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SportsBay and Other Sports Streaming Being Sued by DISH & Sling

sportsbay streaming site sued by dish

SportsBay and other popular sports streaming sites are being sued by DISH and Sling for copyright infringement.

A new lawsuit has officially been filed in a Texas court by DISH Network and its subsidiary Sling TV.

The lawsuit is targeting four illegal streaming websites highlighted by SportsBay, which is visited by millions across the world.

sportsbay website

DISH and Sling are demanding relief from damages and the transfer of ownership of the infringing domains.

The court will review statutory damages of up to $2,500 per violation, which in total could account for tens of millions of dollars.

DISH is also claiming that SportsBay and its other domains have committed offenses under the anti-circumvention provisions of the DMCA.

Part of the complaint within the lawsuit states the following:

“Defendants willfully violated 17 U.S.C. § 1201(a)(1)(A) for the purpose of commercial advantage and private financial gain. Defendants knew or should have known that their actions are illegal and prohibited.”

You can find more legal information on the circumvention of copyright protection systems (17 U.S.C. § 1201) on the Cornell Law School official website.

According to reports, the full list of targeted streaming sites includes the following URLs:


This isn’t the last time we will see unverified streaming sites/apps being sued and shut down, as we’ve seen these instances in the past.

MPA Adding Over 15 Sites to UK Blocklist

Two Major Streaming Sites Shut Down by ACE

Mobdro Shut Down

Will Users of SportsBay be Contacted by Authorities?


It’s uncertain what’s happening behind the scenes with this latest lawsuit targeting SportsBay and other sports streaming sites.

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Overall, it will be interesting to see what happens with SportsBay and these other sports streaming sites.

We will keep our visitors informed as more news arrives on the situation.

For official documentation of the DISH and Sling lawsuit, Click Here for the PDF file.

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