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Firestick Ethernet Adapter for Increased Speed & Connection

firestick ethernet adapter

The following guide will show you how to set up the best Firestick Ethernet Adapter to improve your download speeds and network connection.

This includes a step-by-step video tutorial with important details regarding setup and how to get the most out of this tool.

Using an Ethernet adapter is a fabulous way to boost speeds on any Firestick or Fire TV device.

Unlike various Android TV Boxes that have Ethernet ports for quick connection, Firesticks do not provide an Ethernet connection without an adapter.

Many complain that Firestick devices lack the speed and power that we see in Android Boxes which provide a direct Ethernet connection.

Luckily, we can use an Ethernet Adapter and get the most out of a Firestick by improving download speeds and overall connection.

Using an Ethernet adapter is one of the best ways to Eliminate Firestick buffering and make your streaming experience much more enjoyable.

Amazon offers an Ethernet Adapter for Firestick/Fire TV, however, it only offers max speeds up to 100 Mbps.

In the guide below, we detail the Best Firestick Ethernet Adapter that will allow you to get blazing-fast speeds up to 300-400 Mbps.

This adapter also provides 3 additional USB ports that are perfect for expanding internal storage or attaching additional peripheral devices.

In the guide below, we are using a Fire TV Stick 4K Max. However, this will also work for any variation of Firestick or Fire TV you prefer.

Gigabit Firestick Ethernet Adapter – Video Tutorial


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Buffer-free Playback & Faster Downloads

Many Firestick, Fire TV, and Android TV Box users often connect an Ethernet adapter to their streaming device for a more reliable connection and faster download speeds.


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In the video guide above, we provide speeds before and after restarting our Firestick device.

NOTE: We recommend rebooting your device when connecting to an Ethernet adapter or vice versa, which will reset the device and improve your download/upload speeds.

How to Restart Firestick/Fire TV

A direct Ethernet connection will improve speeds as oftentimes your device is not close to your router and this is the best way to hard-wire directly to your network.

Or, you can connect directly to an Ethernet jack in the wall if you have these available.

most will likely experience a speed increase through direct use of an ethernet connection if your home provides ethernet jacks in the walls.

Although Amazon does sell its own Firestick Ethernet adapters, the maximum download speed can only reach 100 Mbps.

We suggest an alternative adapter such as the UGREEN Gigabit Ethernet Adapter that supports Gigabit speeds, which is 3 times faster than the Amazon adapter.

Since we’re connecting the Ethernet adapter to the device via USB, it’s important to note that you probably won’t reach the maximum Gigabit speeds.  I personally get 200 Mbps more speed on mine than the standard adapter sold by Amazon.

firestick ethernet adapter speeds

Also, to realize these speeds, you must have a connection that supports these speeds through your Internet Service Provider.

It is important to remember that you typically only need around 20-25 Mbps in order to stream content up to 4K UHD.

Speeds required for streaming high definition such as 720p or 1080p are even lower as most can view videos with only 10 Mbps download speed.

Download speeds you get with Firestick Ethernet Adapter

For those of you streaming from Real-Debrid links, you may need extra speed due to the torrent files not being optimized for playback.

For more information on internet speeds, we suggest viewing our Internet Speed Guide.

Best Firestick Ethernet Adapter

best ethernet adapter for firestick

The UGREEN Ethernet Adapter referenced in the video above is a fabulous option for those looking to improve streaming speed and stability on Firestick or Android TV Box.

It is also compatible with various other devices including laptops, tablets, gaming devices, and more.

UGREEN is a fast adapter that outperforms other options with speeds up to 1000 Mbps.

ugreen firestick ethernet adapter

With the help of an OTG Cable, the UGreen Ethernet Adapter will work perfectly to increase and stabilize internet speeds on your Firestick or Fire TV device.

Besides providing a direct connection to your network, it also provides three USB 3.0 ports so you can connect other devices such as a flash drive, keyboard, or anything that connects via USB cable.

This is perfect for those who wish to expand internal storage on streaming devices that do not have a lot of storage built in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Connect Firestick to Ethernet?

Yes. We show you how to connect a Firestick to Ethernet in this guide using a Firestick Ethernet Adapter.

What does a Firestick Ethernet Adapter do?

Using an Ethernet Adapter on your Firestick will likely increase your download speeds for a better streaming experience.

What is the best Firestick Ethernet Adapter?

After testing several adapters, we found the UGREEN Gigabit Ethernet Adapter as the best option.

Do I need an Ethernet Adapter for my Firestick?

While using an Ethernet Adapter for your Firestick is not required, it is recommended for faster download speeds.

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22 thoughts on “Firestick Ethernet Adapter for Increased Speed & Connection”

    1. so what i dont understand is why UGREEN Revodok USB C Hub Multiport Adapter, 6-in-1 USB C to HDMI Adapter is the right, when theres no connection for eathernet or micro usb slot , (theres only usb c )you cant add it to firestick

  1. With everything going Micro-USB these companies to adapt and do this. I purchased 3 of the OTG cables before I got one that would work and not lose power. Very frustrating.

  2. Troy: I currently pay an additional $15 to my Internet provider for what is called superfast Internet speed which is 800mps. If I purchased the ethernet adapter you are recommending, will still I need to pay this additional fee for the faster speed or can I request to go back to 600mps which does not have an additional fee and rely on the ethernet adapter for the additional speed I will need? Because I can tell you once I paid the additional fee of $15 and got the faster connection I was not bothered with constant buffering. Your thoughts – thank you

  3. What about 4k smart tvs that have Amazon os build in how with this device work my smart TV eithernet port isn’t working I try too plus in a cable to it they just fall out and nothing wrong with the eithernet cable because I can plug into other eithernet ports with not problems and as the 4k max goes I think I have a faulty device doesn’t power up hdmi can’t display anything with it but working on other hdmi devices even tried the power plug box that plugs into the small mini micro USB port then the other USB 3.0 plug into the tvs USB port no sussess even plugged into a power USB port no go

  4. Troy, you made a statement at the end of the video that made no sense to me. You said (paraphrase) … “some people’s FireSticks are far enough away from their router that they need a good Ethernet connection.” (Huh?)
    If your FireStick is so far from your router … HOW are you going to make a WIRED connection?
    I have this exact issue. Live in an apartment where Xfinity could only hook-up internet coax on OPPOSITE side of my Living Room from where my TV/FireStick has to be. I cannot run ethernet cable from my Router across my carpeting to the TV (running along wall is not an option, either … as wire would cross entry to my front door.
    So, short of buying pricey ‘powerline adapters’ (with no guarantee they’d even work … especially with my old apartment wiring). So I’m stuck with my glitchy wireless connection.
    Only way your statement could make sense, is if somebody had convenient Ethernet jack outlets right behind their TV setup! (I do NOT).
    Am I missing something? Thanx for all you do. We all appreciate it!

    1. Hi Gary, when I make that statement I’m assuming that there may be an Ethernet connection that you can connect to in a room or use an Ethernet Power Adapter like we’ve shown in the past to transform your power outlet to Ethernet. What I was saying is that if your far away from your router, your WiFi signal will probably be bad and Ethernet will help.

  5. I bought the UGreen USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter with OTG cable hooked it all together to my 4k fire stick. I plug into back of modem and to UGreen device. I go to network settings and check status and it says I’m connected to Wi-Fi not wired to Ethernet. Can someone explain what I’m doing wrong. Thank you

  6. Troy, We just purchased a T Mobile 5g home internet to cut the cord from Spectrum. Because ADT set up their ethernet gateway ethernet cable upstairs. We have 2 tvs, one upstairs adjacent to the T Mobile gateway and one downstairs in our den. The firestick wifi speeds upstairs are great. Downstairs not so. I want to use a powerline to directly connect the downstairs tv directly to the gateway. Will this work with the u green firestick ethernet connector and a powerline for better and stabler spoeds downstairs or would a mesh system be better.

    1. Hey, Alan, I am using an older Linksys Plek500 powerline adapter to go from Asus router in basement to Firestick 4K 2 floors up. I upgraded from the Amazon ethernet adapter to the Ugreen device recommended by Troy. The old adapter worked ok through the OTG cable, but I could not get the new adapter to work with the OTG cable. I tried with different OTG cables but still no good. Tried adding the external power supply – still no good. While unplugging the usb plug on the Ugreen from the usb jack on the OTG cable I noticed a brief flash of one of the lights on the Ugreen. Slowly inserting the usb plug into the otg usb jack I found the “sweet spot” where all the ugreen lights were on and data was reaching the Firestick! So, in answer to your question, yes the combination of ugreen adapter, powerline adapter, and otg cable will work. Cannot comment on the mesh system.

    2. I have this very set up – using powerlines and the standard firestick ethernet – the one thing to note with powerline adapters is the speed new specs can offer dual band so you get close to the 1gb connect with them.
      Powerlines can be affected by how the house is wired I would recommend testing with a laptop first and try different outlets can get you an improvement.

    3. I posted a reply to Alan Karlin on 11/1/22. A message popped up saying it would have to be reviewed. My reply is still not listed here. Other replies in the Insider will show they were posted “1 minute” ago. What’s up??

  7. Hi,

    You mention that you get giga speed 1000 mbps with this in firestick tv 4k, but firestick tv 4k allows only 10/100 mbps speeds. So maybe there is a misunderstanding?

    1. Hi Luis, correct, the one you buy from Amazon only allows 10/100. This one is different, it allows for Gigabit speeds but you will probably only max out at 300 to 400 as it’s connected via OTG.

  8. In the town where I live the maximum that my ISP provides is 10 megabytes per second, having said that I have two to three TVs playing the fire stick throughout the day and into the night and it seems that we don’t have any hiccups at all if any. I generally watch it at 1080 or 720 for sure. If I know I will be watching a movie later I will simply download it I have real the bread and I will use it beforehand so I am prepared and just mirror my screen.

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