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Pay TV Subscriptions Drop to Lowest Numbers in 30 Years

pay tv subsriptions drop

A recent study from media Analyst MoffetNathanson shows users of Pay TV Subscriptions have plummeted to the lowest numbers in 30 years.

This includes Cable TV subscribers that still make up the majority of TV viewing.

That number has dropped to 61% of households which is the lowest number we have seen since 1993.

The report comes from MoffettNathanson, who has done numerous studies regarding cord-cutting and its effect on standard television.

MoffettNathanson Reveals the Reason People Cut the Cord may be Evolving

This 3rd Quarter study provided insight to the overall decline of Pay TV users as well as the increase in those cutting the cord.

In the US, Pay TV Providers saw a loss of 655,000 subscribers in the 3rd Quarter with over 1 million choosing to cancel their cable plans.

pay tv distribution by moffettnathanson

IPTV Services such as Vidgo, fubo, Sling TV, and more, added 1.29 million customers in the third quarter alone which is substantial in comparison to last year. (42,000 additions in Q3 of 2021)

It seems that more and more people are ditching live TV for SVOD services such as Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix.

This is a trend that transformed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and was already transitioning prior.

Cord-cutting has changed the game with dozens of Streaming Apps and Services available including APKs for various streaming devices.

According to MoffettNathanson, millions of households already choose to skip pay tv options and that number continues to grow.

There are now about 34 million incremental homes that “exist entirely outside the cable network ecosystem,”… and that the total number is 55 million

Many opt for an OTA Antenna for live, local channels that does not require any subscription and can be found for $30 or less.

Best OTA Antennas

It will be interesting to see how this landscape evolves in the future with more and more people diving into the cord-cutting community.

We want to know what you think of the streaming industry and this latest report.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “Pay TV Subscriptions Drop to Lowest Numbers in 30 Years”

  1. Left cable many years ago. Who needs over a hundred worthless channels and I couldn’t see the sense in paying crazy high prices for the 3 or 4 I do watch. I said long ago if they’d give the option of a la cart selection they’d make their customers happy. It’s about the package deal. I knew Cable would eventually lose subscribers. Very few people can afford to waste money these days.

  2. Curtis M. Anderson

    We stopped all cable tv several years ago and use the Amazon Fire Stick exclusively. The only requirement is having internet access which we can do with cable or cell phone hot spots. When a movie opens in the theaters, we can generally watch it withing two days on one of the streams. Of course we use IPVanish all the time.

  3. I have been a cord cutter for approx 10 years now. I would estimate that I save about $1200.00 per year over paying for the cable service I would need time get the content that I want. Let’s send a message to all cable providers, ACE and any other governing bodies, that until they get the end cost under control, and make customer service the no. 1 priority, we will continue to not support their service beyond internet only

  4. I have used Troypoint since the firestick first came out. I love the experience of using it and gets me involved in ways I never would have without Troypoint. They’re my go to when looking for answers on my fs.

  5. I became a cord cutter around 2015 and haven’t gone back since. At that time I was buying jailbroke Amazon sticks. When the stick stopped working I was about to buy another on line jailbroke stick for $80. I started thinking why not learn how to do it myself and save the money. Thats when I found Troypoint. I now have a firestick on every TV in the house, even the smart TV’s, I just like the Amazon format. From about 2018 up I’ve programmed or steered most of my family and friends to the Firestick and Troypoint. I know very few people still subscribing to cable or satlellite TV.

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