no begin here or kodi-repos or nothing. What is wrong?

    • Caroline Vu

      Go back to your pathway and make sure there’s no s in http://fusion…. it took me hours to figure out that was the problem

  • adom

    Hi, great tutorial! But i get no streams once i have loaded exodus – any thoughts? its an amazon firestick rather than tv…

    • First, try restarting your device and see if that helps.

  • Jessica Warren

    Exodus taking forever to load?

    • Jessica Warren

      Nm got it

      • Thanks for update on Exodus, Jessica.

  • Earl A Slaymaker

    I get an error when running indigo from the zip file???

    • Earl, I know that this addon was down for a few hours a couple of days ago. Give it another shot.

  • Earl A Slaymaker

    I have the fire stick

  • Earl A Slaymaker

    Installed VPN and error went away!!!???

    • Thanks for comment, Earl. Your ISP is blocking this addon. Glad it worked!

  • Dan

    i have ip vanish and it still giving me and error saying that its unable to download zip file. any suggestions?

  • Maggie Slyh

    I keep getting a message that indigo failed to install

    • Maggie Slyh

      NM! Got it.

  • Kim Petrisha

    Morning! Could anyone tell me how I can uninstall Exodus, so I can reinstall it? Thanks

  • Kim Petrisha

    Got it! Thanks