Increase Storage on Firestick & Fire TVThis post will explain how to increase storage on Firestick & Fire TV.  Since the 1st and 2nd Generation Fire TVs are no longer being sold, this tutorial is meant for those with a 2nd Generation Amazon Fire TV Stick or Fire TV 3.

Unfortunately, these two devices only come equipped with 8GB of internal storage.  Also, they are not built with USB or SD card ports so we can’t extend the internal storage like we could on the 1st and 2nd Generation Fire TVs and most Android TV Boxes.

Typically, when we plug external storage into an Android TV Box, we have the ability to extend the internal storage with that new USB drive or SD card.  By doing this, it makes it easier downloading apps, media files, etc. because the device recognizes both the external and internal storage as one drive.

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NOTE: In case you would want to install unverified apps, this will not be allowed by Amazon App Store. However, you can side-load without using the official app-distribution method by installing a VPN for Firestick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube.

Below is the screen we are presented with on an Android TV Box which allows us to extend the internal storage.

Once I click “Format”, the USB drive that I have inserted will be erased and added to the internal storage, making one large internal disk.

Extend Internal Storage With USB or SD Card

Since we can’t do this on the 2nd Generation Fire TV Stick or Fire TV 3, we must settle for the next best thing.

We can purchase an OTG Cable, which will allow us to plug a USB drive into our devices.  Again, we can’t extend our internal storage with the USB drive on these two devices but we can move files over to it with ES File Explorer.

OTG Cable

OTG Cable

This may be a handy procedure for those who have persistent buffering problems because they can now store media files on a USB drive which is connected to their device.  It also works great when traveling since you can never depend on WiFi in hotels for streaming large HD video files.

To learn more about OTG Cable and how it can help you, follow the link below:

OTG Cable – Upgrade your Firestick/Fire TV

Two of the most popular applications at this time for downloading are Morpheus TV and Popcorn Time.  Both of these applications allow for a person to download movies and TV shows directly to their devices.  They also provide the option to use torrent technology which usually serves up faster download speeds and higher quality media files.

Many people using these two applications on their Fire TVs or Firesticks have encountered the message that their device is low on storage.  This critical error prevents them from streaming or downloading the content they want to see.

The following tutorial will walk you through the process of increasing the storage on your Fire TV/Fire TV Stick by cleaning it and adding an external USB drive.  Within the tutorial, you will learn how to move files that you have downloaded to your device over to the USB drive.

How To Increase Storage On Firestick & Fire TV


Links Mentioned In Video

Morpheus TV

Popcorn Time

OTG Cable

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VPN Install Guides

General Steps Outlined In Video Above

  1.  Delete unwanted apps from device
  2.  Clean folders within ES File Explorer
  3.  Plug in OTG Cable and USB drive
  4.  Transfer media files over to USB drive from internal storage

NOTE: Most apps that you will install are unverified. These will not be allowed by Amazon App Store due to restrictions but you can side-load without using the official app-distribution method by installing a VPN for Firestick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube.