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Viva TV 1.2.5 Update

viva tv update

Viva TV 1.2.5 Update

Viva TV APK has been updated to V 1.2.5. The following changes have been made according to the developers:

  • Added a bunch of link providers
  • Fixed bugs and optimize

You should be prompted to automatically update the next time you open Viva TV.

Although this is a short changelog, we noticed Viva worked extremely well when testing.

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Currently, Viva is featured as #5 on the TROYPOINT Best APKs list.

To install the latest version of Viva TV, refer to our updated tutorial.

How To Install Viva TV

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Previous 1.2.1 Update

  • A bunch of added link providers
  • Several bug fixes and optimizations

Previous 1.0.8 update


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  • Added sources and links
  • Added Providers
  • Fixed bugs and optimization

Viva features an innovative user interface along with Trakt support and more.

Streams are available in 720p, 1080p, and even 4K High Definition. Give the updated Viva TV a try today!

Important Note: If you are ever experiencing issues with Viva TV, I suggest viewing these alternatives below.

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