YouTube Vanced Forced to Shut Down – Here are the Best Alternatives

youtube vanced alternatives

The popular ad-free YouTube App YouTube Vanced has been forced to shut down, the developers recently announced.

This is due to legal pressure via a cease and desist letter from representatives for Google.

We want to know your thoughts after reading this story in the comments below. What do you think of Google forcing YouTube Vanced to shut down?

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YouTube Vanced was a well-known third-party Android App that provided YouTube videos and content without the annoying ads for free.

This was a welcome alternative for thousands of YouTube subscribers who are fed up with watching ads on YouTube.

YouTube Vanced let the public know about its discontinuation via Twitter:

Those who have the app downloaded on their device can continue using it, however, it will likely eventually stop working.


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The team behind YouTube Vanced notes that the official app may work for up to two years.

If you visit the Vanced Official Website, you will notice that the app is no longer available for download.

You will encounter the following message where the download link used to be located:

youtube vanced shut down

As you can see, the download link has already been removed.

Vanced now points users to Adguard and Brave Browser links with referrals.

YouTube Vanced Alternatives

Those looking for YouTube Vanced have a few alternative options.

Obviously, you can opt to purchase a YouTube Premium account that currently costs $11.99/month.

However, there are also some other Ad-Free YouTube options that users can install on devices such as the Amazon Firestick.


smarttubenext best apps for jailbroken firestick

This includes the popular SmartTubeNext App that is also available in the TROYPOINT Rapid App Installer.

SmartTubeNext is a fabulous YouTube Vanced alternative that will work on your Android phone, tablet, and more.

SmartTubeNext on Firestick/Android


newpipe youtube vanced alternative


Another YouTube Vanced Alternative that is popular among Android users and more is NewPipe.

NewPipe features categories to choose from including Trending, What’s New, and more.

Learn how to install NewPipe on your preferred device using our install guide below.

How to Install NewPipe



The latest ad-free YouTube App to hit the streaming scene, however, is SkyTube.

This application works on any device including Android Phone and Tablet.

You can learn more about SkyTube and find download links on the Official SkyTube Website.

What do you think of this latest shutdown of YouTube Vanced?

Let us know in the comment section below!

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15 thoughts on “YouTube Vanced Forced to Shut Down – Here are the Best Alternatives”

  1. I’m still going to carry on using vanced until it can’t go on anymore. I’ve been using it for some time and it’s been a decent program to use especially that you can use it in the background. Why should I pay for that feature by subscribing to premium? When they generate money from blatant advertising.

    I will carry on finding alternatives as I don’t want to be coerced into watching pointless adds with some that can’t be skipped. It’s beyond an absolute violation.

  2. Personally I think Vanced got themselves shut down because they made a stupid decision to try to do an NFT. they think they took it down too fast for google to notice but I think Google noticed the NFT and thought Vanced was trying to make money off of their IP, it was a stupid move. See there is little chance Google didn’t know Youtube Vanced existed.
    I also think the names of the apps installed with Vanced Mager should not have been called Youtube Vanced and Youtube Music Vanced. I think they should have used the names VancedTube and VancedTube Music or something like this.
    But hey that’s just me.

  3. google
    everywhere google!!

    don’t dance, too much mr google!!
    every thing has an end from the people,
    if u overdo to control the peope!
    alot of example out there, remember one right now, “nokia era!!then and now!! remember it!! people power are there’s something beyond!!
    believe “Degoogle” products everywhere on future!!
    because that’s how world works!
    that’s how Karma works!!

  4. Its amazing the level of assault happening on apps, those that create them and peoples’ freedom to choose alternatives.
    I understand their need for advertising but their methods should be considered abusive. Seeming to have the goal to indoctrinate/imprint product/ideas/ideals upon people with unfettered repetivity. People have a right to seek shelter from that, both in legal and illegal methods
    These apps are a defense against that in a way.
    May creators of such apps continue to find ways to beat back the indoctrination

  5. The information on how to add you tube Vance wouldn’t allow you to freeze it, and once lost it was impossible to find it again.

  6. Well I can live with this a bit more than if Smart Tube would go down, knock on wood. Lets hope that stays since use that on my Shields. But yep, always alternatives in this game. :P

  7. I have the one that you recommended last year in a video that has a red rectangle with a white arrow pointing to the right for a logo. I think it is called SmartTube, but it has a different logo than the SmartTubeNext listed above. It works well so far. Is that one still worth having (assuming that I’m describing it right? Is SmartTubeNext a newer version of it?

    1. Hi John. I have both these versions on my shield and the newer version will delete ads that the YouTubers are promoting or mention who sponsors them. Otherwise known as sponsor branded content .

  8. It is simple, hard to do but simple.
    Boycott (don’t use in any way, shape, or form) YouTube for 2 months. Money drives the game.
    I am typing this using Lineage OS and although keeping my Gmail address I am researching other mail providers other than Microsoft.
    There IS strengths in numbers, the industry just knows we can’t seem to unite

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