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Danish Man Receives Fine & Jail Time for Torrenting

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dannish torrent user gets jail time

A Danish citizen has been prosecuted for his role in uploading torrent files and ordered to pay a fine as well as spend 60 days in jail.

Denmark officials have continued to crackdown on BitTorrent users including those who run Torrent operations and upload copyrighted content.

It is no secret that Danish Police are at the forefront of the piracy battle as they continue to pursue those who violate online terms.

Authorities in Denmark go beyond just shutting down these file-sharing services as many of them are followed up with prosecutions in court.

In fact, over a dozen convictions have been upheld with numerous jail sentences and fines for individuals involved in torrenting pirated content.

This is no different for one Danish man who was considered a “Serial Infringer” and torrent uploader.

The 37-year-old from Jylland was found guilty of uploading over 242 works on various torrent sites including SuperBits and NorTor.

In addition, from March 2021 to March 2023, he also downloaded 676 media files from the popular website DanishBytes.

These infringements ultimately led to prosecution in the form of a fine of 10,00o Danish Kroner which is roughly $1,000 US.

The individual also received a prison sentence of 60 days which is something that does not always occur with these prosecutions.

Jan Ostergaard, Special Prosecutor for the National Unit for Special Crime noted the following on the conviction:

I am pleased with the sentence, which is based on solid investigative work. The verdict sends a clear signal to all file sharers that illegal sharing of films, music and other copyright protected material can have serious consequences..

Rights Alliance CEO Maria Fredenslund also made the following comment:

High penalties have a preventive effect on illegal file sharing, and therefore we are pleased that the case can contribute positively to protecting content in the future..

We have seen similar instances in the past including a court case requiring Comcast to reveal the name of a BitTorrent user.

Centurylink also received a subpoena earlier this year to identify torrent site users.

It will be interesting to see if these crackdowns continue and whether or not other countries implement the same strategies.

This story was first published by TorrentFreak.

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3 thoughts on “Danish Man Receives Fine & Jail Time for Torrenting”

  1. Why do you all not address the biggest question on our mind when we hear news like this? Was this Danish man using a VPN? If not, why would such an infringer not use a VPN? If he was using a VPN, how did he get caught? Are VPN’s not really protecting our IP address?

  2. There has to be a law to prevent the movie and the music industry from making more money, they have more money than any working John working regular jobs . What we as citizens need to do is boycott those who are opposing the downloading of their files. I like to know what their reaction would be when they realize that their movies and their music has not been selling and no one goes to see their movies.

    1. I don’t have any objection paying for a good movie but if it’s lousy like a lot are, I should get my money back. Guarantees like any other product.

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