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Google Announces New Chromecast Device With Google TV

chromecast with google tv

Google has officially announced the release of a New Chromecast Device powered by a revamped operating system called Google TV.

Google released this new device during their virtual event on September 30, which was highlighted by the new Pixel 5.

Below you will see one of the first official images of the new Chromecast Device with Google TV.

Below you will see one of the first official images of the new Chromecast Device with Google TV.

At first glance, this may be a true competitor to the Amazon Firestick 4K that came out in 2018.

Since the release of the Firestick 4K, we have yet to see a device truly compete in terms of price point, 4K compatibility, ease of Jailbreaking, and overall specs.

The new Chromecast Device with Google TV is listed at $49.99, has 4.4GB of internal storage, 2GB of RAM, supports 4K video, has a USB-C port, and other similar features.

And with an Android TV Operating system, it is also likely that these devices have the ability to side-load Streaming APK’s, Kodi, IPTV providers, and more for a full streaming experience.

You can find the full list of specs on the Chromecast Product Page.

new google chromecast device specs

The new Chromecast Device with Google TV is now available for purchase on the Official Google Store Website.

You will notice there are two purchase options available:

  • Chromecast with Google TV by itself for $49.99
  • Chromecast with Google TV bundled with a 6 month Netflix subscription for $89.99

The new Chromecast Device with Google TV is now available for purchase on the Official Google Store Website.

There are also three color choices to choose from – Snow (white), Sunrise (pink), and Sky (light blue).

Purchase New Chromecast with Google TV

The release of Google’s new device comes at a critical time as Amazon also just announced its new Fire TV Stick Lite and 3rd Gen Fire TV Stick.

Check out our previous news article below for more information on that.

Amazon Announces New Fire TV Sticks

This new Google TV OS appears to be an upgraded version of Android TV OS, which is what devices like the MECOOL KM3, NVIDIA Shield, and newer Android TV Boxes all run.


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You will notice how the new Google TV operating system looks very similar to the Fire TV’s interface.

You will notice how the new Google TV operating system looks very similar to the Fire TV's interface.

Overall, we’re excited to see how this new Chromecast device with Google TV compares to the Firestick and other streaming devices!

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Comment Below

What do you think of the new Google Chromecast Device with Google TV? Are you going to purchase this device?

Let us hear your thoughts on these new devices in the comments below!

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Notable Replies

  1. Everyone is slating the Amazon Firestick and the changes Amazon is making to block function, and I have seen messages saying that the Google Chromecast TV stick might be a better option.

    Is it possible to use the same apk’s that I use on Firestick on a Google stick and is it just as easy to load them on? I did search for answers to this but nothing came up that seemed particularly relevant.

  2. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    As the Fire OS is based on Android, just very heavily modified the answer is yes. I had 4K max until some generous ppl here turned me into a Shield Pro fan, and I use the same apps.

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34 thoughts on “Google Announces New Chromecast Device With Google TV”

  1. Glad to hear Google has finally upgraded Chromecast and yes I am placing my order in a few minutes. I always liked Chromecast, but it was limited. Now Amazon has some competition. It will be interesting to see what unfortunate experiences pirating will have on the new device. After all, Google has the capability to watch over any android device.

  2. I will not purchase Google TV. What is the difference between the new 4K Fire TV and the previous version? Don’t both have TV Control?

  3. Hello I have the new device. I can download Downloader but can’t get it to download apk’s. It gives a “check your url” error. I’ve enabled Developer Options and checked storage settings, to no avail.

    1. Hello @kooter7337 I just had same problem with mine. I enabled developer options and then I could turn on apps from unknown sources under Settings / Apps / Security / Unknown Sources and from there you can turn on unknown sources for Downloader.

    1. Hi Lee,

      Correct you can side-load 3rd party apps since this runs a compatible OS.

      Device review hopefully coming soon so we will cover that!

  4. Jerramie Mcgough

    I like the interface that it only has one bar for apps instead of two bars like the fire stick but it seems like it only comes with YouTube and Netflix which are both on by Google hence the two dedicated buttons on the remote just wondering if it will be easy to sideload what you actually want on it. Memory seems to be the same as the 4K fire stick will just have to wait and see what the benchmark test show.

  5. Hi Troy, how can you download google crome to firestick 4k tv? youtube will not work on my firestick lately.

  6. I think the UI Will be better than the fire stick,I got so tired of all the clutter on my fire stick ,was so glad when I switched to the shield ,nice simple interface,I also find Google assistant to be better than Alexa.

  7. Seems a lot more exciting and promising then the 2 new Fire sticks. I’m thinking more android options to sideload on this baby. Looking forward to getting one soon.

  8. I want to see what Troy has to say in one of his great tutorial’s.! I have a ? For who ever would like to can respond. How is a 3rd wizards added to Kodi with zanex build.? Thx .

  9. How do the 8GB storage and 2GB ram compare to FS4k? I think storage is the same. Not sure about RAM or how much bloat is taken of the 8gb vs firestick.

    1. Its not like Amazon prime.. Google T.V is just the interface (operating system) used to make for a better user experience while moving around the different applications loaded on the device. It is not a movie or channel network.

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