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Amazon Announces New 3rd Gen Fire TV Stick & Fire TV Stick Lite

amazon announces new firestick lite

Amazon has announced the release of two new streaming devices – The new 3rd Generation Fire TV Stick and the Fire TV Stick Lite.

Cord-cutting enthusiasts have been speculating a new model of the Amazon Firestick for months, and now it’s official.

These devices are priced at $29.99 and $39.99 respectively and seem to be slimmed down versions of the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K.

The VP of Amazon Entertainment Devices & Services, Marc Whitten, stated the following in a press release:

“With a redesigned Fire TV experience tailored to each user, it’s even simpler to stream your favorite shows with our more powerful, next-generation Fire TV Stick and our even more affordable Fire TV Stick Lite.”

You can view the full press release here – Amazon Press Release

Amazon also announced that these devices will include a new and improved interface and design titled the “All-New Fire TV Experience”.

This will roll out to other devices sometime in 2021.

Fire TV Stick Lite

The Fire TV Stick Lite is priced at $29.99 and will be available via Amazon on September 3oth.

The Fire TV Stick Lite is priced at $29.99 and will be available via Amazon on September 30th.

You can find more information on pricing, shipping, specs, and more on the Fire TV Stick Lite Product Page.

You can find more information on pricing, shipping, specs, and more on the Fire TV Stick Lite Product Page.

One thing of note about the new Firestick lite is the added “Live” button to the remote that will open all live streaming options on your device.

However, this remote will not have TV controls like those available on the Firestick 4K Remote.

This device will also NOT support 4K streaming, which is a major let down for a device released in 2020.

Below is one of the first released images of the new Fire TV Stick Lite.

Below is one of the first released images of the new Fire TV Stick Lite.

Purchase the all-new Fire TV Stick Lite

With no added features and a smaller price tag, it seems Amazon is likely trying to compete with the Roku Streaming Stick+.


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And for an extra $10, you can purchase the all-new 3rd Generation Fire TV Stick.

3rd Generation Fire TV Stick

The all-new 3rd Generation Fire TV Stick is priced at $39.99 and will be available via Amazon September 30th.

Similar to both the Fire TV Stick Lite and the Fire TV Stick 4K, this device will also have 8 GB of storage.

However, most specs and features on the 3rd Gen Fire TV Stick saw no upgrades.

The only improvement you will see with the purchase of the new Fire TV Stick is more volume and power controls to the Firestick remote.

The chart below shows in detail the differences in each device:


Click Image Below to Enlarge

Compare Fire TV Devices
Click Image To Enlarge


Purchase the all-new Fire TV Stick

Overall, this seems like a complete flop by Amazon and a huge miss.

While the price point may be right for some, most cord-cutters and streamers are looking for improvements in storage and overall streaming experience.

Make sure to comment below your thoughts on Amazon’s newest streaming devices!

Firestick Lite Alternatives

Although it’s cool to see Amazon releasing new models of the Firestick, these new devices lack in comparison to other superior streaming devices on the market.

Check out our quick list below of Firestick Lite alternatives.

Amazon Firestick 4K

The Firestick 4K has been the most popular streaming device on the market since it’s debut in 2018, and for good reason.

Due to its price point, 4K compatibility, ease of jailbreaking, and overall specs, it’s hard to beat the Firestick 4K.

Amazon Firestick 4K Review

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The MECOOL KM3 is a newer Android TV Box running the true Android TV 10 operating system, which is a huge plus.

The MECOOL KM3 is one of those devices that provides similar features to the NVIDIA Shield without breaking the bank.

MECOOL KM3 Android TV Box Review

Purchase MECOOL KM3 Box

TiVo Stream 4K Review

Tivo Stream 4K

The Tivo Stream 4K is another popular device that arrived to the streaming scene back in May.

This device is similar in comparison to the Firestick 4K in terms of price, storage, and portability, but runs Android TV OS.

Tivo Stream 4K Review

Purchase Tivo Stream 4K

For even more options check out our complete list of best streaming devices in 2020 and beyond.

Best Streaming Devices in 2020

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For our most popular Firestick/Fire TV tutorials, I highly recommend viewing our TROYPOINT guides below.

For more information on the new 3rd Gen Fire TV Sticks, you can check the official press release from Amazon below.

Amazon Official Press Release

Comment Below

What do you think of these new Amazon Firesticks?

Are you going to purchase the 3rd gen Firestick or Fire TV Stick Lite?

Let us hear your thoughts on these new devices in the comments below!

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Notable Replies

  1. New stick -8gb storage, Sounds like big improvement to me.

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106 thoughts on “Amazon Announces New 3rd Gen Fire TV Stick & Fire TV Stick Lite”

  1. When trying to turn on “download from unknown source” on the Gen 3 version there is no off-on button in developers option.

  2. Hi Troy,
    Have you played with any of the Insignia or toshiba smart tvs with fire TV ye?. Curious how they rank among the 4k and cube. I’m finding very little about their specs. Thanks

  3. This is my 2 cents input: Amazon fire sticks should be improved with more memories and storage capabilities like those competing android TV boxes of at least 4 GB ram and 32gb min. If they want to be in competition. Your evaluation of the Mecool is a plus and wishing that amazon will not disappoint us all next time.

  4. After selling preloaded Firesticks for 2 yrs I LIKE IT so far. Already Have been able to install Google Play And Services… Same wifi reception as 4K stick.

  5. Hi Troy, I purchased the Fire Stick Lite in advance of it’s release. I am using it on a small bedroom TV that’s not smart. For the price I am satisfied so far with the device. I’m a cord cutter and use a streaming service for watching shows and movies.

  6. The #1 problem with all streaming devices now and in the past is BUFFERING. Any single new upgrade is not an upgrade unless it adds a modifier such as more storage or processor speed. Anything less is waste of time and effort.

  7. Will stick ( no pun intended ) with the 4k stick
    On a side note are there any in depth tutorials for Nvidia Shield Pro as i’ve just purchased one thanks

  8. No plans on purchasing the new or lite firestick. It brings nothing new to the table….cheaper price is not always worth it, may cause more headaches than it’s worth!

  9. Many steps backwards instead of improvements for the future of the fire stick. The public has been let down after waiting for a better product.So dissapointed.

    1. Thanks for sharing Mark. Code did not work for me. Tried Amazon, Amazon Prime, and Smile. Amazon will give 20% off on trade in and nothing else.

  10. I bought two 4K Firesticks… One was for $39.99 and the second one was for $26.74 – this one was on sale…. I haven’t seen them on sale since the $26 one…. I still have some older models and am not sure what to do with them… I DO also wish they had more room/ram/Gigabytes… I’m just running APKS now seeing they offer everything I need.

    1. I just ordered the 4K Firestick. The code worked for me, but only for ONE Firestick. When I tried to get a second one, it wouldn’t give me the second one with the discount. Even when I left the Amazon site and went back in, it still wanted full price for the second one. But that’s ok. I still was able to get a 4K Firestick for $27.01. :)

  11. Roku – NEVER, no sideloading.
    Lite – NEVER, no 4K
    3G – What’s the point ?

    Add more memory to 4K stick then
    I’ll consider it.

  12. Troy, is there a quick way to transfer the total contents from your current device to one of new FireTV devices wirhout re-installing all of your apps, builds and settings?

  13. The current Fire TV 4K for its price is excellent value for money. The lack of storage capacity after taking account of the amount used by the OS is it’s clear weak point and was what you would think would come with an upgrade. Deal with it’s weakness Amazon don’t dumb it down to keep the price point.

  14. Troy, if you had to chose of the 3 fire sticks which one would you chose? I have the second generation fire stick works great I was thinking up grading. Thank you and I appreciate the things you do.Take care

  15. It’s good that I received my me-cool box yesterday, because I’m having a problem with my 4K fire stick. I’m considering purchasing another one, but I’m not sure about the new ones.

  16. As 1 of the primary contributing developers of Debloating the 4K Firestick, removing the 4K additional space/process is a perfect solution. 99% do not stream in 4K, I personally generally stream 720 & HLS.
    Perfect world Firestick – Stick, Y adapter, UGreen 3.0 USB Hub, 3.1 USB drive running at 200MB/s or faster, computer mouse with bluetooth dongle & ethernet connected. Install ADB, DeBloat tool version 3 & never install programs directly from Amazon, keep all programs on the USB drive. Use the Version 3 DeBloat Tool as it has all the features you need, is easily understood & used plus it is 100% FREE.
    ***To those of you who are real hackers – the total you can debloat is 55 but 2 of these are inconsequential & 2 others gradually degrade performance. There are also 3 which will Brick the device so be careful.***
    The proper method to DeBloating the 4K is to install all Amazon Updates, immediately disable Amazon updating (there are 3 command lines), uninstall the Amazon proprietary programs you do not use back to original install size (I use ES File Explorer), then DeBloat from the 4K Firestick the Amazon programs you do not use (There are 51 Total apps & processes you can safely DeBloat). Using this method, (running all programs on a USB drive) without Prime you should have 3.5GB Cache, with Prime (4 command lines) slightly above 3GB Cache. To make the Stick purr – Develop a habit of using Force Stop & Delete Cache any program immediately when you stop using it to keep your 1.7 Stick Processor clean from running background programs & processes.
    My sticks fly, are actually better to stream than my NVidia Shield which has a faster download speed but locks up where the Stick shudders then resumes – same link, using the same programs, streaming side by side both on 1,000MB/s internet connection at the same time experiment taken a dozen times.
    In a perfect world Amazon would have upgraded the OTG cable socket, the 10/100 Ethernet hardware, added a USB 3.0 connection & Android 9. I would pay $75 for such a device & it would be the best on the market.

    1. I, and I’ve read others, have tested speeds with the ethernet cable connected and without. The FS 4k is actually faster using the wireless connector. Though I’m no expert so I may be missing something with another advantage of using ethernet.

  17. Already have 2 firesticks, a 2nd gen and 4K. they are on different TV’s. Both are a disaster with overheating and loss of connection which is extremely annoying. Have tried every recommended ways to get them to run less hot but nothing works. Also storage is limited and no matter how closely I followed the methods on various utube videos I never got it to work. Have now bought two Android TV boxes and no over heating and can easily add storage. Downside is they don’t have the quality of the Firestick. Maybe Amazon should have looked at a android style box and kept a number of us as fans.

  18. they can throw it in the trash , with all their bloat ware and stuff i don’t want apps i don’t want and no memory just 8 gigs , NO , to be able to get me to buy it , it has to start with a minimum of 32 gigs none of their bloatware and it has to have a option to add memory like the gen 1 box and gen 2 box , i have 4 4k’s plus a couple of standard gen 1 fire sticks and 2 boxes gen 1 and gen 2 and both them boxes are far superior to the 4k in ability to store apps and not lose power, i won’t be buying anymore fore sticks ,

  19. Features I would have liked: an actual off button to shut off firestick, increased storage because of the increased Amazon clutter, and/or a way to remove some Amazon content.
    Thanks Troy.

  20. Amazon hardware has always prioritized cheap over functional. No surprise that they missed the chance to release a faster Firestick with 16gb on board. Then again, they’re counting on the people paying for Prime to stay locked into the Amazon ecosystem…

  21. I just do not understand this division of AMAZON. With the manufacturing power and money behind them, not to see a more NVIDIA unit going into 2021 at a profitable $100 less than NVIDIA, they could have, I believe, taken total control, above and beyond their presence already.

  22. I have had firestiks 4K ever since they were released everywhere I have tv sets and happy with them (except the limited storage space) but I fully agree with all the other comments here that the new versions of firestiks are a total waste of time and money for Amazon. I have been considering the SkyStream PRO 8K released earlier in 2020 to try on one of my tv sets, community and/or Troypoint any reviews on this? Thanks!

  23. Generally rubbish . I have owned all of them. Loaded with bloatware. You need to jailbreak to get much use out of them. Get a Shield…AI upscaling. Open platform. Updates.

    1. Install ADB remote, install Firestick DeBloat version 3 & remove up to 51 apps & processes. My 4K sticks outperform my Shield in side by side comparison tests just for streaming & the Shield download speed was 1/3 faster.

  24. The Firestick light I really would not buy I bought the new fire cube instead but it won’t let me load any films from downloader anyone with that problem

  25. Of course, getting a more advanced 4K version would be great, but I also appreciate the Lite model. I have a couple of smaller 720/1080 TVs at home, which don’t really need a 4K functionality, and this will save me some dough. Troy, as always, thanks for the update!

  26. I suppose this would be an inexpensive test run for a new cord cutter to try out, but if you are a serious about this way of life, none of the Amazon products cut it. Besides low specs, you still have to slog through the Amazon interface which is pretty much intolerable for me. I made the jump to the Nvidia Shield Pro and nothing compares to it. I have a smaller TV in the bedroom with my old Amazon Fire TV, and It’s a total slug in comparison. I’ll never go back to another Amazon streaming product again.

    1. I own both the Shield & several 4K Sticks. Once properly DeBloated, the 4K Sticks are superior streaming than the Shield. Performed side-by-side same program same link tests separate monitors. Shield download speed was 1/3 faster but the Shield would freeze up & quit where the Stick would shudder & resume.
      I am definitely serious about this way of life & am 1 of the primary developers of DeBloating 4K Firesticks of 51 apps & processes, have both expanded & debloated the square Firestick & Debloated 15 processes from the generation 2 Firesticks. I even have 1 of my 4K Firestick on a 128 SDD usb drive, use the UGreen usb hub & ethernet connected.
      Some of us are both serious & have skills.

  27. Thanks for makeing me pay twice the price for Me Cool so you can get commision.Amazon has it at half of what i paid.The support stinks,they want me to return it to China,The adderss is 1/4 page long 1/2 in Chinese. SCUMBAG

    1. You must not be the sharpest tool in the shed if you don’t search for Amazon first for something like this.. Just searched for it on Amazon and it isn’t there. Troll comment Troy.

    2. Robert why do you need support? Troy provided a setup video on the review page. KM3 is so much better than Firesticks. I love mine. Nowhere to be found on Amazon.

      1. Robert, please place the link to the MECOOL KM3 on Amazon. I just searched and not there. I can promise you if there was a supplier with many of these on stock in Amazon I would link to that as well. There aren’t.”

        Joel, that’s exactly what Troy said. And thanks Troy for having the integrity not to sensor Joel’s negative comment, even though it seems he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  28. Yes, I too am a bit disappointed in the downgrade. I have given away guite a few firestick 4k to friends and family in the past. However due to Amazon’s continual bloatware. I have moved on to the NVIDIA Shield.
    No longer do I have to deal with constant message about storage. Yes I guess my days of gifting Firesticks are over. On the other hand. The market for used 4k Firesticks might just boom!

  29. the 4k has amazon bloatware, which we cannot remove taking up valuable internal storage

    does the MECOOL have any bloatware installed ??? plus does the MECOOL has the option to upgrade its internal TF storage from 128GB to 256 ?? thanks

    1. Read J(im) French’s post and replies dude. Debloating is possible, just needs some care not to close services you use. Good news is it reversible.

  30. Wow, I was hoping for more storage because they keep adding stuff I will never use and can’t remove. I have moved to the China made boxes, not that I wanted to. But Amazon not supplying me what I want. Will have to use my 4K stick as long as I can. Then move on if they don’t come up with something better.

  31. I’m okay with a more entry level/budget stick for the low end, but would have loved a new high end 4K Stick also. With a faster processing chip and 16gb of storage.

    That would have been a better product strategy.

  32. What a disappointment this release was. IMO the price wasn’t something keeping people out of the FireStick market. The 4K model is on-sale quite frequently for $39 and I happened to pick up a second one on a day when they were $25. Why you would invest in RD and product chain for inferior products in virtually the same price range is beyond me. This isn’t like the iPhone SE situation as some have said. Just makes me more interested in what the new Google TV dongle will offer.

  33. Uggg…was really waiting for a memory upgrade on the sticks but that didn’t happen. Was sure amazon would have seen the huge need for more space but not to be..

  34. I am a very big supporter of Amazon Shopping, Amazon Prime, Amazon Music and I own (2) 4K Fire sticks. But my excitement for a new version of the Fire stick was doused when I found out it has no upgrades. What were the IT management of Amazon thinking of? Don’t they realize that they have stiff competition from other streaming devices? Also there are too many preloaded apps on the 4K Fire Stick.

    1. Seems the Amazon boffins fell in love with the next gen launcher screens revamp. It is running on FireOS7, based on Android 9; the OS already in use on the Cube 2nd gen, Maybe they’re hoping to extract more returns from its development cost. The mixed size tiles are very retro. I hope they get picture in picture working and project video on a large tile to give a taste of what’s in there—assuming it’s not NSFW LOL!

  35. My bet is Amazon had a bunch of old remotes to get rid of and just repackaged these and called them ‘Lite’. Personally, I would spend the extra $100 bucks and get the the Nvidia Shield.

    1. A system on a chip or SOC has a narrow base client list. It’s essentially Amazon’s proprietary marketable property. The Cube is a fork of that SOC with hexacore instead of quad core.

      Are they using up the stock of 2018-manufactured SOC “seconds” that presumably failed to stream in 4K, presumably due to an old manufacturing yield problem?

      What else could explain the re use of basically the same hardware in 2020 in a retrograde step? Chip tech has surely moved on but is costly to design and manufacture.

      It would basically explain the appearance of the FireTVStick gen3 but why in 2020?

      I’m suspicious they saw the need to market the Lite variant with this SOC at all.

      The hook to the channel guide from the remote button, as on some FireTV’s, is for there for ease of use, officially. Seems a bit of a solution looking for a hardly-existing problem. I don’t wake up thinking that’s the number one item on my wish list.

      Simultaneous release of 2 low end sticks late in the life of the concept effectively divided the remaining market not satisfied by 4K and the higher end Cube.

  36. Still waiting for a new version of the fire tv 2. Still using one as well as some 4k sticks and it’s still one of the most powerful, plus the integrated Ethernet and the memory card slot. I actually wouldn’t have minded as much if they did another 4k with gigabit Ethernet. Apple TV 4K is having it and I with an 800 mbps connection and an ISP that throttles speed I need more than 10/100

  37. Troy, you are the best. My opinion on the Firestick is they should have put in a faster processor. I have a 1gig download speed but it is slowed down by my TV with the IPVanish to 12gb Which is pitiful. Everything I watch wants to buffer. I have followed all of your advice but nothing helps. I do have one question I would like to ask: In every e mail you send me it says, Hello Syd trying for the 10th.time. Please explain

  38. Very disappointed with the two new releases of the fire sticks. Not fair that they will not allow the Fire Stick 4K to continuing being used next year. Amazon stinks.

    1. Who said they will take any negative steps as far as life of FireTVStick 4K is concerned?

      My impression is they will possibly upgrade the user experience to the next gen launcher screen layout as will shortly appear on the 1080p sticks just released.

  39. I agree with Bill Clark. Why in the world would a company roll out a product with virtually no upgrades????? I have been looking forward for major improvements to the 4k Fire Tv. Extremely disappointing!

  40. It’s a waste of time and money to be honest! 4k is the best hands down so why get rid of it, amazon need to get it together.

  41. I was hoping they would add features and more memory maybe a microsd slot. But instead they went the other way. A huge disappointment and a step backwards in my opinion.

  42. Amazon should have increased the storage capacity from 8gb to 16gb on the firestick 4k and charged $59.99. This would generate more sales for Amazon and make consumers happier. I understand having the lite stick for sale as some cannot afford to pay more, but still have access to prime tv etc etc

  43. I can’t believe Amazon went backwards on spec’s. I was looking forward to a more powerful Fire HD. I was looking forward to upgrading, not down grading.

  44. I have 2 of the 4K Fire Sticks already set up in full and love what it does. Not sure I need to upgrade at this point. It isn’t the money, it is the time setting it up

  45. would like to have an ethernet connector to connect directly to my router . they really need to double the memory to 16K or let me delete useless Amazon forced apps!

  46. Definitely a poor decision. Apparently the lite and the firestick have a 50% faster CPU than the older firestick but what the sticks really need is 16GB MEMORY! All sorts of complaints on the internet about “out of memory” errors because of all the bloatware Amazon put on these sticks. I have to reset mine to factory specs every 3 months or so to reclaim leaked memory. Come on, Amazon, update the firestick 4k with 16GN memory!

    1. table shows the only overclocked quad core in the family of Amazon system on a chip devices using the ARM Cortex A53 is in use on the Cube in two of its hexacores.

      Cube has 1.9GHz instead of clock speed of 1.7GHz used in recent Sticks

  47. MeKool and shield get the job done best for me. I’ve also tried ExpressVPN and PIA and IPVanish is way ahead of both of them and I bought a years subscription for half the price of the others. ???

  48. What on earth is Amazon thinking lowering specs. I totally understand having a light edition but they should have left the 4k firestick as the next level. Huge mistake. I buy so many 4k firesticks for gifts friends family. I probably gift 25 or more at christmas alone. I would not feel comfortable continuing without the 4k. Its a shame.

    1. Well there is supposed to be the fire stick light and then another new one also if you look on the Amazon site it tells you about it and as far as the 4K fire sticks u can still buy them? Troy point said something about reviews for the light version I don’t know how that’s possible when they haven’t even been released yet

  49. wow really amazon? I was waiting on a better processor a 3.0 micro usb for better eathernet connection. This is very disappointing and a epic fail as far as im concerned

  50. Thanks for the news. To me it’s somebody in development who has nothing better to do than to add more confusion to a product. What’s next? The extra extra light firestick? ??

  51. 4K is not that desirable for me… When Lawrence of Arabia looks like it was video taped, it takes away from the “mood” of a classic shot… Yeah some events like sports, and live shows, are great in 4K, but 1080 HD is great viewing for those things too… Heck they even look good in 720 HD..

    I just dont like the “soap opera” effect of 4K… 8K is worse…

    Give me power and speed, storage and reduce the price, and forget the 4K… for now… give me a device, that has the top of the line processor, 16gig of storage, and first class wifi, for $50, and will buy 10 of them today…

    1. 4K Is important to all the people that have 4K TV’s…it’s on a whole other level, looks amazing…Your judging it on your TV…but is your TV a 4k TV?

      1. I’m enjoying something about 4K ultra HD content on a 2009 model Toshiba at 1080p resolution.

        I see an extra something. Is it HDR from the streaming device?? It should theoretically do the same HDR on 1080p streams.

        SD 720p content definitely looks grainy and unfocussed.

      1. He’s comparing it to a 50yr old movie  Lawrence of Arabia, lol. it’s not meant for older movies…i’m sure if he had the ultimate setup he’d speak a lot differently

  52. I just bought on your recommendation the MeCool box. I love it. Amazon missed the boat by not increasing storage to at least 16gb on it’s new firestick. After loading at least 20 apps on my MeCool I still have 117gb of storage. With my fire tv I was getting at least 10 messages a day to clear storage space, which was all taken up with Amazon apps I didn’t want or need.

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