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Popular IPTV Client “Perfect Player” Removed from Google Play Store

perfect player removed

Yet another IPTV software player has been removed from the Google Play Store. This time, the popular app Perfect Player was taken out of the store just last week. Perfect Player is also unavailable in the Amazon App Store.

IPTV Services and accessories have been taking a lot of heat lately. Most recently, IPTV Smarters got the ax from Google Play for the third time in only a few years.

The important thing to note about these IPTV Players is that they DO NOT HOST ANY CHANNELS. This makes the removal of them head-scratching for many to say the least.

In a report by TorrentFreak, the developer of Perfect Player gave the following statement regarding the app’s removal:

“These guys told me that they own ‘Premier’ channels and we should stop transmitting these channels. I answered that the app doesn’t contain any content or channels,”

“They then sent another email with a screenshot, showing that they are able to watch their channels in the app.”

While users can insert their provided IPTV Service within Perfect Player, the app itself simply has no content and can be used for multiple purposes.

With the recent Targeting of Xtream Codes IPTV System, live TV providers and players have been garnering plenty of attention by authorities and more.

If you are an IPTV User and wish to install Perfect Player, this can still be done via side-load. Follow instructions below for installation guide:

How To Install Perfect Player for IPTV Services

Currently, there is no timeline for the app’s return to Google Play.

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