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DISH Network Reports a Loss of Over 270,000 Subscribers in Q4

dish losing subscribers

DISH Network reported its fourth-quarter earnings and more this week which shows the company lost 273,000 Pay-TV subscribers.

This is over double the number of Pay-TV subscribers that abandoned DISH during the same time frame last year.

Overall, this is a large number of customers that are no longer choosing to use DISH’s platform which includes SLING TV.

Sling is a popular Legal IPTV Service owned by DISH that also saw a decrease in its overall number of subscribers.

Sling contributed a loss of roughly 70,000 to the overall decrease of Pay-TV subscribers.

CEO Erik Carlson commented on Sling’s latest numbers stating he expects that this will change in the future.

Sling is a profitable business that will grow. It’s going to require a little patience. But with the platform overhaul last year, we’re now positioned to be able to innovate and enhance the customer experience with new features,

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Many are transitioning away from traditional cable and satellite packages to opt for a more a la carte method.

This is the same for popular Streaming Apps & Services as well which we have seen come under fire lately.

With literally hundreds of streaming options to choose from, many are feeling overwhelmed when choosing a service or subscription.

And, with millions of people now using media devices such as the Amazon Firestick as their main source of streaming, it is likely this trend will continue.

DISH has seen the effects of this with its latest report which shows a total loss of over half a million subscribers in 2021.

You can read the entire DISH Network Quarter 4 Report with earnings and more at the link below.

DISH Network 2021 Quarter 4 Report

It will be interesting to see if more customers move away from traditional streaming methods for new and improved options like the ones we list below.

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