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InvizBox 2 VPN Router Now Allows Existing IPVanish Subscriptions!

InvizBox VPN Router Review

The InvizBox 2 is a new VPN router that can be connected to an existing router within a home or small business network.

This will allow you to protect all devices on your network as opposed to installing a VPN application on each which is a hassle.  Simply setup the InvizBox 2 on your existing network and then connect your devices to that protected hot-spot.

This InvizBox 2 review was written by Troy from TROYPOINT after using it on a regular basis for one month.  This InvizBox 2 VPN router was “gifted” to TROYPOINT but the opinions expressed here will provide both positives and negatives in regards to the router.

Important Announcement

Invizbox and IPVanish VPN have teamed up and created a new firmware that allows current IPVanish customers to use this router.

Previously, you could only use this router if you purchased the VPN service directly through Invizbox.

They saw your comments requesting this and followed through to help those with existing IPVanish subscriptions!  Way to go Invizbox & IPVanish!

You will find purchase links below for both options.

Invizbox / IPVanish Firmware Announcement & How To Configure Existing IPVanish Account On The Router

You will find the original Invizbox 2 demonstration video and full review below.

New Firmware For Invizbox 2 Now Provides Support For Existing IPVanish Accounts

When purchasing the Invizbox 2, you now have two options due to upgraded firmware.

#1 Use your existing IPVanish VPN account on the Invizbox 2.

TROYPOINT recommends this option due to the numerous applications and extended functionality available through an IPVanish account.

You will also gain future IPVanish VPN enhancements that Invizbox may not be able to serve.

IPVanish provides applications for Fire TV/Stick, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Linux, and Chrome OS.

Invizbox does provide an Android app and support for Open VPN setup but IPVanish offers more applications at this time.

Invizbox 2 Purchase Page for Existing IPVanish VPN Subscribers

Need an IPVanish VPN Account?

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#2 Purchase the Invizbox 2 with VPN service provided by Invizbox.

If you don’t already have an IPVanish VPN account, you can purchase your VPN service and router through Invizbox.

Currently, the Invizbox VPN service is powered by IPVanish and this is why the updated firmware mentioned above happened so quickly.

If you purchase through this method, you aren’t considered an IPVanish VPN customer so you won’t be able to use the mentioned applications above if ever needed.

Yes, the initial purchase price is lower in this scenario but keep in mind that you may be missing out on future IPVanish enhancements.  This is why we recommend option #1 above.

Invizbox 2 Purchase Page with Bundled VPN Service

Invizbox 2 Review & Demonstration

Why would someone want to use a VPN Router?

There are multiple reasons why a person would setup a VPN on a router and I will cover the most important ones here briefly.

  • All devices on said network will be protected without installing VPN apps on each system.

InvizBox 2 VPN Router Near ComputerAs of now, the most common way of using a VPN is by installing an application onto the device that you would like to protect.  But, wouldn’t it be nice if there were no apps to install and our router provided the VPN technology?

  • There are some devices that we use  that might not be capable of running a VPN application such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Roku, etc.

Again, when we connect these devices to a protected network, all traffic passing between them will be encrypted.


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  • Kill switch built into InvizBox 2

Some VPN applications include a kill switch which will terminate the Internet connection if the VPN is disconnected for some reason.  Unfortunately, we’ve found that these aren’t very reliable or they don’t exist in preferred apps.

InvizBox 2 has a built-in kill-switch so we are protected 100% whenever connecting through a VPN access point.

The following video provides a “hands-on” demonstration of how the InvizBox 2 works and some of its awesome features.

InvizBox 2 VPN Router Video Demonstration

Important Note:  This video was recorded prior to new firmware which now allows existing IPVanish customers to use this router.  See more information about this in the announcement above. 

Links Mentioned In Video

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What I Like

Sleek designInvizBox 2 Sleek Design

As I mention in the video above, the InvizBox 2 feels very durable and sports a sleek, modern design.

Automated Kill Switch

If the VPN is ever deactivated for any reason, connection to the Internet will stop for that network.  This is great for those of you who forget to turn on your VPN app prior to downloading or streaming!

You will now connect to the Internet through your protected hot-spot and never worry about being protected again.


Most routers aren’t built for encrypting traffic so download speeds are usually diminished.  I previously provided a tutorial on how to setup a VPN on a router and in that tutorial I also explain how to run a dual-router setup.  The dual router setup is important due to the fact that we would like to use our open network for times we want maximum download speeds.

But, the typical dual-router setup can be very expensive because you need a high-end router to run a VPN.  The InvizBox 2 takes care of this pain-point at a more affordable price.

The InvizBox 2  includes four CPU cores and each one is designated to a VPN access point.  This allows for faster VPN router download speeds.

In my tests, I saw download speeds on my PC above 30 Mbps which is plenty to stream 4K video.  I enjoyed over 40 Mbps download speeds on my Fire TV Stick 4K!  I also connected two streaming devices to the same VPN network and played a 4K video from YouTube and didn’t see any download speed reduction when testing.  So, the device is powerful enough to encrypt multiple devices on the same network while streaming large video files simultaneously.InvizBox 2 Simple Setup

Create multiple hot-spots

I think this is one feature that really stands out.  You can create up to four VPN hot-spots within the InvizBox 2!

This will allow you to create multiple VPN connections through different locations.

Since the device is using a Quad Core ARM Processor, each VPN is designated one core to ensure maximum download speed.

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Example:  you could connect your Fire TV/Stick to United Kingdom and your tablet to the United States.

Pre-configured out of the box


The InvizBox team will configure one VPN connection inside the router with the fastest possible location determined by your shipping address.  This allows you to plugin the router and start using it immediately.

If you’ve ever tried configuring a VPN router, you know that its a hassle.  Not the InvizBox 2.

You will see in the video above that setting up this router is a breeze and everything is pre-configured out of the box.

LAN connection on back of InvizBoxInvizBox 2 Connections

There’s an available LAN connection on the back of the VPN router and the admin dashboard allows you to assign an access point to it.  My download speeds increased by 15 Mbps as compared to a wireless connection when I connected my Windows 10 PC to the Ethernet port on the back.

Dual-band WiFi

You can create both 2.4 and 5Ghz wireless VPN access points inside the InvizBox 2 VPN router.  As of this post, you may only assign one of the access points the 5Ghz band but all of the others will still have 2.4 Ghz available.

The WiFi signal was strong during my testing.

I placed the InvizBox 2 on the main floor of my house and I could receive the 5Ghz signal on all three floors, in all rooms.  For those with large homes, you may notice that you need to use the 2.4Ghz band when you’re far away from the InvizBox 2, but this is usually the case for all routers.

Unique, secure password per deviceInvizBox 2 Password

Each device comes with its own secure password that is printed on the bottom of the router for easy access.  All routers are flashed inside the InivizBox offices for maximum security.

Parental controls

The parental controls inside the InvizBox 2 really shine.  You can setup blocking by time of day and/or device.  The firmware also provides the ability to block by domain or pre-defined category that InvizBox has already created.

I find that parental controls are very difficult to configure in many of the popular routers but Invizbox has made this a simple task.

Seamless Tor networking

For those who want added protection, you can setup a Tor network within the router.  The device will also update over the Tor hidden service when new firmware is released.

I personally don’t use Tor due to is slower speeds because of the multiple encryption steps that are taking place.

If any of these features sound exciting to you, make sure that you watch the InvizBox 2 video demonstration above.

Registers a 1 device through IPVanish

If you’re using an existing IPVanish VPN account, you can use the service on up to 10 devices simultaneously.

The Invizbox 2 registers as one device, even if you have 20 gadgets connected to it!

What I Dislike

When I first created this review, my only complaint was not having the option to use an existing IPVanish VPN account on the router.

As explained above, this has been rectified due to the new firmware that was recently released.

A huge thanks goes out to Invizbox and IPVanish VPN for listening to the comments from customers.

InvizBox 2 Admin Pages

InvizBox 2 Specs

  • Quad cord ARM processor
  • 1024 MB RAM
  • Dual-band WiFi 2.4 & 5Ghz
  • Gigabit Ethernet (1 WAN & 1 LAN)
  • 256 Bit AES encryption

Upcoming Enhancements

The InvizBox 2 team has provided me with a list of enhancements that will be applied to the firmware in future update(s).  Firmware updates will be downloaded to the VPN router once they are released.

  • Allow for at least 2 5Ghz bands to coexist simultaneously.
  • Couple your InvizBox 2 with an InvizBox Go and securely connect to to your home network.
  • Malware detection.  Eliminate the need for security apps on your devices and stop threats at the router level.

Final Thoughts

I personally know the difficulties of setting up a VPN on a traditional router and the InvizBox 2 makes this a simple process.

I would definitely recommend this router as I feel that this is the future for protecting our Internet-connected devices.

Its great having the ability to connect through a secure network as opposed to configuring and enabling applications on each individual device.  This also give you the ability to use your original router as an open network for full speed downloads or services that don’t work well with VPNs.

Its also a relief knowing that there’s an automated kill switch that will disconnect the Internet if the VPN becomes disabled for some reason.

Purchase Options

#1 Use your existing IPVanish VPN account on the Invizbox 2.

TROYPOINT recommends this option due to the reasons stated above in the review.

Invizbox 2 Purchase Page for Existing IPVanish VPN Subscribers

Need an IPVanish VPN Account?

Click Here for Exclusive IPVanish Discount for TROYPOINT Fans

#2 Purchase the Invizbox 2 with VPN service provided by Invizbox.

If you don’t already have an IPVanish VPN account, you can purchase your VPN service and router through Invizbox.

If you purchase through this method, you aren’t considered an IPVanish VPN customer so you won’t be able to use the mentioned applications above if ever needed.

Invizbox 2 Purchase Page with Bundled VPN Service

Read more about IPVanish with pros, cons, and much more in our unbiased review at the following link.

IPVanish Review

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