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Is Online Piracy Theft? Not According to These Harvard Lawyers

Is Online Piracy Theft

Is Online Piracy Theft? Well according to Harvard lawyers downloading and streaming pirated content is not seen as theft.

As reported by TorrentFreak, a recent study among 50 Harvard lawyers found that downloading or streaming pirated content is widely “tolerated” and even supported by some.

We want to know what you think of this study. Do you agree with these Harvard lawyers who feel that streaming or downloading pirated content is not theft?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Harvard Law School is an institution known by many for its prestige and credibility in the legal space.

Is Online Piracy Theft? Not According to These Harvard Lawyers

And when 50 Harvard lawyers were asked about the legality of streaming and downloading pirated content, their answers may surprise people.

It’s well documented in United States copyright law that downloading (torrenting) works protected by copyright is a crime.

We make note of this in our popular article – Is Streaming Illegal in the United States?

And when 50 Harvard lawyers were asked about the legality of streaming and downloading pirated content, their answers may surprise people.

However, when the 50 Harvard lawyers were interviewed about digital piracy, they are quite tolerant when it comes to file-sharing. Many even put the blame on huge media companies.

In the study conducted by the Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, one of the lawyers commented the following:

“Although it might be illegal, there is a widespread perception that it’s not theft and some have no issue discussing it in a professional setting: I have spoken with my clients about the T.V. shows that I have downloaded and watched.”

Another Harvard lawyer criticized the current streaming industry and puts the blame on big media companies:

If for any reason, there is a restriction. I think it’s fair for me to download illegally or use VPN to have access to the content. I don’t believe in geographical restrictions on the internet.”

There are several other quotes from Harvard lawyers that can be found within TorrentFreak’s report.

Overall, it is evident that Harvard legal professionals don’t view online piracy as a very problematic issue.

The researchers of this study are calling for a paradigm shift in the industry.

Content creators and media companies should focus more on adapting their business models instead of playing a game of “cat and mouse” with online piracy.

For more information on the official study, you can view the link below.

Legal Professional’s Attitudes Towards Digital Piracy


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We want to know what you think of this news story. Do you agree with these Harvard lawyers who feel that streaming or downloading pirated content is not theft?

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11 thoughts on “Is Online Piracy Theft? Not According to These Harvard Lawyers”

  1. The Hollywood industry is full of fakes and criminals that are morally bankrupt so why not further them along toward monetary bankruptcy? I hate celebrities and refuse to make them rich. Boycott all the weird liberals who think they are the arbiters of truth. These fake humans paid for bail for rioters who literally harmed innocent people during criminal riots. Screw em! Keep streaming free. Even though free, I still won’t watch most liberal actors.
    The other issue is TV used to be free. Actors were paid from corporate advertising. Then the entertainment industry got greedy and along with corrupt politicians they laid cable throughout the world. We citizens NEVER VOTED FOR THIS. So just based on that, a wise lawyer should be able to get a jury to let people arrested off.

  2. I consider this as the airways are free so nothing should be any different. When TV’s were first introduced to the public everything was free. I see some of the same movies being offered for $$ to see when I was a child (74yrs old now.) So why would I pay for this. I was taught the airways we’re free in school. That’s how entertainment started out on TV and Radio so that takes presidents.

  3. I always wonder why Amazon can sell thousands of ‘Superboxes’ if they are loaded with illegal content (?).

  4. I think that if you look at the entertainment industry that we have seen over the past 100 years or so a steady evolution that we ha to go through which is that of FREE ACCESS to the media industry trying to grow more and more money. A situation that asks how much is enough. This is something that is dependent on us as consumers. And in some cases they are taking a product and selling and reselling over and over again and again. Which forces this evolution of media into it’s next faze. And with evolution you don’t know what you will up with until it’s all over and any and all interruptions and adjustments interfere with the final outcome which makes it impossible to control the final outcome. So the less you do the better you can hope for.

  5. It’s already been aired. Before it’s available. Most times the next day before you can get it streaming n downloading r two different things.

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