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YouTube Vanced Developers Break Their Silence

vanced breaks silence

The developers of the once-popular Ad-Free YouTube app YouTube Vanced have finally broken their silence on the app’s demise.

Following the recent shutdown of YouTube Vanced, there were many questions surrounding what actually happened to it.

Rumors of the app’s discontinuation swirled including a theory that the company profited from the sale of an NFT.

These rumors were laid to rest, however, after the developers posted a message on Telegram.

Vanced Discontinuation Telegram Message

The message goes on to explain that the app’s intention was never to make money and was simply a hobby project that blew up due to popularity.

It also divulges the idea of Vanced being a “Piracy” app and claims that this is not the case and had nothing to do with the app’s shutdown.

Vanced developers shot down the idea of the app discontinuing because they are from Russia, as well.

They did, however, receive a cease & desist letter from Google which was the reason they have decided to stop updating the application.

The app’s logo was apparently infringing on the original branding of the YouTube App and resembles the original YouTube logo.

Vanced did not have permission to use this logo which was the ultimate reason for the cease & desist.

With legal pressure being the cause of the removal, Vanced addressed the future of the app and other projects moving forward:

Will vanced ever be continued again?

  1. No, this is the end of the project i.e., no more future updates. It doesn’t mean the vanced app is dead.
  2. Current vanced releases will keep working as long as Google doesn’t break them through features rolled server-sided.

They ended the telegram post with a message to users and everyone who enjoyed the application while it was available.

We miss vanced the same way as you all do. Everyone one of us has learned at least 1 thing since vanced was born. And it also gave us so much knowledge about these mods, ad-blocking, themes and so many more. It was an honour to deliver such a project among users worldwide. Thanks to everyone for giving us support and love over these 4 years. It will continue to live among our hearts and souls.

We hope you all achieve huge success in your life. Have a good day :)

What do you think about the reasoning behind the Vanced App shutting down?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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6 thoughts on “YouTube Vanced Developers Break Their Silence”

  1. Rosaleen Boyle

    Will miss vanced when it goes off I use it everyday. As for the situation the company were put in they did do the right thing as Google are a giant and the more companies they bring down the stronger they become. I hope you can reinstate and find your own logo. Maybe a competition to design one – that’s a thought. Thank you anyway.

  2. We all know that nothing is for ever, it was good while it last and now wait for another good working app. Thanks to vanced and good luck to all.

  3. It’s kinda like when Russia hinted about using nukes. Chance are very good that they wouldn’t use nukes but it raised enough doubt in many of our leaders that we are not sending troops to Ukraine. Same thing with Vanced. Google has a ton of money and can sue anyone they want out of existence, and they do. I would have backed down too.

  4. Being from Russia, one would this is the ideal time to continue this app. Anything Putin can do to pester the West (Google) he will do.

    1. Okay, well unless I’m illiterate, I beleive the writer of this collumn is asking for my thoughts on Vanced statement regarding why they shut down. Not on it’s current working status.
      I think it was respectable , while at the same time, may lack gumption. Is that a real word? Maybe? I’d say lacked balls. As long as its acceptable to do so. Out of respect to Troy. I dig your stuff dude, and mean you no disrespect. But it wasnt made by you, Please offer your thoughts and opinion? I totally get and respect your objectiveness. But your opinion is what I try to I guess, learn from, on this site. It helps me anyway. You and your readers. I knew nothing about any of whats on your site till I joined. I’ve read others, but I trust what I learn here. You don’t know me, but I have issues with that. I’m a doubter, disbeliever, and nay sayer. But EVERYONE I know comes to me for advice, but it’s all you, Bro. Learned it all on your site. Now it’s me who’s off topic. But if it’s not on your site. I won’t repeat it. Thanks. But really, it reads too much like they tried real hard not to say too much. Can you blame the? God, I mean Google is kinda huge, possibly persuasive. I’ve not prayed , I mean phoned them lately. Chomecast with Google TV works great, and they don’t pay me to say that. Peace,

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