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Malware Continues to Infect Android TV Boxes & Streaming Apps

android tv box and apk malware
A new report shows that malware is making its way to various Android TV Boxes and sideloaded Streaming Apps/APKs.

This includes low-cost “generic Android TV Boxes” that run a modified version of Android OS typically found in mobile devices and tablets.

We have seen instances in the past of Android TV Box Malware including devices with infected firmware and more.

It seems that this trend is continuing as the report states that the malware is arriving on these devices in more than one way.

The latest trojan to find its way to streaming devices is being installed on generic Android TV Boxes by various resellers.

In particular, devices such as the Tanix TX6 TV Box, MX10 Pro 6K, and H96 MAX X3 among others.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only method for this malware to reach these media devices as we are also seeing downloadable streaming apps infected.

This includes various 3rd party applications that are not available in the Google Play Store that many use for streaming content.

That’s right, it seems that malicious files are coming from popular APKs that users sideload onto Android TV devices for Movies, TV Shows, and more.

Some examples of APKs detailed in the report include the popular YouCine APK, MagisTV, LatinaTV, and UNiTV.

android tv box malware youcine

Upon installing one of the apps above, the service automatically starts on device boot and unpacks numerous files with elevated privileges.

The viruses associated with these infections seem to be a modification of the Pandora.10 backdoor which can leave the device susceptible to various attacks.

This includes DDoS attacks via TCP and UDP protocols as well as open a reverse shell, mount Android TV system partitions in read/write mode, and more.

All of these are considered extremely dangerous and can cause major issues for the device and the owners’ sensitive data/information.

How to Protect Yourself from Android TV Malware

As we always note, it is extremely important to protect yourself if you choose to use generic Android TV Boxes.

We do not know the origin of many of these devices as they can pass through various hands before getting to the end user.

Your best bet is to purchase a streaming device from a reputable manufacturer such as Amazon, Formuler, NVIDIA, BuzzTV, and more.

If you continue to use generic Android TV Boxes, we strongly suggest installing Surfshark VPN and activating the CleanWeb feature to protect yourself.

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vpn uses cleanweb

You should also be performing regular virus/malware scans on your Fire TV & Android TV/Google TV devices with our following guide.

How to Scan for Viruses on Firestick/Android TV with VirusTotal

If you are looking for a verified Android TV Box to replace your generic device, check out our resource guide below.

Best Android TV Boxes

This report was first published by Dr. Web which you can find using the link below.

Mirai Trojan Arrives on Android TV Devices

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5 thoughts on “Malware Continues to Infect Android TV Boxes & Streaming Apps”

  1. Hello Troy, I just scanned my MeCool KM1 Pro and there is a system file xcpe also shown as x.cpe that is showing as being infected. I can’t delete it using the trash icon. Any advice as to how to fix this?

  2. Hello Troy,
    I have been trying to install the anti virus software from Downloader following your video however when I click on the scan button I get an error message telling me that there is no internet connection even though I am connected. Any ideas?

    1. Hello Peter, unplug the Ethernet cord going into your device and connect via WiFi instead and it will work. Or, if running a VPN deactivate that temporarily and try again.

  3. Hello Troy, I notice a very lot of attacks malware, phishing etc. Since I upgraded to a Netgear Nighthawk AX6 router. I get 1yr free Netgear Armor protection. I also have IPVanisn VPN. Streaming device Nvidia sheild. Any other help?

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