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pcWRT CF-XR10 Dual Band AX1800 WiFi 6 WireGuard Router

pcWRT VPN WireGuard Router

The pcWRT CF-XR10 AX1800 Router offers two features that most other VPN routers don’t which is WiFi 6 and WireGuard support.

Running a VPN on a router provides the security that you need on your network without dealing with device-specific applications.  Anything that you connect to a VPN router can be protected without the hassle of installing applications.

A VPN router also provides protection for Internet gadgets not capable of running a VPN app such as gaming systems, smart home devices, and much more.

The biggest problem with VPN routers has been slow download and upload speeds.  This has now changed due to the introduction of the blazing fast WireGuard VPN Protocol.

Unfortunately, most VPN companies don’t provide the ability to configure manual WireGuard connections but our #1 ranked VPN Surfshark does!  This is necessary for the ability to configure WireGuard VPN on a router.  Thank you Surfshark!

pcWRT sent me their new CF-XR10 Dual Band AX1800 WiFi 6 Router to review and I can say that I’m extremely impressed with this budget-friendly unit.

This shall not be considered a review because I don’t have time to cover the lengthy list of features that the router provides.  The router will be sold out before I have a chance to thoroughly cover every feature.  I’m extremely happy with the VPN capabilities of this pcWRT router and would guess that the other features work just as well.

As of the publish time of this article, there are only 300 units left in stock. 

Below you will find additional information about this WireGuard VPN router and don’t miss the special discount for TROYPOINT fans that pcWRT is offering.

How to Setup Surfshark WireGuard on pcWRT Router

I’m first going to start with the video that shows how to activate Surfshark VPN WireGuard on the pcWRT router.


Backed by a 90-Day Return Policy

Try it for 90 days at your home to make sure it satisfies your needs. pcWRT wants you to experience the difference. They want you to be thrilled.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, simply return it within the 90-day trial period for a full refund.

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pcWRT CF-XR10 Dual Band AX1800 WiFi 6 Features

The pcWRT router is mostly known for its VPN capabilities but it offers much more than that.

pcWRT WireGuard Router ports


Your online activity is recorded by your government, Internet Service Provider, app/addon/IPTV devs and all websites through your identifying IP address

Your Current Identifying IP Address (digital fingerprint):

Stream anonymously by using Surfshark VPN


Surfshark backs their service with a 30-day money back guarantee

Use your account on unlimited devices & share with family members



  • CPU: IPQ6000 Quad-core ARM Processor @1.2GHz
  • Flash MB: 128
  • RAM MB: 256
  • Ethernet Gigabit ports: 4 (1 WAN, 3 LAN)
  • Hardware NAT acceleration
  • One-click updates
  • VLAN: Yes
  • WLAN 2.4GHz: b/g/n/ax, WiFi 6
  • WLAN 5.0GHz: a/n/ac/ax, WiFi 6
  • Power Supply: 12v 1A


pcWRT VPN Router Features


Regain your privacy by establishing a VPN connection directly from your router. Unlike using a VPN from your PC or smartphone, a router-based VPN covers every device on your home network without requiring the installation of additional VPN software on individual devices.

The pcWRT router stands out as the sole device that offers simultaneous support for three VPN protocols: OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard.

WireGuard VPN Router Active
Surfshark WireGuard VPN active on pcWRT router

With the pcWRT router, you can conveniently operate both your VPN connection and your ISP connection simultaneously, without the need for a complex dual router setup.

The integrated VPN server of the pcWRT router allows you to securely access your home network from remote locations. It also offers a secure tunnel for connecting to public WiFi networks, ensuring your privacy and data protection.

As displayed in the video above, the WireGuard VPN speeds are off the charts!

WireGuard router speeds

Advanced Access Control

Whether you seek to implement parental controls on your home network or bolster network security and privacy, rest assured that pcWRT has the perfect solutions for you.

pcWRT VPN Router parental controls

You have the freedom to select from a wide array of pre-configured DNS service providers that prioritize security enhancements, while also having the ability to create and manage your own local black/white lists.

Activate safe search across multiple search engines effortlessly with just a single click.

Ensure compliance with YouTube Restricted or Moderate Restricted Mode settings.

Empower yourself with the ability to create calendars that govern website accessibility based on specific time-frames and authorized users. Additionally, exercise control over Internet connectivity with a single click, allowing you to pause it for designated devices/users and specify the duration.

pcWRT VPN Router calendar

Take advantage of the white list and black list controls, enabling you to manage access based on domain name, IP address or IP address ranges, as well as port or port ranges. For advanced users, there is also the option to utilize regular expressions. This advanced feature allows you to easily restrict Internet access for devices like your smart TV, which may be potentially intrusive.

With the built-in authenticating proxy server, you can enforce distinct policies for individual users on a shared device.

Exercise control over bandwidth by implementing throttling on a per-device basis or for specific groups of devices.

Network Monitoring

Free StartMail Trial

Concerned about children venturing into unsafe online territories? Worried about your smart TV invading your privacy? The pcWRT router offers a solution by providing visibility into the visited websites and associated devices. This feature allows you to uncover answers to these questions and address any concerns effectively.

Access Logs


In addition, the pcWRT router displays blocked requests, which proves useful in cases where blocking measures are overly aggressive. This feature enables you to identify and address any potential issues, ensuring a balanced and appropriate level of blocking for optimal internet usage.

Curious about the biggest bandwidth consumers in your household? With the Bandwidth Monitor feature of the pcWRT router, you can easily identify the users and websites that utilize the most bandwidth. This information allows you to gain insights into internet usage patterns and make informed decisions regarding network optimization.

pcWRT Wireguard Router Bandwidth monitor


Ad Blocking

Simplify the process of enabling ad-blocking for your entire network with just one click using the pcWRT router. No additional hardware or complicated DNS settings on each device are required. Enjoy an ad-free browsing experience effortlessly across all devices connected to your network.

Ad blocking

In the event that the built-in ad block list is overly restrictive and blocks legitimate content, the pcWRT router allows you to easily white list specific domains. This feature ensures that you have control over the ad-blocking functionality, allowing you to fine-tune and customize your browsing experience according to your preferences.

Adblock report

A distinguishing feature of the pcWRT router is that it empowers each user to independently choose whether to pause ad blocking for their own device, without impacting other users. This level of individual control ensures flexibility and personalized ad-blocking preferences, catering to the specific needs and preferences of each user on your network.

Virtual Networks

With the pcWRT router, you can create a dedicated network for guests, ensuring their privacy and network isolation from your main network. Additionally, you can place your IoT (Internet of Things) devices on a separate VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network). This setup enhances security by segregating your IoT devices from other devices on the network, providing an additional layer of protection against potential vulnerabilities and unauthorized access.

VLAN ports on pcWRT router

Pricing & Availability

The pcWRT CF-XR10 Dual Band AX1800 WiFi 6 Router is priced at only $149.00.

Special thanks to pcWRT for offering a 10% discount to TROYPOINT fans!

Purchase pcWRT CF-XR10 Dual Band AX1800 Router

Save 10% on pcWRT VPN Router at checkout with “TROYPOINT” coupon code

As of this article there are only 300 pcWRT CF-XR10 routers left in stock.

Backed by a 90-Day Return Policy

Try it for 90 days at your home to make sure it satisfies your needs. pcWRT wants you to experience the difference. They want you to be thrilled.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, simply return it within the 90-day trial period for a full refund.

pcWRT Router Instructions

The pcWRT routers come with an instruction sheet with QR codes that link to each of their guides.

It’s nice to see this kind of setup guide with QR codes as many times we don’t have Internet access when setting up a router.  The QR codes allow us to retrieve instructions for the various features available on this router.

Available User Guides on Instruction Sheet

  • Initial Setup
  • Access Control Minimum
  • Access Control – Two Profiles
  • Time Control
  • Pause Internet
  • Black/White Lists
  • Ad Block
  • Monitoring
  • VPN Setup
  • VLAN Setup

Purchase pcWRT CF-XR10 Dual Band AX1800 Router

Save 10% on pcWRT VPN Router at checkout with “TROYPOINT” coupon code

As of this article there are only 300 pcWRT CF-XR10 routers left in stock.

This page includes affiliate links where TROYPOINT may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Many times, visitors will receive a discount due to the special arrangements made for our fans. Learn more on my Affiliate Disclaimer page.

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16 thoughts on “pcWRT CF-XR10 Dual Band AX1800 WiFi 6 WireGuard Router”

  1. These are a few thoughts and questions I have on the pc-WRT10 router:

    1. The pc-WRT10 router states it can function as a mesh router on the manufacturer’s website. Unfortunately, instructions are not available in English.

    2. Is there a WPS setup button function on this router? The page of instruction links do not show anything.

    3. If one sets up SurfShark, a data file is prepared on the SurfShark website for a specific remote server location. If the selected location goes down, the VPN fails if SurfShark does not switch to an alternate server. I don’t see where an alternative setup server can be selected and installed in the router.

    4. Will the VPN Safety Dot or similar app show one is protected when the router is using SurfShark’s VPN? I don’t think it will so one would have to have some internet kill switch within the router should the VPN fail.

  2. Trying to setup my new pcwrt router with surfshark 1. The video appears to be for basic surfshark. Does anyone know if another video exists for the setup with surfshark 1?

    1. Hi Lanny, not sure what you are referring to. IPVanish does not have a router. You can install OpenVPN via IPVanish on a router and I’ve provided many tutorials for that in the past. Problem with that is extremely slow speeds as you can’t install WireGuard on router with IPVanish like you can with Surfshark.

      1. Did you forget the Invizbox router you suggested a few years ago? I still have mine with IP Vanish installed on it.

  3. I currently have a router/modem from ATT and by no means consider myself “high tech”, so please forgive me if my questions sound silly. Would I need to purchase a modem for this router? Should you discontinue using your internet providers router/modem or should you keep both and if you keep both, can you switch from one router to another?

    1. Hello Kalea, you will use the same modem and just connect this router to it. Many ISPs provide a router/modem combo. You can usually just connect this to one of the LAN ports on that device and use this as your new router.

  4. I the pcWRT CF-WR619AC also able to work almost as well as the pcWRT CF-XR10 Dual Band AX1800 WiFi 6 Router? Is it a bit slower than the CF-XR10 dual band? I would like to know as my wife penny pincher but we don’t have just us two using it? Let me know possibly if at all possible to.

    1. When using surfshark vpn does the WRT CF-WR619AC also able to work almost as well as the WRT CF-XR10 Dual Band AX1800 WiFi 6 Router? 

  5. I use T Mobile 5G Home Internet, will this router connect to the wireless router through a Ethernet cable? Thanks

    1. Hi Howard you can just plug the pcWRT into an available LAN port on your existing router and it will just add another router to your network. That’s what I do.

  6. Do you think this would be a better substitute to replace my Router Modem from AT&T?? Just asking cause I’m not Computer literate.

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