TROYPOINT Acquires Downloader AppOver the past two years, TROYPOINT has been a proud sponsor of the popular Downloader App developed by Elias Saba over at

This application allows us to easily install apps not readily available in the Amazon App Store.  Downloader also features a built-in browser that provides an easy way to download files to our streaming devices.

This application can be easily installed through the Amazon App Store on Fire TV devices.  It can also be installed on Android TV systems through the Google Play Store.

Most tutorials on the TROYPOINT Website use this application and this is the reason why we chose to sponsor it in the past.

Last week, Elias announced through his Website that he will be stepping away from AFTVnews and working as a Fire TV Product Manager for Amazon on a full time basis.

Due to our sponsorship of the Downloader App, Elias reached out to us asking if we would be interested in purchasing his Downloader, Informer, and Bookmarker applications.

This was an easy decision for TROYPOINT due to the positive impact that Downloader has created for cord-cutters.

We want to ensure that the application lives on and receives the necessary updates so that it will function properly when future Fire OS versions are released.

Version 1.1.8 was released today through the Amazon App Store and the only changes that you will notice are branding (TROYPOINT logo).  We have not pushed out an Android TV update yet but will do so in the upcoming weeks.

We have a few enhancements in mind that we would like to add to the application and more news on that will be coming shortly.

On behalf of the TROYPOINT community, we wish Elias the best of luck on his new endeavor with Amazon.  This is great news for those of us who are fans of the Fire TV/Stick as we now have someone on the inside that will fight for features that are important to the community.

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