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Popular IPTV Playlist “IPTV-org” Survives Legal Attacks

IPTV-org Playlist Survives Legal Attacks

In a significant move against unauthorized streaming, Warner Bros. has compelled GitHub to remove the popular “IPTV-org” M3U playlist.

This request, targeting a page that allegedly linked to Warner channels such as HBO and Cartoon Network, has led to swift compliance from the site’s operators.

Key Takeaways

  • Targeted Action: Warner Bros. requested the removal of specific infringing content on GitHub rather than the entire site.
  • Swift Compliance: The site operators quickly removed all Warner Bros. content to avoid a complete takedown.
  • Ongoing Battle: This incident highlights the challenges of enforcing copyright in the digital age.

The Rise of M3U Files in IPTV

The M3U file format, which has been around for over 25 years, originally served to link to streamable media files for internet radio.

In recent years, it has found renewed popularity as a tool for video streaming. While the format itself is neutral, it is increasingly used to share IPTV streams, many of which are redistributed without proper authorization.

IPTV-org GitHub Repository Under Scrutiny

One of the largest repositories of IPTV links, hosted on GitHub Pages, is This site garners around a million monthly visits and lists over 37,000 channels.

IPTV Org Playlist
IPTV Org Playlist

While not all streams are infringing, the presence of unauthorized content is significant enough to attract the attention of major copyright holders like Warner Bros.

The site’s maintainers argue that linking to M3U playlists does not directly infringe copyright, as no copy is made on their site.

They suggest that rights holders should pursue the providers hosting the files instead. However, this defense is tenuous, as similar arguments by torrent sites have previously failed in court.

Warner Bros. Takes Action

Warner Bros., through its anti-piracy partner MarkScan, issued a takedown notice to GitHub. The notice claimed that was providing unauthorized streams of Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) channels, including HBO and Cartoon Network, thus engaging in copyright piracy.

Warner Bros Takedown Notice
Warner Bros Takedown Notice

GitHub responded by giving the site maintainers one business day to address the complaint. The maintainers complied by removing all WBD content from the site. This quick action avoided the risk of the entire site being taken down.

The Aftermath of the Takedown

The self-administered takedown was initially too broad, removing some non-Warner Bros. links, which were later restored. Despite this, the site’s swift response preserved its overall operation. At the time of writing, remains online, minus the infringing Warner Bros. content.

Warner Bros.’ targeted approach proved effective, focusing solely on the infringing content rather than the entire site. This precision takedown ensures that while unauthorized streams are removed, the platform’s legitimate content continues to be available to users.

You can read IPTV-org’s complete legal disclaimer in the image below.

IPTV Org Legal Disclaimer


This incident highlights the ongoing battle between content creators and unauthorized streaming platforms. The use of M3U files for IPTV streaming presents a significant challenge for copyright enforcement, as it blurs the lines of direct infringement.

For more details on this story, refer to the report from TorrentFreak.

We want to know your thoughts on this story. What do you think about Warner Bros trying to take down GitHub’s IPTV-org playlist? Let us know in the comment section below!

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