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Google TV Interface Will Begin to Appear on Android TV Devices

android tv to google tv

Android TV devices are likely to get a makeover in the near future.

Google has recently announced that the Google TV OS will begin to replace Android OS on all third-party Android TV Boxes.

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This includes popular devices such as the NVIDIA SHIELD and NVIDIA SHIELD TV.

In fact, NVIDIA devices just got an all-new interface update that has a lot of Google TV similarities.

This includes an all-new “Discover” tab with featured content catered to the user.

new android tv interface nvidia

Users will also notice less congestion and clutter with the removal of app shortcuts and categories.

These changes make the interface much more similar to Google TV devices such as the Chromecast with Google TV.

Android TV buyers will likely see similar changes in other Android Boxes in the near future.

Amazon recently updated their interface as well on Firestick and Fire TV devices that many do not approve of.

If you prefer an alternative interface than the one presented on your device, you can easily install a Launcher and upgrade your interface:

Leanback Launcher on Firestick/Android

How to Install Wolf Launcher on Firestick/Android

Shalina Govil-Pai, VP of Android TV & Google TV had the following to say regarding these upgrades:

The experience that we bring with Google TV is much more aligned with Google as a whole. The Google TV term came because it is so aligned with the Google mission — in terms of personalized recommendations, in terms of search and discovery, in terms of the integration of the world’s content at your fingertips.

Similar to Roku, Govil-Pai also noted that TCL will begin selling televisions featuring Google TV software and expect them to launch later this summer.

In the streaming device department, the company has also partnered with Walmart to create the all-new Onn TV Stick.

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Android TV users can expect to find Google TV integrated into new devices including Xiaomi and MECOOL boxes.


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MECOOL KM2 with Remote

While there is no timeline for when these changes will be made, Govil-Pai did say the objective is to have all devices eventually converted to Google TV OS.

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  1. We’ll need to wait and see if this google tv os is as open as Android in terms of availability and flexibility of apps to use in our devices. If so, that’s good. If not, that is a big problem.

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