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Nitro IPTV Being Sued by DISH Following ACE Lawsuit

nitro iptv being sued by dish

The once-popular live TV service Nitro IPTV is now being sued by DISH Network for violation of the Federal Communications Act and other breaches.

This comes after a previous lawsuit against Nitro IPTV in 2020 from the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE).

nitro iptv sued by ace

ACE previously sued Nitro IPTV for millions in copyright infringement damages alleging that Nitro IPTV promoted subscriptions with thousands of “live and title-curated television channels.”

The main focus of this lawsuit from ACE emphasized Nitro IPTV’s video on demand (VOD) packages and the offering of 24/7 channels.

However, this latest lawsuit filed by DISH Network accuses Nitro IPTV of pirating DISH satellite programming and distributing it to customers at a heavily discounted rate.

One of the statements from DISH’s complaint reads the following:

“Nitro TV was advertised as a subscription-based streaming service providing 7500 high-definition channels, movies and television series on demand, pay-per-view events, and sports programming, among other content, all for a low monthly fee. Nitro TV advertising emphasized converting customers from cable or satellite television services such as those provided by DISH.”

Therefore, Nitro IPTV is being accused of selling illegal subscription packages both directly and through various resellers.

There were also several statements found on the domain claiming to have “over 45,000 customers activated in the last 12 months.”

Something else that’s interesting to point out – there are several variations of “Nitro IPTV” apps that can be found within the Google Play Store.

Nitro TV – Google Play Store

Overall, it will be interesting to see what happens with this Nitro IPTV case and if more lawsuits are on the way.

We will keep our visitors informed as more news arrives on the situation.

Some other previous lawsuits that are related to this story include the following:

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For official documentation of the DISH lawsuit, see the link below for the full PDF file.

DISH Network Complaint – Nitro IPTV


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  1. I tried them 3 years ago and dumped them after 2 months due to buffering & customer service problems. They also did a real hard sell via emails to get you to resubscribe, which I refused to do. Their Home Screen graphics for their app was really cool with a dark background.

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2 thoughts on “Nitro IPTV Being Sued by DISH Following ACE Lawsuit”

  1. dish sues a lot, so how many channels does dish have, that are their own, that are used for IPTV services.May be wise for all these services to not include dish channels, the one or two that are any good at least.

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