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Juice TV and More IPTV Services Shut Down by ACE

juice tv shut down

It’s been reported that Juice TV and several other unverified IPTV domains have been shut down by ACE.

As first reported by TorrentFreak, the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) is back in the news again going after more pirate live TV providers.

Over the past few months, we have seen ACE shut down FileLinked, streaming websites, and several IPTV services including Nitro TV.

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This time ACE is coming after the once-popular “Juice TV” IPTV provider.

juice tv service

This unverified IPTV service claimed to offer thousands of live channels, PPV, and VOD content for as low as $4.99 per month.

If you visit the original domain of Juice TV, you will be presented with the following screen:

If you visit the original domain of Juice TV, you will be presented with the following screen:

Other “Juice TV” domains seized by ACE include the following:


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  • juicetv.app
  • juicetv.ca
  • juicepay.app
  • juicetv.plus
  • juicetv.org
  • juicetv.co
  • juicetv.in
  • juicetvmax.pro

ACE’s relentless pursuit of pirate IPTV services and websites hasn’t stopped with just Juice TV.

This global anti-piracy organization has also seized more than three dozen pirate IPTV domains over the past several weeks.

Some of the more notable pirate IPTV-related domains captured by ACE consist of the following:

  • king-platinum-iptv.com
  • abon-sat.com
  • abon-iptv-ott.com
  • electrotvsat.net
  • salah-sat.com
  • orca-pro.com
  • ottrapid.com
  • ezstreamtv.com
  • ott-premium-iptv.com
  • buyiptv-ott.com
  • estilotv.com

This isn’t the first or last time we will see unverified live TV services/apps shut down by ACE, as we’ve seen these instances in the past.

Mobdro Shut Down

Streams For Us Shut Down

Although this is a victory for ACE and copyright holders, it only seems logical that this “cat and mouse” game of shutting down streaming sites/services will continue in the near future.

Will Users of Juice TV be Contacted by ACE?

It’s uncertain what’s happening behind the scenes with this latest targeting of Juice TV and other IPTV services.

We’ve seen website operators in the past hand over user data, streaming history, and identifying IP addresses.  They’re also known to sell this sought-after information to other third parties.

It’s extremely important to only stream content not protected by copyright and protect yourself with IPVanish VPN.

These website operators & app developers can do anything they want to with your streaming history and identifying IP Address.

Overall, it will be interesting to see what happens with the operators of Juice TV and these other IPTV domains.

We will keep our visitors informed as more news arrives on the situation.

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