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MECOOL KM3 Review – Unbiased Review with Both Good & Bad


This MECOOL KM3 Review was written by Troy from TROYPOINT after using the Android TV Box on a regular basis for one week.

This streaming device was provided free of charge to TROYPOINT by MECOOL.  However, this review is unbiased and you will see that I point out both the good and bad regarding this Android TV Box.  MECOOL did not have access to this post prior to publishing.

Below, you will find both an in-depth review along with a setup video to get you up and running quickly.


The MECOOL KM3 is an Android TV Box running the true Android TV 10 operating system.  Yes, there is a difference as most generic Android TV Boxes run stock Android and not Android TV.

Read about the differences between Android TV and Stock Android here


MECOOL refers to the KM3 as an Android TV Google certified TV box due to the fact that it integrates nicely with Google features such as voice control and Google Cast.

As with the other generic Android TV Boxes, this does not support Netflix out of the box but surprisingly it does support Amazon Prime Video in HD quality!


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The MECOOL KM3 comes in two different configurations that you can choose from when ordering.

They offer one with 64GB of internal storage and one with 128GB of internal storage.

The model that MECOOL sent to me was the 64GB “COLLECTIVE” model which provides plenty of storage for my needs.

The KM3 was first released in 2019 with Android TV 9.0 and the new COLLECTIVE model includes Android TV 10.0.  From the sounds of things, if you have the 2019 model, you can update to Android 10.0 through their OTA update tool.

When I examine the specs, the only difference that I see in this new COLLECTIVE model is that it’s running Android TV 10.0 as opposed to 9.0.  So, if you purchased this device in 2019, don’t buy this new model.  Instead, just update the Android OS through the update tool.

I like the fact that they are keeping this popular Android TV Box in their lineup.  It’s impossible to keep up with some of these distributors that launch a new product ever few months.  I say stick with what works and keep making it better over time.

4K Video on MECOOL KM3

MECOOL KM3 Features at a Glance

  • Runs Android 10.0 on Amlogic S905X2, with high speed and smooth performance, which is designed to turn your regular TV into a smart one.
  • The Google Cast allows you to enjoy entertainment on big tv screen through a wide array of devices like a tablet, smartphone or laptop. It’s just tap and go.
  • Voice command capabilities which means you can just talk into the remote instead of punching down instructions. Simply press the voice control key to activate the voice command feature.
  • Equipped with an impressive 4GB of DDR4 RAM which means plenty of space and high-speed performance.
  • Enjoy an H.265 supportive, Mali-G31 MP2 decoding graphics processor, which provides user with professional image processing.
  • 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band WiFi offers dual-band support. It also comes with integrated connectors like USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. The Bluetooth 4.1 adapter is worth a mention as well.
  • Equipped with 100M LAN Interface for unfettered internet surfing.
  • HDR support, you’ll be able to enjoy high-quality and super clear 4K images with the option to add subtitles to any type of video content that you’re watching.
  • Smart breathing light function which flashes red when the device is in hibernation or standby mode. And it flashes blue when it’s turned on.
  • Small in size which makes it easy to place anywhere in your house.

Use coupon code TROYPOINT at checkout for 10% discount.

MECOOL KM3 Official Website & Purchasing Options


MECOOL KM3 Running Android TV 10.0

The Android TV operating system is meant for televisions and it’s great to see MECOOL embrace this.

Android TV is notably found on the NVIDIA Shield and TiVo Stream 4K as well.

Most of the generic Android TV Boxes run Stock Android and the apps aren’t optimized for the TV screen.  Yes, we can side-load some of them onto those devices but Android TV Google Play Store provides access to all applications meant for the Television.


The inclusion of Android TV into its boxes is what makes this device shine in my opinion.  You get many of the benefits of the NVIDIA Shield at a much lower price.

KM3 Voice Search

If you’re a Google Home user, this device will integrate fabulously with that as well.

Google Home

Google Cast is supported so you can easily push the contents on your phone, tablet, or computer to the big screen.

Chromecast Support

Expand Internal Storage

Due to the large internal storage on the MECOOL KM3, there probably isn’t a need to expand internal storage but I still wanted to see if it worked.

I first enabled Developer Options by going into Settings / Device Preferences / About / clicked the Build menu item 7 or 8 times.  I then went back one screen and into Developer options where I enabled “Force allow apps on external”.

Developer Options

I then inserted a 256GB SandDisk 3.0 USB Drive into the unit and formatted as internal storage and it worked exactly like it would on the NVIDIA Shield.  Great news!

From now forward, all applications that I install will be added to the USB drive.  I can also go into each application through settings and move apps to and from the USB drive if I would like.

We can achieve this same feature with the Fire TV Stick 4K but the process is less than ideal.

When I go into Apps under the Settings panel, I can also indicate whether it should run off internal or external storage.  I typically run apps that require more resources on internal storage such as my VPN and Kodi.

Expand Internal Storage on MECOOL KM3

Netflix & Amazon Prime Video

Most generic Android TV Boxes don’t support HD video in either Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

Thankfully, Amazon Prime Video works in full HD on the MECOOL KM3.  As expected, the Amazon Prime Video experience is better on the Fire TV devices but at least it works on this system.

MECOOL Amazon Prime Video

Netflix does not currently work but there are some APK files floating around that can be side-loaded to bring 1080p HD video through this application.

I did try the above APK that I’m linking to and it did work but I needed a wireless keyboard with a virtual mouse to use the application.  The application is built for phones and tablets, not the TV.

It’s important to note that the MECOOL KM3 is not Netflix certified and the above APK is a hacked version of the app.  We don’t know how long the app will continue working.

Use coupon code TROYPOINT at checkout for 10% discount.

MECOOL KM3 Official Website & Purchasing Options

Side-loading Applications on the MECOOL KM3

I used the TROYPOINT App with the Rapid App Installer and installed all of the most popular APKs and my favorite IPTV service.

Everything worked great with no problems whatsoever.

The Amlogic S905X2 processor does an excellent job playing HD quality video, including 4K content.

troypoint rapid app installer

Get the Free TROYPOINT Rapid App with Rapid App Installer


I paired my NVIDIA Shield game controller with the MECOOL KM3 and tested some of the more popular games.

I didn’t experience any lag and the game performance was excellent on this Android TV Box.


The ability to expand internal storage (mentioned above) should appeal to gamers if they run out of space to hold all of their games.

One game can quickly reduce your storage by 1 GB or more.

MECOOL KM3 Download Speeds

I used Analiti Speed test app for the following tests.

I have 1 GB Fiber download speed plan through my Internet Service Provider.

During the WiFi tests, I am connected to the 5Ghz band on my Asus AC3100 Router.  This router resides in the same room as my MECOOL KM3 (approximately 20 feet away from wireless router).

I’m using IPVanish VPN as my VPN on Chicago Server 04 (chi-a04).

MECOOL KM3 Speed Test


VPN On: Download = 58 Mbps & Upload = 50 Mbps

VPN Off: Download = 96 Mbps & Upload = 88 Mbps


VPN On: Download = 66 Mbps & Upload = 39 Mbps

VPN Off: Download = 252 Mbps & Upload = 103 Mbps

Note: Higher speeds on WiFi is due to Ethernet port limited to 100 Mbps speeds.

Use coupon code TROYPOINT at checkout for 10% discount.

MECOOL KM3 Official Website & Purchasing Options

Wireless Adapter


OS: Android 10.0 Pie ATV
CPU: Amlogic S905X2 Quad core ARM Cortex-A55 CPU
ROM: 64/128GB
WiFi: Built in 2.4G&5G 2T2R WiFi Support IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth: BT4.2
LAN Ethernet: 10/100M
LED Indicator: Smart breathing light
Decoder Format: H.263,H.264,H.265,HD MPEG4
Audio format: AAC,FLAC,MP3,OGG,RM,WMA
Support 5.1 Surround Sound Output: Yes
DRM: Support microsoft playready, google widevine L1
HDCP: Support HDCP2.2
HDR: Supports HDR10+, HDR10, HLG and Technicolor HDR processing
OTA: Support OTA update
Certified: Google Certified
Language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, etc. 24 languages
Machine Size/Weight: 100X100X17.5mm / 130g
Packaged Size/Weight: 410X355X282mm / 535g
Included in the box: 1 Adapter,1 Gift Box,1 Vioce remote,1 HDTV Cable,1 User Manual

MECOOL KM3 Smart Breathing Light

What I Like

  • Android TV Operating System
  • Large internal storage for both models
  • Plays 4K video smoothly
  • Powerful CPU
  • Bluetooth remote control, not cheap IR remote
  • Expanding internal storage works excellent
  • Fast download speeds with VPN on & off
  • Excellent price
  • Supports Amazon Prime Video in HD

What I Dislike

  • Netflix HD not supported (not certified)
  • Ethernet Adapter only 10/100M
  • Shipping takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks to United States from MECOOL but is worth the wait in my opinion.
  • Limited support

Use coupon code TROYPOINT at checkout for 10% discount.

MECOOL KM3 Official Website & Purchasing Options


Final Thoughts on the MECOOL KM3 Android TV Box

MECOOL is my favorite generic Android TV Box manufacturer.

I can probably stop calling them “generic” due to the fact that they are now using certified Android TV operating systems!

Would I purchase the KM3 if I was a heavy Netflix user?  No.

Most TROYPOINT followers aren’t Netflix users due to the numerous free streaming applications that are available so this shouldn’t be a problem.

The NVIDIA Shield is still considered by many cord cutters to be the best streaming device on the market but it comes with a hefty price tag.

This is one of those devices that provides many features of the NVIDIA Shield without breaking the bank.

MECOOL sells additional models such as the KM1, KM8, KM9, and others.  I personally wouldn’t upgrade to this new box if one of their other models is working well for you.

The main features that sets this one apart from the others is the large internal storage and Android TV 10.0.

The common question that I often receive is whether I would purchase this instead of a Fire TV Stick 4K.  The answer is yes.  This device can be better customized and provides more internal storage and power than the Amazon products.  But, the Fire TV Stick 4K also costs approximately $40 less than the MECOOL KM3.

Purchasing Options

MECOOL has instructed me to point customers to their official Website for ordering.

As stated above, shipping takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks to the United States.

If you need it quicker, I would suggest searching both Ebay and Amazon but you will probably pay a much higher price if you do that.

When you purchase through our links we may receive a commission of the sale at no additional cost to you.  Your support is greatly appreciated and I thank you!

As of this post here are the prices for each model.

  • 4GB 64GB – $89.99
  • 4GB 128GB – $104.39

Use coupon code TROYPOINT at checkout for 10% discount.

MECOOL KM3 Official Website & Purchasing Options


MECOOL KM3 Google Certified

MECOOL KM3 Setup Video

Links Mentioned in Video

Free TROYPOINT App with Rapid App Installer

MECOOL KM3 Android TV Box (Collective Edition) Order Page

Get Best IPVanish VPN Discount


Do you own a MECOOL KM3?  Tell us what you think of this Android TV Box in the comments section below.


I rate the MECOOL KM3 4.7 stars out of 5

Our Score

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7 thoughts on “MECOOL KM3 Review – Unbiased Review with Both Good & Bad”

  1. William C Calderon

    Hello….link to Mecool website says sold out! Where else can I buy it……not on Amazon…Thanks

  2. I purchased a KM3 – Android 10 version, 64GB. I noticed the remote in bluetooth driven. Can I pair my bluetooth headphones as well? If so, how do I proceed?

  3. I have had a defective KM3 since it was delivered back on September 18 and have had no luck in getting Mecool to replace it. The unit will not start up and MECOOL After-sales Customer Services has done nothing but give me the run around about burning new firmware even though I have reported errors to them every time I tried to follow their cryptic instructions. I am fairly convinced that I am out the hundred bucks I paid for this brick, but have opened a dispute with PayPal to try to get my money back.

    Stick with American sellers so you have some chance at support after you buy. It is generic China manufactured hardware with Mecool firmware loaded on it. After purchase support is limited to non-existant.

  4. I bought the Mecool KM3 and liking it very much! Need help, the Kodi Build Blue Luxury link does not work. It keeps saying the file’s not there, check my internet connection. The internet is working, cause IPVanish is working. I even tried turning IPVanish off, still not working. I type in… http://luxurywizard.space/luxury/ Please help

      1. Hi! Thanks for answering me so fast. yes, I’m now using No Limits, it’s pretty cool. I just wanted to try the Blue Luxury just to see how it worked. Hey, also, I understand about builds, but not add-ons. I wanted to add the add-on, KordKutters to no limits. It said it was installed, but can’t find it? I’m so new at this and trying to understand all this.

        Again, THANK YOU for your help!

  5. I’ve had mine for a couple of weeks. I cannot get Chromecast to work. The device is not detected by Google Home. Tried to use YouTube TV. The App loads but the videos won’t play. I decided to do a factory reset. The instructions are minimal and it took me a week to figure out how to do it. Finally figured it out and the Chromecast and YouTube TV still do not work. This thing is useless except for surfing YouTube videos.

    Unless someone knows how to fix this stuff, I’m going back to my Amazon Fire TV Stick.

  6. Hi, can anyone tell me how to install a browser like Google Chrome? Can’t seem to install it.

    1. Also, Puffin browser is NOT working. It’s like it gets locked in a loop. Starts to open, then shuts down, starts to open, then shuts down, over and over again! Have to go to home settings and force close it.

    2. Hello Deborah Peake. You can install any browser through the Google Play Store or the Aptoide TV app. Go to troypoint.com and he will tell you how to do it.

  7. Hi, great installation video Troy but I am baffled over two points.
    Firstly how do I get into Google as my browser, secondly, why can’t I download apps from the Playstore which I have on all my other devices?
    Any suggestions from anyone!!

    1. Hello Peter, you can sideload Google Chrome if you would like but I just use Puffin Browser instead as it is available through Play Store and it works well with remote. Assuming that Google Browser is available in Aptoide which you can install directly through TROYPOINT App by way of Rapid App Installer. Not all apps are in Google Play store for Android TV as they aren’t compatible with remote. This isn’t the same OS as stock Android which is found on phones and tablets. This is Android TV. You can read about the differences here – https://troypoint.com/android-tv-box/

  8. After pausing a video using the OK button and then the pause/play symbols from the resulting menu is there a way to cancel the menu so that it isn’t displayed for the remainder of the video?


    Hi,I’ve bought KM3/128GB .Download speed on Ethernet is very steady 95.
    I have subscription Prime which works fine but my IPTV buffers constantly.
    Also Cinema & all other sideloaded apps buffer & can’t even get them to load.
    The KM3 is right next to my router.
    I have a 4k Firestick close by and everything,IPTV & all Rapid App apks work perfect.
    Any ideas anyone ?

  10. Had mine for 3 weeks now.Love it ,but today the EPG would not come up.Is anyone else having this issue?

    1. Hi Doug, this has nothing to do with the box. More than likely something going on with your IPTV provider. Try going into settings and update your EPG.

  11. I watched your set up video and it is working very well…thank you for the video. It would have taken a lot longer to set up without the video

  12. Based on your recommendation, I picked this up. Im used to using Seren and Fen on my firestick on Kodi. Id love to have the same streaming tech (Paid RealDebrid and Premiumize on board), but without the Kodi running sometimes. I dont download and save any torrents other than what gets saved on their cloud platforms to stream to me. As I understand it, having my VPN running would be a redundancy…right? what should I look at similar to Seren and Fen that I can load, standalone? Newish to this-moderate tech skills. Have TP RapidApp installer, Downloader , Filelinked, and the stock MeCool KM3 apps.

    You mentioned using both 5K and 2.4 K simultaneously…WiFi 2T2R… that one is unclear to me-Is that something that needs configured manually? It found an locked on to my 5k Signal from my TPLinc AC2300.
    Thanks in advance! Loving it so far without a 4k bigscreen at @1020k. You Rawk, Troy!

  13. I bought two KM3 with the discount code and so far little dissatisfied. The hassle with Netflix is one thing, disney plus is part of the google play store but the english audio is not working. Only does spanish and the audio story telling option. It’s really frustrating cause I bought it for movie watching experience and it’s good specs but can’t use it. I tried contacting the vendor but I already attempted the apk updates with no change. I was told from the vendor I was getting ba wireless keyboard because my package was on delay for like three weeks and when I email them that I received the boxes and no keyboard, they don’t acknowledge the keyboard shipment. Just unhappy with the experience.

    1. Thanks Manny. Please note that I did indicate in the review that you should not purchase this box if you use Netflix. I will reach out to MECOOL about this audio issue as it seems like this is the biggest complaint so far. Sorry to hear you don’t like it. Just curious, did you order this directly from MECOOL? I want to ensure that you got the proper device and not some refurbished devices. Thanks Manny.

      1. I am not upset with you. You do well on your recommendations and reviews. I did purchase directly from this post with the code. I just wanted to let you know how the experience was with the vendor. The KM3 was already on Android 10. I don’t believe it was refurbished buy I will double check. Thank you for replying!

  14. My one running ok no issues only gripe is that the only way to turn it off is to disconnect the power lead, the remote button only puts it into hibernation

  15. Hi, I purchased the KM3 (using discount cod) and received it today. I followed your setup guide to get me started.

    Q: Can I use ATV Launcher Pro and have it automatically load (default)? Default for other apps?

    When box boots, it’s to the KM3 screen. I searched through the settings and could not find a way. Also, it took some work but I kind-of backdoor(ed) into showing a wallpaper on ATV.

    1. Hi Flynn, I haven’t tried the launcher as I like Android TV launcher better. But, you can definitely try yourself and see if it works. If not, just uninstall it.

  16. Not super impressed with km3. Having audio issues too. Fire stick a lot better.
    When running firestick volume is up and positive. Mecool you have to crank volume to hear. Went through all settings, plus brand new samsung top of line TV. Some apps can’t get sound. Not sure i would recommend

    1. Hi Mike, regarding your comment about us not posting, that isn’t the case. My writers leave comments in que that they want me to reply to and if I’m working on tutorials, I will get to them when I get to them. What apps are you having problems with? Some have posted solutions to their problems in the comments of this post. I personally haven’t had any problems but I don’t use any of the paid services either.

  17. I just went to their website.
    Support: Q: If I don’t like your box may I return it for a refund?A:If it’s quality related, Yes, you can ask for a refund minus shipping costs if you return the box within 7 days of the delivery date. You are responsible for the return shipping costs. The packaging must be in mint condition, otherwise a restocking fee will be applied.

    It took more than 7 days to figure how to properly use the box. I guess I’ll have to eat it.

    Anybody want to buy the box I have?

  18. box works well does anybody know if you can power off box without original remote bought ipazz port mini keyboard so I could turn on tv and use use volume synced tv works fine but I cant shutoff without original remote any help would be appreciated

    1. Gonzalo Alcaraz Garay

      Hi team, I would like to purchase this box I want that this box/MECOOL K3 is a subtitles/English supported. Due to my impaired hearing I am very eager to purchase a TV Box with all movies are viewed with a subtitles whatever the pric.

      I purchased Superbox with built in IPTV, I purchased firetv 4k with subscription of TITAN IPTV, HUTV, KEMO SAT but all movies are not subtitles supported when I viewed unlik third parties APKs movies like CINEMA have choices of subtitles.

      Please TROY help me to find a device that subtitles is not a problem and I will immediately purchase it at anytime.

      I appreciated your kind advise on troubleshooting and I need also your kind advise on right TV Box purchase with subtitles support.

      Best regards,
      Gonzalo Garay – Manila, Philippines

      1. Hello Gonzalo the subtitles don’t have anything to do with the actual box. It all depends on what application you’re using. Most apps have support for subtitles. When you go to play a movie in Cinema HD you are prompted whether you would like to play movie with subtitles. If you click Subtitles you can then download the subtitle file and it should work. If not, you can load subtitles directly through MX Player as I show in this video here – https://troypoint.com/opensubtitles/

    1. Hello Joe, click the OK button and once you do that, the bar at the bottom should appear then you can click the pause button on that bar. Same thing to resume playback.

  19. Hi Troy I bought the km3 128gb, the issues I’m having is with sound like on peacock some shows you can hear and others are like no sound at all.
    prime video no sound at all. Just wondering what ya think.

    1. Had the same problem with Peacock and finally figured it out. When you have a show running on Peacock, hit the center button on the remote and a menu will open on the bottom of the screen, arrow over to the left towards the “i” icon there is a small box-like icon next to it, click on that icon to open a language menu, there should be “2” English tags, click on one and see if the audio turns on, if not the return to that menu and click on the other English button. Then you should hear the audio. Same thing may happen with some movies on Prime.

  20. Remote control issue. When in Cinema or Cyberflix, trying to search using the remote voice command does not work. The voice command on the app (little microphone icon) does nothing, no search results. Any ideas of settings etc. Thanks again Troy and community.

  21. MECOOL KM3
    its junk comes preloaded you cant
    add downloads
    not chrome/mobdro/
    that’s not any good
    if you can’t download
    any apps you can use

    1. Hugh, I replied to your email as well and obviously you never watched the setup tutorial above. Yes, you can install everything that you mention in your list but first you need to install Downloader and provide permissions for it to install.

  22. Hi Troy, purchased the ME3 box and I really like it. Used the Rapid Installer for most of the apps I’ve installed. The box didn’t come with server portals, so I purchased the STB Emulator from the google play store, installed and followed the instructions to load IPTV channels from my supplier tried to execute the download. Up pops this screen asking for Authentication (Login & Password) which I’m assuming is from google. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Trying to contact google is impossible. Thanks James

  23. Hi Troy.
    Love my mecool so far. Only issue I have is the audio. Sound goes up & down. Set it to Pmi as support suggested but still have same issue. Can you help with the audio setting?

  24. I do everything the video says and I keep getting unknown error check URL
    I cant seem to load anything that isnt in the google play store

    1. Hi Ric, more than likely you haven’t turned on Unknown Sources for the Downloader App. I show how to do that in the video above. Settings / Apps / Security & Restrictions / Unknown Sources / turn on Unknown Sources for Downloader and TROYPOINT App if installed. You now need to do this for each app that can install, it is different than Android 8 and below.

      1. I have it turned on, its hit or miss if it will download and install apps. and it’s constantly locking up requiring a reboot and sometimes disconnect the power. it does have this constant bug at the bottom wanting me to install some ebook app but I ignore it. it lets me watch one movie or show then it will lock up or go into some game ad loop I cant get out of. It may have been used. is there a way of clearing the entire set to maybe factory? I cant find it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled apps with no help, I ran the virus can fron troy point and it said catmouse has a virus so I uninstalled it permanently. this yours have ads preinstalled? Im getting frustrated, because I gave my sister my firestick when this mk3 arrived and now I only have utube that works consistently

        1. Hi Ric, yes you can reset to factory default settings under Settings / Device Preferences / About / Factory Reset I would definitely try that. Regarding ads, no there aren’t any on the launcher but most apps do serve ads.

  25. Troy, I am in the UK and I have the new KM3 box and it’s all set up as per your video and works great… apart from the audio. On my firestick I had the audio coming through my SONOS sound bar and the tv sound was off. But I cannot get the KM3 to just put sound through my sound bar… when using the KM3 controller the telly volume going up and down.. the KM3 box doesn’t seem to sinc with the sound bar to operate it… firestick did… last thing is if I use your MX player on my IPTV the up and down button operates the volume and not change the channels ?/

    1. Hi Mark, no unfortunately, the remote will not control other devices like the Fire TV models do. The MX Player issue has to do with Android 10 and it isn’t currently updated for that unfortunately.

    2. Troy, thanks for the update on the KM3blur tooth controller.. makes sense. Are you able to help me out with the Sonos sound bar issue. Again the firestick and LG TVworked perfect on my Sonos, but the KM3 seems to alter the settings and I get sound from the tv and sound bar… just want sound from sound bar… anything I can do.

      1. Hi Mark, sorry I don’t have a soundbar to test with this. I would suggest going into Settings / Advanced Settings / Audio Output and see if you can do something in there to make this work. I would also dig around in your audio settings on your television and see if there is anything that you can do in that location as well.

        1. Troy, I now have everything working on my new KM3 box, sound bar is now up and running… so my hopefully last question is what game controller should I buy so I can play the games on this box.. I guess it’s a blue tooth controller, but any idea what one.. I have a steel series controller but it doesn’t work with the KM3 BOX..any suggestions would be great.. thanks. Mark

          1. Hi Troy, any suggestions on what controller I should buy that will work with the KM3 to play the app games you can download onto KM3 box

            1. Hello Mark, most Bluetooth gamepads should work. Or, even a wired USB controller. I use the NVIDIA Shield gamepad as that came with my device awhile back and I just use that on all of these boxes.

  26. Based on your review, I ordered the 128gb KM3. Received it and it crashed right after connecting to WiFi and now hangs up at the spinning colored circles during boot up. Waiting for Mecool to get back to me about a replacement unit. Not a great experience for me.

    1. Hi Rick, please let me know if they don’t take care of you quickly on this. Haven’t heard of any other problems such as yours so more than likely you just got a bad unit.

      1. They respond the next day, but have not been very helpful. The asked me for a movie of it starting up and the number on the bottom of the unit. Responded the next day with a link to suggested firmware to try and instructions for another model. I had already tried to download the firmware from their support page and upgrade it via the recovery mode. Not very clear instructions from their email and the files they sent me to were rar format rather than zip. Emailed them back everything I tried and that it keeps reporting I/O errors and will not install the new firmware. Hopefully they will send me a replacement unit now.

      2. Over a week since I identified the problem to them and I am no closer to a replacement for the defective unit they sent me than I was the day I received my KM3. Last communication from them was on the 24th saying someone from their tech team would follow up and help. Not looking very hopeful for any effort to send me a working unit in a timely manner. May be a great TV Box, but after sale support is very poor. I guess I am just out a hundred dollars because I bought directly from them. BUYER BEWARE.

        1. Hi Rick, I can help you with this. Please send me email to [email protected] with your name in all caps in subject line so I don’t miss it. Please provide all of your order information so I can reach out to them on your behalf.

          1. Thank you for the offer of help. They responded to me and asked that I send them a video to demonstrate that it is the unit from the order that has the problem. I asked them to tell me what they need to see and I will send what they specifically need to see. The are shutdown from now through October 7th for the National Day holiday. I think the language difference is a big part of the problem, at least on my end. I’ll let you know how things are going after their holiday is over.

  27. Troy I purchased a mecool got it setup and after a while it started it buffer,so i purchased a small fan for it, turned mecool upside down plugged it in mecool and placed the fan on it no more buffering.

  28. I ordered my KM3 on 9/2, still waiting. I live in the US. Checking to see how long it took for others to get theirs. The tracking info MECOOL provides is not very useful.

    1. Hi Troy I purchase the Mecool box and so far so good I have a question do you have to clear the cash and. . Foce stop Any apps that is running like the 4 K stick

      1. Hi Randy, due to the better system resources on this box, I haven’t touched any of that and have had no problems. This is the primary box I am now using in my office and it is running great.

  29. Hi Troy had my km3 for a week now having trouble getting a decent download speed I use up vanish any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  30. Hi Troy,
    When I first used your link to purchase a Mecool, I ordered the most expensive option, with the most memory. This was maybe 8 or 12 weeks ago. And I received a KM1.

    Now only a few weeks later, with your same link people are receiving a KM3. I tried to upgrade my unit with with the “update” option, and the message I receive is that I am “already” using the most recent update download.

    So, my question is, how did I end up receiving a KM1 instead of a KM3 in a matter of just a few weeks of time elapsed?

    Am I stuck with my new KM1, or is there some other way to “flash” the KM1 firmware so that it becomes a KM3 configuration?

    1. Hi Don, this is a different review. I did a review of the KM1 approximately 3 months ago and now this is one for the KM3. Both of them are almost identical so you aren’t missing out on anything. The setup video above should work exactly as stated on your KM1.

  31. Box works well had issues with audio as well changed to uk English works fine only problem is can’t operate tv with km3 remote have no problem with fire cube
    Does anybody have same problem

      1. i wanted to use remote to turn tv on and off plus volume control Would you suggest I buy ipazz mini remote

        1. I use just my TV remote for power/volume… I leave the KM3 volume on high (0db)…. then use either TV or Amp volume controls.

  32. I didn’t use this particular android box but another new one with the same OS and specs. I am not impressed. I think the Fire Stick 4K’s that I use are a better choice and much easier for novice users that don’t want to spend a lot of time watching tutorials or researching what to do to simply watch content. The so-called “Latest and Greatest” isn’t always the best choice.

    1. Thanks for comment Jeff. Please tell us which device you tried? Most Android TV Boxes come with generic Stock Android which doesn’t compare to true Android TV which this box has.

      1. Hi Troy.


        This is the one I got from amazon. It may not be up to snuff, compared to the KM3. I was excited to get it but afterwards, I decided my Fire Stick 4K delivers just as good or better quality and is much simpler to set up and use. I received it this past Friday, spent a day and a half messing with it, then packaged it back up to return it. I’m sure other people will be able to adapt and figure it out better than I can but, because of deficits caused by multiple strokes, I need to keep things simple and easy to understand and do. That’s why I’m sticking with my 4K’s. I’m not like a brand new computer running the latest OS. These days I’m more like a Commodore 64.

        1. Thanks Jeff. Yeah, yours is running on stock Android which isn’t Android TV. This makes a huge difference in ease of setup. Android TV is built for the TV experience where these other boxes come with stock Android that are built for phones and tablets. I call those “generic Android TV Boxes”. The manufacturers simply installs a launcher that kind of works with the various apps but not nearly as good as Android TV. I doubt that I will even bother reviewing the generic boxes anymore due to many complaints like the one that you made regarding yours. Here is an article that goes through this difference in depth – https://troypoint.com/android-tv-box/

          1. Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to set me straight on my apparent error in choosing this box. I’m getting very good results with FS 4K’s and I should probably simply stick with what is working for me and give the experimenting a rest for now. I appreciate the time and effort you put in to helping out everyone. You have taught me a lot. I just want to say “thank you”.

  33. I am currently using an H96 pro and find that at certain times I get a lot of lag and buffering when watching my iptv I have 150 mb download with 15 mb upload I was considering on changing my box and purchasing this one any thoughts if that would change my issues with my iptv service , my kodi works great no lag or buffering of any kind any help or comments would be appreciated

  34. As always VERY informative, very thorough and very Honest! Troy! “ You Da Man Brother “!! Thanks for ALWAYS being here with the answers Man ! Mike

  35. After setting up my new Mecool KM3-10, I have a couple problems I can’t figure out how to resolve. Prime Video plays okay with video but No Sound coming thru. Same thing with Peacock, video but no sound. All other apps installed work well with video and sound. Anyone have any ideas as to why Prime and Peacock have a sound problem?

    1. I have the same problem. No audio on Disney+, Prime Video, HBO max. Hulu worked fine.
      I had to go into audio while playing a movie on Peacock and select the other English option to get the audio to work.

      1. Mike, Thanks for the tip on changing the language choice. Changed mine from English (US) to English (UK) and now both Peacock and Prime have audio

        1. Ray and Mike, can you guys please help a bit more on this? Do you guys live in the UK? Any additional information on this would be great. This is very strange. Thanks for your solution on this Mike and thanks for replying back that this worked, Ray!

      2. Update: I moved the Mecool box to my main TV, which is a Samsung 4K tv, and now the sound on all channels work.
        After Troy tested the channels and the audio worked. I decided to switch tv’s to see if that made a difference. The first tv was an older Vizio, which had the audio problems with the KM3. The second tv was a 5-year-old Samsung 4K tv, which had no problems with the audio.
        Everything now works great!
        Thanks to Troy for his informative input and help!

    2. Hello Guys, regarding audio problems, I just tested both Peacock and Amazon Video again and audio works fine on both for my KM3. Here is a picture of what the settings look like in audio on my device. I got to this by going into Settings / Advanced Settings / Audio Output. I would suggest making sure that Digital Audio Format is set to AUTO. That should be default though as I haven’t changed anything in this area. Adjusting some of the other settings on there may help as well depending on the type of television that you have. I haven’t experienced any audio problems whatsoever on mine so far and I’ve tested a lot of different apps.

      1. Lost the audio again on Prime and tried different thing to get it back with no luck. No problem with peacock. All settings same as your screen shot. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling app, clearing cache, powering off and then restarting. Turn on prime and no sound. Guess I’ll just have to hook up my firestick 4k and use that for running Prime. Just seems pretty strange that Prime is not playing Audio when show is working.

        1. Hi Ray, I commented in other thread as well. Maybe try using a different HDMI cable. I doubt that this would have any impact though. I would also suggest trying on a different TV to rule that out as well.

  36. Thank you Troy.
    Just got mine ,ordered 9/8 and got 9/15.working
    Runs Cool,but since I have this set up .using Android box with a heat sink fan built in ,that I use in boxes that run hot,I just can’t believe this thing runs cold.
    I got the 128 .
    Should be as good as NVIDIA.
    Since I use Amazon remote on the NVIDIA,I only can use it here.It works.

  37. I finally got Cinema installed on the MECOOL KM3. But why are there so many ads? I did not have this problem with my Firestick 4k.

      1. You would figure someone might know how to resolve the issue? TROY! Where are you when we need you?

    1. Ads on Cinema ? I’m the same there are zero ads on my Firestick ? I am NOT a fan of Ads so if the MECOOL has ads with add ons like Cinema etc? I’m having 2nd thoughts ? My Firestick 4K with an OTG cable and a Sandisk 512 SD card is the best I’ve found. I also bought a small USB hub with 3 ports. I have my remote/keyboard combo hooked to one USB my 512 SD card and a free port open for anything else! This runs everything and FAST! It runs everything HD 4K it needs too. I appreciate ALL if your guys input! Think I will buy another Firestick for the living room ? As I just told my cable company to SCRAM today and take your darn $99/Month Bill with you! I am subscribing to an IPTV service one Troypoint has its results in for best IPTV service? Dang I will pay $15-$20ish for a service with say 2500 channels + ? Good luck Brother & Sister Cord Cutters ! Mike

      1. Hi Mike, you may be running an ad-free version of Cinema. I don’t provide those install tutorials as it is usually based off an old release that doesn’t work as well. See my comment above about how this works with the ads and different operating systems. Has nothing to do with how MECOOL makes these boxes. It’s how the app developer codes them. If using Real-Debrid there are great ad-free options which I mention above.

        1. Thanks Troy I appreciate you straightening that out for me about Cinema ! I have learned so much from you this past 18 Months ! You Da Man! I sent an email through FB to you about a week ago and I know your busy . I am trying to figure out an IPTV service. All if you’re reviews say that they work great with IpVanish? I wasn’t that knowledgeable then and was told seeings I live in Canada NordVPN was the best? So what I was asking is this. Is Nord as good compatible wise as IpVanish with the IPTV services ? If you get a moment Can you possible texture my question and let me know what you think about NordVPN with the IPTV services ? Cheers Man !

          1. Hello Mike. Yes, I am sure Nord will work fine with most providers as well. Have a great weekend and thanks for following TROYPOINT!

    2. Hello Guys, please understand that I don’t develop any of these apps. From what I know there are different ways that these interact with the various operating systems. So, what you get on Firestick, you might not get on Android TV. Assuming you guys have Real-Debrid, there are other ad free options such as Cyberflix, Kodi with Seren addon, Crew Kodi addon. All of these work well with Real-Debrid and those apps. I just looked at CyberFlix which was last updated at end of August and it is pulling a ton of links through Real-Debrid – https://troypoint.com/cyberflix-tv/

      1. Thank you Troy. I tried using Cyberflix and it works great ad free. So, I will use Cyberflix as the alternative to Cinema most of the time. Also, a Kodi and Mecool remote control question. When I’m in Kodi how do I add favorites using the remote control supplied with Mecool? There is no selector for favorites on the Mecool remote, unlike the Firestick remote control. ps. Thank you for all your help. How can I support your channel without bitcoin? Credit card number etc.

        1. Thanks Robert, not donation necessary. We will be opening a donation system soon but will give back to those who donate with a private community and exclusive tutorials. When you want to add a favorite in Kodi with this remote, highlight what you want to favorite and then long press the OK button for a few seconds. A menu will appear that will allow you to add favorite. Thanks for following TROYPOINT!

  38. Great tutorial. I just received the Mecool KM3 today and have got it setup okay, working very well. Wondering if there is anyway to change the background on the Home Screen, mine show up rather dark and I’d like it a bit lighter color? Also wondering what “Get My App” app is about. Thanks for the great info service you provide, Best on the Net!!

    1. Hello @Ray Martin not a way to change background that I know of. You could install a different launcher but I wouldn’t suggest that as this is one reason why Android TV shines. Not sure about Get My App. From what I see, it is similar to Sideload Launcher and should display all apps on device. But, I don’t think it is working properly with Android 10 yet.

  39. Another great video Troy! You were right though, they are taking their sweet time shipping my box out. I ordered it the day after you posted your review and they haven’t even shipped it yet. Hope you or a fellow poster can answer one stupid question though- Are there any differences between the Kodi app and the Xanax build app? Which one should I be using? Or is it a personal preference thing?

    1. Hello Ian, the Xanax App comes with the Build and Kodi both installed so you aren’t required to install any addons, etc. It is all just there. Not a stupid question at all.

  40. Like the box so far…..had to add Kodi & Xanax….but would like to see a video on how to add Mobdro…..that would round this box off…….did not like the long shipping…..but appears to work great so far…..

  41. Hi Troy,

    I have an older Me Cool M8S Pro. No issues but was considering upgrading. Do you think it’s worth the upgrade?

    1. Hi Daniel, I have the same box that we use in our basement for treadmill. It is still running strong and no I wouldn’t pay to upgrade. It’s stood the test of time and still no problems whatsoever on ours either.

    2. Hi Daniel, if things are working good for you, I don’t know if an upgrade is worth it. That is the great thing about these MECOOL boxes. They last forever.

  42. After reading your review on this box a few weeks ago, I knew I wanted to play around with my first Android TV box. I was tempted on a couple different occasions in the last couple of years with getting a Mi Box, but deferred, thinking the hardware package was too anemic.

    Plus, I’ve always thought your personal reviews on hardware have been generally genuine and your views on spot on.

    I got my unit yesterday, exactly two weeks from placing my order (which I did, using your link – you put in the work, why should you not get compensated for your efforts?). I spent the better part of the evening playing around with it.

    This box is fast. I use a 2nd Gen Fire TV as my primary. The KM3 trumps it in nearly every regard. As suggested, I found performance exceeds my 4K fire stick also. Android TV OS is somewhat similar to Fire OS, but enjoyed the cleaner landscape and flexibility of customizing (if not still limited).

    Without hitting points that Troy and others already commented on, here’s my pro/con list.


    The remote is pretty cool. Built well and notably heavier than Amazon remotes. I liked that they have a power button, unlike Amazon devices. While the remote is not a universal capable one like recent Amazon remotes, it controls volume and mute controls at a device level. I thought that was cool also. The mic works well and accurately detects at low volumes.

    Onboard storage. Worth the pennies alone! I consistently criticized the pain of dealing with such anemic onboard storage that Amazon devices had. Even the workarounds of using external storage was not well implemented on Amazon devices. I got the 128gb model (for less that $20 more than the 64gb,why not?). The freedom of not having to deal with app management to make room for another app keeps the blood pressure down.

    Install from untrusted sources. This can be turned on/off at an individual app level. Not just a blanket on/off.


    Some side-loaded apps, like Netflix, did not appear on the general app drawer. To access it, you had to go into the sideloader app (already pre-installed) or open it from the settings->apps list. There were one or two others that was like that also. All the apps installed from Troy’s RIA showed up in the app drawer fine however. I was unable to move some of those mentioned sideloaded apps to the home page favorites.

    Android TV OS. I would have still liked more customization options, especially on the home screen. More channel creations that would allow me to create custom category grouping of my apps would be nice. Also background customization would be a plus.

    Remote buttons hard to see in the dark.

    No batteries for the remote are included.

    You have no choice but to sign in with a Google account during set up.


    Does anyone benefit from location features being turned on?

    Anyone use an ANDROID TV anti-virus app? Or would this be a conflict of interests given the apps we all typically use.

    Thanks again. I’ll be playing around much more with this unit this week but I’m really liking what I see so far. I’m not familiar with the brand but would hope that the quality holds up over time.

    1. Thanks for your post, much appreciated! Yes, I go through the Sideload Launcher feature in the new setup video above along with a few other things that will help people get started with this box. I’ve never needed a virus app for any of these devices. The way I look at it is that if something were to happen, I will just do a factory reset and then reload everything with the TROYPOINT Rapid App Installer. Good point about Location on. I think this is more for mobile devices. But, if you use local news apps, etc. it may be helpful. BUT, I run a VPN so it wouldn’t detect my correct location anyways so I would need to adjust that manually with my zip code in the settings of these apps. Thanks again for a great list!

      1. Hi Troy,

        I am having issues getting your mx player neon codec to install on mx player pro downloaded from your RIA. Despite MX player seeing the downloaded codec when trying to select it, error message says can’t find custom codec.

        I don’t have issues with installing the codec on my Fire TV but am struggling to get it working on the KM3. Can you advise?

        1. Hello, if you’re installing the MX Player through the Rapid App Installer, there should be no need to mess with the codecs as they are built in.

          1. Hmm, thanks for the update. Still odd in my case as cinema HD links (when using the km3) that have 5.1 audio bears no sound. Links with no 5.1 or AC3 play fine.

            Maybe another setting that I’m missing. I’ll keep looking.

          2. So, here’s what I discovered so far with the audio issue. When playing a RD like in Cinema/Cyber with 5.1 audio or better I get no sound when defaulted to HW decoder. If I switch to HW+ or SW decoder while in stream, I get audio, but only 2.1 prologic despite the link showing a 5.1, DTS, or 7.1 audio.

            My km3 audio setting mirror what your screenshot says, Troy.

            I’ll continue to play around. I don’t have this issue with my Fire TV. I didn’t try a different hdmi, but I can’t see how this would be the root cause.

  43. Thanks Troy. Good tutorial but you didn’t go into chromecast. Mine connects but when I click play on a show it disconnects

    1. Hi Kim, Chromecast is working fine on mine. I am using the Home app on my phone to do the casting. Also, in IPVanish under settings I have Allow LAN Access checked. I would suggest using the Google Home App if you aren’t and see if that fixes things.

  44. Thanks for the great review Troy,I do have to say one thing about customer service.This week my 2017 Nvidia shield started having problems with the Wi-Fi and I contacted Nvidia and after everything we tried they concluded it was a problem with the Wi-Fi in the device and they are sending me a new shield.It’s always great to pay less for a device and I am all for it but I don’t think he would get this kind of service from Mecool Or any of the other Chinese back to makers.

    1. I agree. I’ll pay more for a higher quality unit particularly if the manufacturer ISN’T China. I can’t seem to find the country of origin for the Shield, but at the very least Nvidia is an American company. Yes, they probably buy or source from China–it’s almost impossible not to, but I’d rather my money stay in the US, at least for the most part.

  45. So far I am having trouble using the downloader to add the rapid app installer.
    I have the browwer add on and droid admin
    but not sure how to get the troypoint app

    1. Hello Randy, they may create a new device with that feature in the future. If you need GB LAN you can buy a USB Gigabit LAN off Amazon. This is the one that I use and I’ve tested it on the MECOOL KM3 and it works great. I’m getting close to 300Mbps dl speeds with it. https://amzn.to/35tV0wS

  46. I have in the past had several Generational, Fire sticks, 4k etc. This box works Great. What I like is the extra storage, when I record a program or add extra apps. (my firesticks was getting loaded up to the point I had to remove apps). I also like the larger Ram for loading apps up quickly and scanning or fast forwarding threw program I can see were I at with the window frames now. Finally no buffering at all as I’m hooked direct with cable, from using wi fi. Probably will get a second in the near future.

    1. Hi Kerry, I personally like Android TV better than Fire OS. Plus, this one provides a lot more internal storage than any of the Amazon devices. This also comes with USB ports. Again, keep in mind if you use Netflix I would definitely suggest the Cube over this one.

  47. i have one but felt it was to tied to Google struggled for a while trying to sidelode as i do with your app Downloader with the firestick but found it would not gave up its in a drawer now replaced with 4k firestick.!

    1. Hi Ian, yes this is powered by Android TV but once you install Downloader through the Google Play Store, you can do exactly what you do on the Firestick and more.

  48. Great review, thanks Troy. I was just about to buy a Firestick 4k so have oped for this instead. Free Shipping (in the UK) is an added bonus.

  49. Sounds like a good box. I personally use the BUZZ TV XRS4500. This box is flawless. Works with APK’S and Kodi is incredible.

  50. Just picked up the 4GB 128 GB Internal storage model for 93.96 out the door with your coupon. I’ve got quite a few other boxes but looking forward to playing with this one for a while, I’m curious I was going to stack up against the TiVo 4K streamer that I just recently bought? The TiVo was about half the price of the MECOOL, Looking forward to comparing them & adjusting for price point.

    1. Thomas, I like this one a lot better than the TiVo Stream 4K. Except for the fact that Netflix doesn’t run on this. It is more powerful and lots more storage.

    1. Hi Wayne, yes you should be able to do that. The only hesitation I would have is that it might get too hot though.

  51. Thanks for another honest and great review.many Amazon customers can get fire stick 4K for $25 ,a great deal.since I got my Nvidia shield 2 years ago,and then the shield tv (tube) this winter ,I am totally satisfied with these products,they are worth the price( I got both on sale).

  52. Dear Troy,
    I have recently been given a T95Z Plus Android Box. Nobody has heard of this streaming box. It has all the expansions of the MECOOL KM3 plus a remote mini keyboard and a remote that has many functions. If anybody has heard of or used it, please let me know their opinion.
    Man of Mystery ?

  53. Sorry, but to clarify: is Netflix entirely unavailable or does it merely not play in HD? Because if it’s available in SD, that’s not a deal breaker for me.

  54. Well, found a website to buy it from. Just bought the Beelink box. Had first bought the firestick, but was not impressed. The Beelink box was faster, but still not what I thought it would be like. I’m new to all this, so I don’t have ANY idea of what I thought any of this would be like, so I’m going on Troypoint’s review. Hope it works well. I am learning lots though……

  55. Would you be able to download the spectrum app to watch local stations .Thank You for the excellent job.


    Hello,.I have purchased the Mecool KM3 in 2019. I want to update my android set top box via OTA Updates.
    Kindly tell me the procedure.
    The box indicate that it is on the latest OTA version 905300090316.
    Is this version be the latest one??

  57. A very good review as always. Decided to give this box a try. Didn’t hurt that the troypoint discount brought the price to $93. I have a Fire Cube and even with the extra internal storage it is still not nearly enough especially if you record any IPTV channels.And as we have found out it is not that easy to configure more storage on Fire Tv devices. Troy just wanted to say how grateful I am that you do what you do! I have come to trust you on everything dealing with cord cutting. Please keep up the good work!

  58. Annette M Dondanville

    We have me cool and we are having a big problem!!! It won’t record…well only for a few minutes. We can’t figure out what we are doing wrong!!

  59. and you load and use kodi unlimited? that’s what i use on my firestick. wonder if i need to update? or upgrade?

  60. Encouraged by this review, I have recently purchased a Mecool Or Honour (not quite sure why they are rare…?) it’s pretty good ~ a few quirks here & there. Just wondering does Android 10 TV OS provide any differenc visually to the UI?
    Thanks for review.

  61. Right on time Troy, as I was just about to order the 128-G version last Friday. I have had the MECOOL 8s Pro for years, and love it. Would be nice if it had a upgrade option that didn’t remove Android TV, but no dice. Good review, btw is Strix belly up?

    1. Hi Jody, I am away from my streaming device until sometime late tomorrow. I haven’t used Strix for a few days but it was working fine on Thursday.

  62. I have a KM1 with 64 G and am basically happy with it. It took 6 weeks to get it. I use a samsung sound bar and the volume is much lower then over the air tv which is frustrating when switching back and forth. I wish there was a way to adjust the volume in settings to match ota tv. I have to access Dangbei through the Explore app. I have yet to find a way to delete the cache files as Dangbei doesn’t seem to delete them all.

  63. Does the letter Q work when typing using a mini keyboard remote? I had another device with Android 10 where the Q letter function on the mini remote keyboard was hijacked for air mouse support and couldn’t be used to type the letter Q. Big problem for me with a Q in my username. Thanks! Loquitur

  64. Great review… Love reading through your stuff. Unfortunately it looks as though MeCool isn’t readily available here in the UK. I’m constantly considering whether I should upgrade my 4k firestick to the n videa shield pro 4k. But can’t decide if it’s really going to be worth it.

    1. I ordered directly from their website three months ago for the current model at that time, used the discount code and had it on my doorstep 2 or 3 weeks later.

      1. Thanks for your comment, Tom. Yes, they now have a new shipment process to the United States which makes it quicker like you indicate.

  65. Hi Troy, I have had my MeCool Km3 a little over a year now. I have had 2 issues with it.

    I have fibre optics 5G service here in Thailand, but the box will intermittently just turn off wifi. It doesn’t happen too often, but annoying when you are in the middle of a show. You have to go into settings to turn it on again. (everything else on wifi is running ok, so I know it is an issue with the box) Secondly the remote got way less responsive after about maybe six months. I just bought another one that has voice control plus more options than the original remote. The downside to another remote IMO is you have to plug in the usb rf adapter.
    None of this would keep me from ordering this box again if I liked it better than my fire stick 4K. I still prefer the Fire Stick, but with the current update on the MeCool it looks very similar to the fire stick layout. Home Page is easily customized or you can even delete some rows of options that you don’t like or may never use.

    Audio, is through the HDMI cord. Plus there is an AV input jack.

    1. Hi Carlyn, that is strange about the WiFi and remote. Maybe you got a defective device. I haven’t had any cut-outs yet on mine. Thanks for the comments!

  66. Troy,….Magicsee M5PLUS has an S905X3 [not an S905x2] also has 2.5 SSD Interface under its cover to insert an SSD
    Are you able to do a Review Comparison Please?…..Thomas…

  67. Having reread the review, a question is; are the MECOOL TV Android boxes distributed with a KODI build installed enabling accessing of Add-ons?

    1. Hi Victor, no but you can easily install any build once Kodi is installed. We have the Xanax Build available in the Rapid App Installer of the TROYPOINT App. You can easily install Kodi directly through Google Play Store on this device, another great selling point of Android TV.

  68. william r spangler

    Good review! As most of your reviews are. I have learned so much on Troypoint the past 2-3 years.

  69. thomas mc namara

    you are fast becoming nothing but a salesman, leave of the adverts, have you sold out to goggle?

    1. Hi Thomas, when we did a survey on the type of content that people wanted, device reviews was in the top 3. Also, what’s wrong with making money on a website where we spend lots of hours and money on it?

  70. Will it co-ordinate with Alexa? (If not, the the Fire Cube has to be preferred to this for those running that system?)

    1. Hi Jeffrey, I haven’t tried doing anything with Alexa yet but I highly doubt it as this is a Google product.

  71. The Mecool KM1 that I purchase was a piece of junk, it is not working. I contacted support over 2 weeks ago they replied saying that their support would contact me….nothing yet.

    1. Hi William, please email me additional information on this including your order number and I will contact them for you. Put your name in all caps in subject line of email so I see it right away.

  72. Robert A Higgins

    Troypoint always the most trustworthy reviews. I’ll hold off on my next purchase. Thank you.

  73. just what I need… another toy!!! lol… Couldn’t pass up that review and haven’t purchased an Android box since getting hooked on Fire Sticks yet here I am again. Saved about $ with promo (thx Troy).. Amazon was even more but no hurry for delivery. Will have fun with this. cheers!!!

    1. Hi Dave, I think you will like it. I will be releasing a new video sometime this week on setup process with a few tips.

      1. I bought the Firestick 4K awhile back. Following your set up video, it was a snap to get up and running. I was interested in the MECOOL, but if you are also providing a setup video for it; I am moving from interesting to a definite BUY. In your review you said Amazon Prime was better on the Firestick. I wish you had provided more details on that comment

  74. I have the MeCool KM1 for about 2 weeks now, and all the great aspects you mentioned about for the KM3 seem to exist in the KM1, As a matter of fact it was your review of the KM1 that prompted me to take the plunge. The KM1 is such a smooth operator and an absolute pleasure to use. But it did take 2 days short of 2 months to get. Now that I have it, that’s water under the bridge. In my opinion, the KM3 breaking the $100 barrier for the 128 gig is a mistake and will keep some from purchasing. A price of $94.99 while only $10 dollars lower will prevent that stigma which the $100 price tag creates. I think more sales will result. I have to apologize to you because I forgot to add the Troypoint coupon code when making the order, however, I did email their support asking them to pass along the commission. In conclusion I value all the information you provide to the streaming community and is second to none. Your step by step directions are golden, and your reviews of products is the same. Thank you for all you do!!!

    1. Thanks Bill. Yes, the KM1 is great as well and not that much difference. I probably like this one a bit more just because of the increased internal storage but everything else is pretty much the same. You really won’t notice much difference between Android 9 and Android 10. I appreciate your comment.

  75. As the happy owner of a KM1 (thanks to your review), what are the differences between the two boxes, apart from Android 9 v 10?

    1. Hi Tom, not much. The biggest difference is that there is more storage on basic model than the K1. And the fact that this one is running Android 10 and the other is 9 I believe. Nothing to make you want to change as I indicate in the post.

  76. Is this a better purchase than roku ultra? Considering hardware, ethernet and expandable memory. Also netflix use. They are both similar price range.

    1. Hello g money, I would never purchase a Roku as there is no way to install the free streaming apps as we can with these Android devices.

      1. william r spangler

        While it is obvious that the Roku family is more limited in terms of customizing with Apps, both our smaller tv’s are equipped with cheap Rokus. My wife much prefers the UI with Roku over the Firestick for streaming Hulu, Hulu Live & accessing our Plex server. Add to that, one of our two Firestick remotes will drain its batteries in 48 hours so that one of us has to remember remove them after we use it.

        I will say that the Firesticks’ WIFI reception is better than the Rokus’. And, though I haven’t done so yet, it is possible to hard wire a Firestick to a router or range extender.

  77. Hi, Troy thanks for the great review.
    I’m curious can you use Amazon apps on this like mysic and pair with echo speakers?

  78. I want to know if there is a noticeable difference in buffering as is common on the firestick.

    1. Hi Herman, you should notice a big difference from this and the original Fire TV Stick but not necessarily the Fire TV Stick 4K.

  79. Your constant referral to Android TV 10 and then Android OS 10 Pie has me totally confused. I thought that Android TV was different to Android OS.
    So, is this Android OS or Android TV based?
    Yes I have read your explanation between the differences, but your review leaves me somewhat confused.
    To me, a generic Android OS is something you would find in an android phone or android tablet, or indeed an adroit stb like minix.
    Thank you

      1. Right…..so now again you use the terminology Android TV and not android OS or generic. If it operates Pie OS 10, then surely it is no different to an android phone OS.

        As a comparison, is it a different OS than the xiaomi Mi box, or the Sony Android TV?

        That will simply it for me. Apologies for the reply, but just want to make sure that my understanding of Android Os and generic are different to Android TV.

        I thought that Pie or OS 10 related to Android Os and generic and not Android TV

        1. Dan, this is an easier way to think of it. Android TV is running Android 10 under the hood. The pretty navigation that you get and optimized Google Play Store is “Android TV” and is simply built on top of Android 10.

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