VPN Company Reaches Agreement to Block Torrent Sites & Log User Data

vpn.ht user logs

A Virginia Court has approved of an injunction agreement that states VPN Provider VPN.ht must block torrent websites and log user data.

This was first reported by TorrentFreak, which noted that the company used to promote the illegal Streaming App Popcorn Time.

Back in March of this year, various Movie Companies filed a lawsuit against VPN.ht which is owned by Wicked Technology.

VPN.ht requested the court dismiss the case, citing that they are not subject to Virginia Jurisdiction. (Wicked Technology is based out of Hong Kong).

VPN Company Request Court Dismiss Piracy Lawsuit

The Movie Production Companies who filed the lawsuit were also able to obtain a temporary restraining order requiring PayPal to freeze the VPN Provider’s assets.

After several months of negotiations, however, the Movie Companies and VPN.ht have finally come to an agreement.

There are various terms that VPN.ht must follow which are sure to raise some eyebrows among VPN users and more.

First, the company must block access to all torrent websites when connected to one of the company’s servers.


Your online activity is actively tracked by your Internet Service Provider, app/addon devs, and government through your identifying IP address.

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Within 30 days of entry of this order, the Wicked Entities are ORDERED to use their best efforts to implement technological measures designed to prevent subscribers of the VPN.ht VPN service from using the BitTorrent protocol with Wicked’s VPN servers in the United States.

In addition, VPN.ht must log and store data for IP Addresses that are connected to a US Server.

Not only must this data be stored for at least 1 year, but Wicked Technology must also provide logs to the Movie Companies when asked.

This is required whenever a user accesses a title or film created by one of these film companies.

In the event that Plaintiffs have confirmed infringement of the copyright protected works set forth in Exhibit 1 to the Amended Complaint (Dkt. 7) by a subscriber to Wicked’s VPN, and upon request by Plaintiffs, the Wicked Entities shall provide to Plaintiffs the log entries pertaining to such subscriber in respect of the claimed infringement.

In return, the restraining order that froze Wicked Technology’s assets will be removed.

Virginia District Court Judge Rossie D. Alston Jr. approved the injunction which you can read in its entirety below.

Millennium Funding Inc. vs Wicked Technology Limited

TROYPOINT always recommends IPVanish for all your VPN needs that has a zero retention log policy so your data can never be shared.

What Do You Think?

What do you think about the agreement made between Wicked Technology (VPN.ht) and Millenium Funding Inc.?

Would you use this VPN Service knowing that they must store your internet activity?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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3 thoughts on “VPN Company Reaches Agreement to Block Torrent Sites & Log User Data”

  1. So Wicked Technology just signed its death notice. No problem, sucks to be one of their subscribers but there are others out there that aren’t going to cave.

  2. I’m almost certain that they will come after IP Vanish very soon. I’m hoping not because that will be catastrophic for cord cutters! A real game changer. What do you think about TOR ? Would that work?

  3. Let’s just hope that IPVANISH does not fall under the same pressures, which is the only reason why I use them for the NON-RECORDING of it’s users and the speed of connections and the privacy of my information. Should this happen, even using a vpn will no longer be safe and the elites have won.

  4. It makes a farce out of the VPN offering, if under duress, some providers are now having to hold records and disclose information to third parties, who under the threat of closure, are blackmailing them into submission. It will be incumbent on all VPN providers to disclose if they are storing and or passing a subscribers details and usage to any third party without the permission of the subscriber and of course if that becomes the case then the market forces will prevail and many VPN providers forced into these restrictions will eventually lose out.

  5. No No I would never use them. I’ve always used IPVanish and I’m so glad i did. The government is trying to get into everything. Keep them out….

  6. I think it sux arse. More greed from corporates. Privacy I fringing at it’s finest. Innocent UNTIL proven guilty? Not spy, and assume e eryones guilt….

  7. Hi Troy! No way would I consider using Wicked Technology’s VPN service. I don’t know how they’ll stay in business, seeing that they’ve got to log and turn over the actual IP addresses of their customers (unless, of course, they don’t tell their customers that’s what they’re doing)!!! I must admit, though, it makes me wonder what’s on the horizon for IPVanish!

    Kudos to you, Troy, for staying on top of these types of developments and sharing them with your base, and doing your best to keep all of us safe and out of harm’s way!

    1. It’s kind of like Protonmail now having to log information and ip addresses. I haven’t recieved one notice concerning the changes. Thanks to Troypoint because I wouldn’t know otherwise.

  8. I wonder if they will refund customers payments. That’s why pay for VPN privacy I think they should have not settled especially give out information on IP addresses because everything against what a VPN stands for thank you so much Troy all the great work you do

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