Which Firestick Do I Have? How To Identify Your Fire TV Device

which firestick do i have

This tutorial will cover one of the most frequently asked questions on this site – Which Firestick Do I Have?

The Amazon Firestick is the most popular streaming device available today.

However, there are numerous versions of the device which oftentimes makes it difficult to know which one you own.

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With the recent addition of the Fire TV Stick Lite and 3rd Gen Fire TV, Amazon now has 9 variations of this media streaming device.

Since most of these devices look similar, it can be hard to distinguish which one you have.

Luckily, we can install an application directly to our device which will identify the device’s version.

The app is called Informer and is available within the Amazon App Store.

This app was made by the creator of the popular installer app, Downloader.

Downloader is the application many Firestick owners use to side-load 3rd party Streaming Apps and APK’s.



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Sideloading is also the first step to “Jailbreak” Your Firestick or Fire TV which will enable you to install apps for Free Movies, TV Shows, and more.

How to Jailbreak a Firestick

In this tutorial, we are using a Fire TV Stick Lite. However, you can install this app on any Firestick or Fire TV.

Use the steps below to install Informer and determine Which Firestick Do I Have?

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Informer Installation Guide

1. From the main menu of your device, hover over Find and choose Search

choose search

2. Search for and select Informer

search for and select informer

3. Choose Informer under Apps & Games

choose informer

4. Click Download or Get


click download or get

5. Wait for Informer ready to launch message and then click Open

click open

6. The app will now scan your device

scan device

7. You will then encounter a screen that identifies the type of Firestick or Fire TV Device you own

firestick or fire tv identification screen

Using the Informer App is a great tip/trick for Firestick and Fire TV users.

If you are looking for more tricks and tips to enhance streaming on your Firestick, use our link below:

Firestick Tricks & Tips to Enhance your Device

Many might ask, “Why do I need to know Which Firestick I have?”

And the answer is because some versions of the Firestick or Fire TV do not have the same features of capabilities that others might.

For example, using a Launcher such as the Wolf Launcher to alter your interface is only available on the newer versions of Firestick or Fire TV.

This is usually because of the software provided for each device.

How to Update Firestick

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell which Firestick I have?

This guide will show you how to install and use the Informer app that will identify your Firestick or Fire TV device.

What is the latest firestick version?

Currently, the most recent Firestick available is the Fire TV Stick Lite.

What is the Best type of Firestick?

While this is all based on personal preference, TROYPOINT recommends the Firestick 4k for streaming.

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