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Cost of Cutting the Cord – How Much Do You Spend?

cord cutting costs

The following guide details the costs associated with cutting the cord and the comparison to traditional viewing methods.

TROYPOINT readers and subscribers are typically considered “cord-cutters” who have eliminated the use of cable/satellite television.

Many have decided to opt for these changes in order to save money due to expensive TV packages.

We wanted to take a look at the overall costs of cord-cutting compared to alternative methods to see just how much people are saving.

Because streaming services, VPNs, and more can vary in price, the costs below are averages compiled from numerous options.

Cord-Cutting Costs

cutting the cord

Because an internet provider is required to stream content, we can expect that everyone who streams content via apps and services has an internet connection.

In addition to internet service, cord-cutters likely require a streaming device to serve up content such as Movies, TV Shows, and Live TV.

Some of the most popular devices include the Amazon Firestick and Fire TV due to their low price point and sideloading capabilities.

Sideloading applications is one of the most popular reasons why many cut the cord to access free content and more.

This is often referred to as “jailbreaking” and it opens the doors for tons of streaming options that are not available to those with a cable or satellite TV package.

Best of all, using a streaming device only requires a one-time purchase with no monthly payments or fees.

Right now, the most popular Firestick device is the Fire TV Stick 4K Max which is available for $54.99.

Because both a streaming device and internet service are required for all cord-cutters, we are going to leave them out of the equation.

Streaming Services/Apps

streaming services

In today’s world, there are hundreds of streaming services available that vary in content, price, and more.

Some of the most popular include options such as Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max.

On average, users have subscriptions to two different streaming services for Movies and TV Shows.


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Most of these services have multiple packages to choose from with options for ad-free versions, students, and those with multiple accounts.

The most popular for on-demand content, Netflix & Disney+ have both ad-free and ad-supported packages that vary in price.

Let’s say the average consumer has accounts with both platforms and pays for an ad-free version and an ad-supported version.

In total, these are both under $10/month and are likely used in most households across the world.

In addition to paid streaming services, there are also tons of Streaming Apps that come at no cost.

Some of the most popular apps & APKs include Tubi, Kodi, Freevee, Pluto, FilmPlus, and more.

The best part about these options is that they provide tons of content and are absolutely free to install and use.


Those who strictly use free services will not have to pay any monthly subscription fee whatsoever.

With so many choices, the cost for streaming services can vary amongst users anywhere from no cost at all to up to $50/month.

Average Cost: $17.99/month


Most cord-cutters use a VPN in conjunction with various streaming services and rightfully so.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network provides tons of benefits that help users get the most out of streaming services.

This includes the ability to unblock content, anonymize your internet connection, and protect your overall privacy.

VPNs come in all shapes and sizes and vary in price depending on the subscription and service.

Right now, TROYPOINT’s #1 VPN Provider is also one of the most affordable at roughly $2.50/month.

Many other VPN Providers offer service anywhere between $5-10/month.

For a small fee, however, a VPN will grant peace of mind whenever you are connected to the internet, and well worth the cost for cord-cutters.

Average Cost: $4.00/month


best vpn real debrid

Free StartMail Trial

Those who use APKs, Kodi Addons, and Kodi Builds for streaming content likely also use the resolver service, Real-Debrid.

Real-Debrid provides premium links in high definition that typically play without any buffering issues.

There are tons of apps and addons that are compatible with real-debrid which means most cord-cutters subscribe to this service.

Real-Debrid Setup Guide

Real-Debrid is fairly inexpensive and eliminates most buffering issues which can be a real headache when streaming.

There are numerous purchase options for real-debrid based on the number of days users subscribe for.

Those who purchase a longer subscription package get a discount that will save money in the long run.

Average Cost: $5.00/month


Those who are looking to eliminate cable or satellite tv likely opt for an IPTV Service for live streaming.

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television and is the newest and fastest-growing way to view live channels.

There are tons of IPTV Services available which include both Verified & Unverified Services.

Unverified Services are typically much cheaper than verified services, however, there are some risks involved with these as well.

Should You Use IPTV? – Everything You Need to Know

Prices for these options vary drastically and can range anywhere from as little as $5/month for unverified to up to $100/month for verified options.

Some of the higher end unverified services can cost up to $25/month with budget friendly verified options such as Philo similar in price.

We will use this number in our estimate.

Average Cost: $25.00/month

Premium Options

Besides the generic cord-cutting options listed above, there are some added “Premium” Services cord-cutters can subscribe to as well.

Some of the most popular are listed below.


Syncler+ provides premium features for Syncler users such as Debrid Manger, Debrid Cache Streaming, Improved autoplay, and more.

There are numerous package options available from $1.25/month to $4/month. We will split this to average the cost for our estimate.

syncler plus pricing

Average Cost: $2.10/month

Trakt VIP

Trakt Members also have the option of purchasing a premium subscription with their VIP Package.

This also provides added benefits and helps support Trakt which pays for servers and other costs.

Some benefits include: No Ads, Plex Scrobbler, Android App, Calendar Notifications, Widgets, and more.

Average Cost: $2.50/month

TiviMate Premium

IPTV Subscribers oftentimes use an IPTV Player that works in conjunction with their service to stream live channels on any device.

Many of these such as IPTV Smarters are free to install and use, however, some require a monthly fee.

One of the most popular, TiviMate, has a Premium option that provides added benefits not available with the free subscription.

This is a fairly cheap purchase at only $4.99/year or $19.99 for a lifetime subscription.

Average Cost: $.50/month

Cord-cutters have tons of options available which is why many have chosen to go this route and eliminate cable tv!

We have totaled up the average cost for cord-cutters, however, this may be nowhere near what you pay monthly to stream.

Average Cost for Cord-Cutters: $51.99/month

Traditional Television Costs

cable tv

Oftentimes, Cable Companies bundle Internet service with a cable subscription package.

Both of these can vary in price drastically and depend on numerous factors.

Prices for internet range from $20-$300/month based on service, speeds, and more.

Cable and satellite services are similar with tons of package options and addons to choose from that can add up quickly. lists the average internet subscription price at $65.18/month with many spending much less or much more depending on service.

In our opinion, it is crazy to spend over $60/month for cable when you can have so much more at a lower monthly fee by cutting the cord.

If you are trying to find a way to cut the cord for good, check out our popular resource guides below to help get you started and never look back!

Be sure to stay up-to-date with the latest streaming news, reviews, tips, and more by following the TROYPOINT Advisor with updates weekly.

This Advisor provides all the best cord-cutting tips to get the most out of your favorite streaming devices and more.

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15 thoughts on “Cost of Cutting the Cord – How Much Do You Spend?”

  1. Bob Does it Right

    I just have internet @ $68 a month, OTA antenna for local news and weather… For streaming I have an NVIDIA and KODI with Express VPN… I don’t watch live tv and don’t care about sports… Family of 4 with teens and we have all we need.

  2. Not one mention of data usage. Data usage in my opinion is a big determiner on whether to stay with cable or to stream. Since data plans have come down in price was able to make the switch. Most of the savings come thru not having to rent equipment.

  3. I’d love to cut the cord, but I’m not very tech savvy. I have a fire stick and a fire TV but I’m still connected to cable. I can’t figure out which stream is the best for watching live TV. Most of the apps I have downloaded don’t have any shows that are current. I don’t want to pay for an app and then find out it’s not what I want. Even when I watch the “Sports” app it will freeze up and I will have to go out and come back in. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’m willing to pay, I just want to make sure I get the right app.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  4. I haven’t had cable for years but I just cut the cord for my Grandmother. She was paying $150/month for Comcast cable which included Internet, the issue with cable, besides the price, was the CONSTANT reruns with a new show on only once a week! Now she pays $36/month for 200mbps Xfinity internet bcuz I have her on the low income internet ACP program which pays $45/month towards her bill. Then I signed her up for Sling TV bcuz she has macular degeneration. I could have done it completely no cost for her but she can’t see well so it’s too difficult for her to find anything and with Sling she can talk to her Firestick and ask it to help her find things. Sling TV is $40/month, they just upped the price from $35 two months ago but it really does have everything she watched on Comcast even CNN, which was her biggest worry LOL.

    For my cord cutting I have Xfinity Essentials Plus which is 100mbps and that’s plenty fast enough for streaming even 4K plus it comes with free modem rental. I also don’t pay anything for it bcuz ACP pays the entire $29.99 a month and since I do no gaming and only streaming, it’s fine. Then I pay $18 for 9 months of Syncler Plus which is my go to for everything. I don’t need or like to watch live tv bcuz I can’t stand commercials and generally everything is on syncler within a few hours of airing but I’ve had it up to a week before airing which is awesome. I also pay for RealDebrid which is like $15 for 6 months I think maybe a bit less. Having Real Debrid makes EVERYTHING run so much smoother. For anyone who wants to watch sports I use HDTV combined with Yalla and u can literally watch anything in the ENTIRE world live. So my Grandma pays around $76/month which is literally half of what she was paying before and I pay around $10/month which I admit is amazing! I am low income so I had to figure out a way to make it work, so I learned how to jailbreak everything myself and then I learned the best things to use.

  5. I have Hulu Plus and I’m starting to realize they’re getting to be like the cable and dish companies. They raise there rates every year $5. Started at $64.99 and just reached $74.99 a month. I they have the live tv and all, but I think they’re starting to price themselves out of the market.

    1. Sling TV is only $40 anything they just raised it from $35 a few months ago. I hate live TV, I cannot stand commercials and reruns. Ur better off using BeeTV or Sycler and paying for RealDebrid to get premium links. Everything shows up within a few hours of airing and sometimes it’s shows up a day or week before airing.

  6. We turned off the satellite at 110.00/month and went with an IPTV service. at 70.00/year for two TVs. We were paying for the internet anyway so decided to use it. Do not need Netflix etc. I do have Amazon Prime which is multifunctional so not really included with the price of TV. There are some drawbacks that I can live with. I have been a member from the start, great service and information. Oh, like to fact that it is portable. Can take to the US and connect.

  7. As ALWAYS, this article was very useful. I try to copy this and others similar too share with friends and family. It’s amazing how many folks are so comfortable with the high cost of cable today. “They really seem to think the 100 mps speeds” are the best thing ever. When I get to show my system and ALL its features, I get these awwww’s. Showing the price differences is really sickening to those who love their “100+ mps. Gotta love it!

  8. I would just like to say thank you. In times of distress, Troy point has been the best information I could find anywhere for cord cutting. Once again, thank you so much. Keep up the good work

  9. There can be some up front costs as well. I live in a fairly rural area so apps for local news commonly focus or larger cities.
    I decided on OTA, so add on the cost of antenna and receiver. I my case I bought a Recast and subscribed to Sling for 3 months to get a AirTV deal both are 2 tuner so I can record up to four channels.
    That was a few years ago but that cost would have to be considered for some folks that might be considering cutting the cord right now.
    Also IPTV for the big players, Apple, Hulu, Sling etc has increased and I suspect will continue too.
    Finally, not sure how to determine the cost of Prime, I have had Prime awhile but didn’t get it for the streaming as much as the free delivery, same day sometimes when I lived in Denver but typically two days here. Free ebooks and Music.
    I’m probably about 30 dollars a month including IPVanish that expires the end of 2023.

  10. Cord cutting has become a necessity in my household, prices have been steadily rising year on year. Enough was enough and after getting to know how it works ,trial and error I think I have a good handle on it now.
    No way am I going back to paying extortionate amounts each month.Its a shame nobody has cracked the Internet yet as I would subscribe to that as well.

  11. Thank you for all your help. I have been a subscriber for approximately 2 years and have managed to cut the cord. My savings/month is approximately $150 cdn dollars. Keep up the good work my friend.

  12. Nord VPN, Real Debrid and All Debrid are all I pay for except for $100/month for internet. I also piggyback my office and home phones by using voip phone at 13/month total. Purpose of cord cutting is to save money. You don’t accomplish that if you start paying for every service they throw at you. Right now I’m paying about $130-140/month for what used to run me $670-700/month.

    1. Internet: TMobile 5g home wireless. Since I have the Magenta Max cell plan it’s only $30 a month. Speeds average from 150 Mbps to over 500 Mbps

      IPTV. 2 services. 1 is only $5 a month I got grandfathered in. Other is $25 every 3 months so $8.33 per month.

      Real Debrid I sign up 180 days at a time it’s like $15. So about $2.50 per month

      Paid the lifetime access for tivimate one time fee

      Have had Surfshark since way back when this place was still pushing the other one I forget the name. Always do the 2 or 3 year up front and it’s always around $2.33 a month.

      So total counting internet is around $48 per month with access to virtually everything. Every channel, every movie, every tv show on demand.

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