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Walmart Appears To Be Working on a New onn. Google TV Stick

new onn google tv stick

It appears that Walmart is working on a new streaming device that will feature Google TV OS.

After releasing the all-new onn. Android TV Box with Google TV earlier this year, a cheaper device appears to also be in the works.

In an FCC filing submitted on July 1, 2023, there are documents supporting this theory with device specifications and more.

new onn tv stick fcc filing

The equipment under test (EUT) is an onn. Full HD Streaming Device Google TV with Bluetooth 5.0 (dual-mode) function operating in 2402-2480MHz, 2.4G WIFI function operating in 2412-2462MHz and 5G WIFI function operating in 5150MHz~5250 MHz, 5250MHz~5350MHz, 5470MHz-5725MHZ, 5725MHz~5850MHz.The EUT is powered by DC 5V from an adapter.

Hints from the FCC filing lead us to believe that, unlike the onn. Google TV Box, this device will instead be in the form of a streaming stick similar to the Amazon Firestick.

Walmart previously released an Android TV Stick from onn. back in 2021 that cost around $25.

Unfortunately, this device fell short of anticipation as there were numerous issues including the WiFi Chip and more.

Onn Android TV Stick Review

Walmart stopped selling the onn. Android TV Stick in late 2021 and didn’t release a device until 2023 with the onn. Google TV Box.

This device currently costs less than $20 and provides 4K streaming capabilities and built-in Google TV Operating System.

In all likelihood, the Google TV Stick from onn. will likely cost less than the box as it will only support streaming up to 1080p.

This means we can expect the new device to be priced in the $15 range which would make it one of the cheapest media devices available today.

The onn. Google TV Box received high praise for its sideloading capabilities, expandable internal storage, and 4K streaming.

We hope that these features continue in the new onn. Google TV Stick to go along with the Google TV Operating System.

There is no set release date for this device, however, the paperwork for the FCC lists the “short-term confidentiality release date” as December 29, 2023.

Pictures listed in the filing are shown below.

all new onn tv stick

all new onn google tv stick

This was first reported by ZatzNotFunny.


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We will keep you updated as more information emerges about the all-new onn. Google TV Stick. In the meantime, we want to know what you think.

Are you excited about a cheaper onn. Google TV Stick? Do you plan on purchasing one when these are made available?

Drop a comment below!

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39 thoughts on “Walmart Appears To Be Working on a New onn. Google TV Stick”

  1. Hi All, Troy,
    Glad to be here posting again! Have a question pertaining to the original Onn device. For whatever reason I lost my sound on the device. I have yet tried re-doing the device till I ask. Has anyone had this issue happen to them? Very weird, just lost the sound and seems like everything else is working just fine. Oh, also I did add an external drive(32GB). I await your reply before the next action(Total Reset!). TIA!!

    BTW: I do have 2 of the new Onn w/4k still in the box. Just want to work on this one also. Thx again ;))

    1. Hi Larry, the only thing that I can suggest is trying a different HDMI cable and if that doesn’t work, try plugging into a different HDMI port on TV. Also, you’ve probably already done this, try rebooting the device.

      1. Thanks Troy, I tried ALL of the above. I decided and YES, I did a reset and it has sound again. Now, I have the privilege of setting it up once again. No prob. I just love doing things over and over again. LOL ;)) Thank you again for the reply and ALL the help you offer!

  2. Can you tell me why Media Lounge on Fire stick isn’t working it’s not showing movie display on screen

    1. Many movie apps require you to select a default media/video player. It may not have a default player selected. You can do that in the Settings in the app.

  3. I bought the ONN Google TV Box off Amazon for $20, and I think it blows away the Firestick away (I have the 4K Max). I can’t deal with all the ads and such on Amazon, and because they won’t allow users to add a different launcher, or set it up the way they want, it’s just too much of a hassle. I feel that if I bought it, I own it, and should be allowed to do whatever the hell I want with it. I’ll never buy another Amazon streaming device.

  4. Will the Onn streemin stick ever arrive in Walmart UK??
    Fed up with my fireplace 1080p streemin stick. Great now, but it has limitations. Ho hum, the clock is tickin, c’mon Walmart/ Asda we’re all waitin.

  5. Steve Fahnestalk

    I won’t change from my ONN box (which, btw, was extremely hard to get here in Canada). The box works well–we don’t use 4K and seems peppier than my Chinese-made previous couple of boxes. The $20 price was amazing and if I have any complaints it’s that the remote is missing a couple of useful buttons and the USB capabilities suck rocks. But it plays large files without buffering (we have 1mbit unlimited internet, but previous boxes buffered all the time).

  6. Darleen Owens

    I think I’ll stick with my Google Onn Box that I just recently purchased. I’m pretty happy with it. I like it’s clarity, Google TV and how it accepts apps that I’ve jailbroken on my Firestick. It even tells me when my VPN is connected. The price of $19.88 is great for what you get.

  7. I have to say, if kept light, and the user doesn’t have any hardware intensive needs, both the older and newer ONN devices are surprisingly good performers. When you consider their price, they lean more toward great. Personally I really don’t have a need for another device. But for just Live TV and maybe a single movie apk, I would recommend an ONN device when cost is a major consideration.

  8. I’m actually really holding out for Onn 4k box . Bought 1 bout month n 1/2 ago . Havent found 1 since, but really loved it. I gifted it to friends that RV’d out to Arkansas, she called me this wk. Said she found a walmart w/ a bunch of them. Bought 4 waiting for em to drive back to florida so I can set em up.

  9. bill mcdonald

    I like the old oon box better I don’t like the way they put the apps on your sd card the old one you could put apps you wanted on it and i could store movies on it i downloaded maybe in doing it rong but my old one works well for camping and watching movies when the power goes out and I dont like that you have to turn developers mode off or all your apps disappear!They need to work on that.

  10. I would love to try either one. Has anyone been able to by the Onn android box ? I’ve been trying for quite sometime and they just never have it. Does it really exist ?

  11. Recently purchased one from Walmart and I am still trying to figure out how to move my apks to the front. Could not locate any instructions to the remote online. Also had difficulty pausing a moving and being able to continue watching at a late time without starting over. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. To move apk’s to front just hover on app and hold down on the “ok” button. {center button} options will pop up.

  12. I purchased the Onn 4K version and find it to be a very good alternative to the Firestick 4K Max. I am unsure about this new one if it isn’t going to be 4K compatible.

  13. Good morning. I bought the first Onn box, and after having remote control problems, I got the adapter cable with a USB port, and now use a mini keyboard. So, personally, I wouldn’t bother with purchasing another product from this company. Also, it’s nice to get updates for the box. Happy streaming!

    1. I’m having a problem with the volume and mute on the remote, worked fine for the first couple of weeks. Twice now it has went to sleep and wouldn;t wake up’

  14. Dan Smorey Jr

    I have two Onn’s and really liked them, but went back to my Firesticks. Two things that annoyed me about the Onn.

    1) I keep tv on all day. Even while I’m doing things around the house, I can stop for two minutes and watch something. For some reason the Onn will just shut off (both of them). I think its a sleep timer, but the stream “was still playing”. Why would it just shut off? My Firesticks (numerous Firesticks) never do that unless the stream stops or the app closes. The sleep timer applies ONLY if you’re not actively watching something on the Firestick.

    2) I can’t control it with Alexa. I LOVE this about the Amazon Firesticks. I couldn’t figure out how to do it with the Onn. Some sites told me I had to buy Google’s assistant but I have several Echo’s, I don’t want to buy another assistant.

    Thanks Troy for all these posts, I wouldn’t use a streaming device at all without your site.

  15. Michael Fowler

    Well shucks…forget the service mentioned but the old ONN device from ? Runs circles around my 3 Firesticks. No buffering, quick loading, and minimal pre-installed junk from manufacturer. Had it for about 6 months and attached to tv via HDMI just like firestick with a fully functional remote.

  16. Michael Fowler

    I have the ONN “stick” with an IPTV subscription from RAVE tv and it runs circles around my 3 fire sticks. No buffering, instant start-up and minimal Google pre-loaded crap. Attached to back of tv via HDMI just like Firestick. I really like it.

  17. So I had been using the FS 4K. It was hard wired into the router but I could count on it dropping the signal several times every the evening, mostly while watching YTTV. I decided to try the Onn box. 1st problem it is very weak on picking up a WiFi signal so I bought the OTG hardware to connect the network cable. I’ve been using the Onn for a little over 2 weeks and it has never dropped the signal. There is a problem with Film+. Almost every time it won’t allow you to go back. I have to go into settings and force stop the application. So if anyone knows a fix for that I’d be appreciative.

  18. I have the latest Onn box but I’m finding it hard to find the apps to install on it. Most of the apps say that they are not compatible. Waiting to see if this gets better soon.

  19. Stacey Bayman

    i hope they add the option to be able to scale the tv screen. It appears to have been removed in the new on. box released earlier this year
    also they need to figure out the android/data and android/obb folder access issue

    otherwise the box is an awesome device !!!

  20. First off, thank you Troy for letting us know when new devices become available. Reading your article I was surprised to see this is being made in Vietnam and not China as ithings usually are. Once the bugs with it are worked out I may give it a try. Learning more and more about this cord cutting every day with your expertise. TP Rocks!

  21. I have the new onn box that was recently released and for the price I think its great. It’s cheaper than a firestick 4k and at least just as good. I probably will not purchase the one Troy is saying will be coming out soon. I’m fully satisfied with the onn box they currently sell.

  22. I would rather have a device with a very fast processor 32 gigs of memory, 128 gigs of storage, 4k ultra, and wifi 6! I am done buying cheap Chinese boxes! Right now running new firetruck cube and Nvidia shield!

  23. I haven’t even been able to get the $19.99 Onn streaming stick or box over here on the Island ?? of Puerto Rico. They don’t get many here and when they do it’s only a couple and they sell fast!

  24. Super excited about this. Can’t wait to see what all it does. I’m new to the cord ?? ing and TP deserves all the credit in the ? for sharing his hobbies with us. Thanks TROY POINT FOR YOUR VAST KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERTISE.

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