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YouTube is Currently Experimenting with Blocking Ad-Blockers

youtube blocking ad blockers

YouTube is reportedly experimenting with the idea of eliminating ad blockers on its platform.

This comes after a Patron on the TROYPOINT Insider observed a recent Reddit thread that has over 1,000 comments.

On the r/YouTube Reddit Thread, a user noticed a message that appeared when attempting to view a YouTube video while using an ad-blocker.

youtube ad blocking message

As you can see, the note explains that Ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube and prompts the user to Allow YouTube Ads or Try YouTube Premium.

The company has never addressed ad blockers before but appears to be testing this idea as a way to gain more Premium subscribers.

The top comment within the Reddit thread confirmed that YouTube is experimenting with the idea of blocking ad-blockers altogether.

by u/LightCodeGaming from discussion Apparently Ad Blockers are not allowed on Youtube. Is this a new thing they’ve implemented?
in youtube

YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular video streaming platform available today with millions of users that span worldwide.

Unfortunately, we have seen ads becoming more and more prevalent on YouTube forcing users to find alternative options.

While some opt for YouTube Premium, this service currently costs $11.99/month for individuals or $22.99/month for families which is more than many are willing to pay.

Luckily, there are various ways to eliminate ads on YouTube including via modded applications that work on most devices.

Android users have likely heard of the once-popular YouTube Vanced app that was ultimately shut down by Google.

A new ad-free YouTube app has appeared, titled ReVanced that works in the same fashion on Android mobile devices and tablets.

For those who wish to access ad-free YouTube on streaming devices such as the Amazon Firestick & Android TV, we suggest the SmartTubeNext App.

Both of these provide completely ad-free YouTube and are available within the TROYPOINT Toolbox for one-click installation.

click download for smarttubenext

Ultimately, it will be interesting to see if YouTube continues its experiment of blocking ad-blockers and more in the future.

We want to know what you think of YouTube’s attempt to block ad-blockers. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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8 thoughts on “YouTube is Currently Experimenting with Blocking Ad-Blockers”

  1. this app will not install as it prompts me to do a root install. it is an option but I cannot find where that option is in the apk. need some direction here

    1. Yup, I’m running a Motorola edge 2021 and I get prompted the same notice. Until Troy put something out I guess we all have to wait because his word is tested to be solid and trusted by me..

  2. Hi my revanced wasn’t working so I u installed and am trying your current process. But when patching the YouTube.apk it starts but then aborts. Also the video link on your site is not working can you please advise. Thank you for all the great tutorials

  3. Mike Lukacs -First "mike" on the Internet ca. 1975

    I suspect that ultimately if Youtube succeeds in preventing all adblockers it will mean the end of youtube as the preeminent video platform. Most people will not pay the heavy price for their premium service as there are many other content platforms that are free or cheaper.
    Creators are more and more hosting their own advertising content (not blockable) because you tube does not compensate them fairly for the inserted ads and capriciously “demonetizes” them.

    1. I didn’t mind YouTube adverts obviously it’s their income ,if its prior to watching something fine but then you’re watching something every 10 minutes your interrupted by invasive adverts that’s when I switched to smart tube if they lose revenue it’s their own fault greed is always a killer

  4. Vikingislandman5

    I always use vanced as its worked perfectly every time. Only issue with vanced is when you sign in the playlist for music doesnt follow the sign in. Hence, you must re do the music list again.

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