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Apple Reportedly Working to Allow Sideloading on iPhone/iPad

apple to allow sideloading

Apple Inc. is reportedly preparing to allow the sideloading of applications on their devices including iPhone and iPad.

In a report from Bloomberg, the tech conglomerate is planning to overhaul its system to enable 3rd party app stores.

Over the years, many have criticized Apple for its closed-source policy that blocks outside app installation.

Users can only install applications from the Apple App Store which many feel is unfair.

The company has always taken the stance that doing so prevents its devices from exposure to malware, viruses, and more.

In fact, in 2021, Apple released a detailed “threat analysis” of the outcomes associated with sideloading applications.

Building a Trusted Ecosystem for Millions of Apps – An Apple Analysis

Despite their best efforts, however, it appears that European legislation will soon force the company to evolve.

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) was made to prohibit digital “gatekeepers” from controlling what users can install on their internet devices.

New European Bill May Enable Sideloading on iPhone and iPad

The Digital Markets Act officially entered into force on November 1, 2022, and gives companies until March of 2024 to make the required changes.

It seems that Apple is already in the process of modifying its technology with the possibility of these changes taking effect with the release of iOS 17.

Sideloading and 3rd party app stores such as Aptoide are extremely popular on open-source devices such as those with Android OS.

This includes the Amazon Firestick and Fire TV which are the most popular streaming devices available today.

Unlock Your Firestick/Fire TV Device

Unlike Android devices, however, Bloomberg reports that Apple may implement security requirements for those who wish to sideload applications.

This includes a user fee that would make up for the loss in payments that Apple currently gets from App developers within their app store.

Right now, these changes will likely only effect European customers that have Apple products.

However, the US also has similar legislation on the table that could result in related changes for those in America as well.


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What do you think of the European Digital Markets Act?

Should iOS users be allowed to sideload apps from anywhere they prefer?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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7 thoughts on “Apple Reportedly Working to Allow Sideloading on iPhone/iPad”

  1. Unless I’m wrong, the last Apple TV I used didn’t offer Kodi and any VPN apps. If this became available I would be the first to order a new Apple TV. I’ll watch on with interest.

  2. The Apple TV box is a great device in terms of power and smoothness (absolutely terrible remote) . i got rid of it because of the limited apps. i would have considered going back to it if side loading is allowed but i got a shield in the meantime.

  3. It might turn out to have been better to stick with ? AppStore but we pay a lot for these devices, we should be allowed to manage our own risks and take our chances if and when we want to

  4. If open source extended to Apple TV that would be huge. They produce one of the most powerful streaming devices with tons of internal storage and a clean user interface, which is far superior to the streaming sticks and dongles popular amongst us streamers. Yes it’s pricey, but so is the Shield and other high end IPTV devices. Wishful thinking, but you never know?

  5. As a longtime iPhone/iPod user, I appreciate the sense of security the Apple AppStore provides for the same reasons stated by Apple. However, as a Fire Stick user, I do have an appreciation for side loading capabilities, but I’m always leery of the risk of downloading malware, viruses, etc…. My only hope is that should such malware etc… be loaded onto my Fire Stick is that the damage is contained to just that $25-$30 device and not yo everything else on my network (that’s how I believe it all works anyway).

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