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YouTube TV Review – Is it the Best Live TV Streaming Service?

youtube tv review

This article will provide you with details and a full YouTube TV Review.

YouTube TV is a Legal IPTV Service that hosts sports and entertainment channels. It can be installed on any device including the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, NVIDIA Shield, and more.

For those unfamiliar with IPTV, these streaming services offer live TV channels at a set time delivered over the internet.

Viewers can watch the latest news, sports events, sitcoms, and other entertainment shows on an affordable subscription-based service.


To stream live TV, you need a high-speed and stable internet connection, a streaming device such as the Amazon Firestick, and a subscription to a streaming service.

The Amazon Firestick is the most popular device due to its low price point and jailbreaking abilities.

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You can also install a digital antenna should your live TV streaming service provider offer no over-the-air TV networks such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and PBS.

This provides you with the flexibility and full entertainment experience that other types of service providers cannot offer including access to local channels.

While many of these free services work well, they are not always reliable. Oftentimes, streams are only available in SD (Standard Definition) and typically have buffering issues.

If you want reliable, high-quality television with no buffering, TROYPOINT suggests purchasing a paid IPTV Service.

These services provide hundreds if not thousands of live HD TV Channels for a small monthly fee.

What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is an IPTV service that offers live and on-demand content. It provides users with live television through over 70 channels right to their preferred device.

YouTube TV is compatible with most popular devices such as the Amazon Firestick, which is perfect for cord-cutters. If you want to know more about installing the YouTube TV app on your Firestick, click the link below.

How to Install YouTube TV on Firestick, Fire TV, and Fire TV Cube

Use the link below for a Free 7-Day Trial of YouTube TV:

YouTube TV Free 7-Day Trial

YouTube TV Review – Highlights

  • 7-day free trial available (with a two-week extended free trial on a limited period during this holiday season)
  • 1 package plans with separate fee for add-on channels
  • 70+ channels depending on subscriber’s area and plan
  • 6 local channels
  • Offers original programming through YouTube Originals
  • Stereo audio
  • Only 30-second live delay
  • Less than 4 seconds in channel switching time
  • Unlimited cloud DVR recording
  • Streaming capability during traveling
  • 3 devices allowed for simultaneous streaming

YouTube TV Review

YouTube TV is a great option for cord-cutters who want a no-frills live TV streaming subscription that carries no hidden fees, equipment rental charges, and complex price plans that keep costs beyond one’s budget.


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It’s one of the newest IPTV services in the industry, having been launched only in February 2017.

In Q1 of 2019, YouTube claimed that it already has more than 1 million subscribers on its IPTV service.

This comes after announcing that it has become already available in 195 regional markets, which comprises of 99.5 percent of all U.S. households.

Users praise the streaming quality and recording feature with unlimited storage space that keeps content for up to nine months – compare that to other services that only store recordings for a maximum of 30 days.

It’s a cost-effective option since each subscription plan can be shared up to six accounts and have simultaneous streaming on up to three devices.

Unknown to many, YouTube TV offers original programming selections through YouTube Originals to rival its competitors.

YouTube TV Review – Channel Lineup

YouTube TV boasts of more than 70 channels including local sports and news (depending on one’s location).    In my area, I can access 165 channels, including local programming provided by KCRG-TV, CBS 2, Fox 28, 7 KWWL, KWWL, NBC Sports Chicago and Chicago Plus, and Telemundo Chicago.

I’m also impressed with the sports channels, which include:

  • ESPN
  • Fox Sports
  • Golf Channel
  • NBA TV
  • Olympic Channel

Due to its lineup of sports channels, this makes YouTube TV one of the most popular choices for Watching the NBA or Watching the NFL Online.

The availability of ESPN and its related channels makes YouTube TV a preferred service by some sports fans over its rival fuboTV (which still has not included ESPN on its roster).

It also offers add-on channels at different monthly fees. For example, STARZ is priced at $9 per month while NBA League Pass is quite expensive at $40 per month.

Unless you’re a fan of these channels, there’s no need to subscribe to these considering the number of channels that you can access with your basic monthly subscription.

However, it’s missing some of the popular cable channels such as Comedy Central, Hallmark, Nickelodeon, Spike, HISTORY and HBO.

This can be a deal breaker for those who want to switch from their cable TV subscription and miss out on Game of Thrones reruns or the latest South Park episodes.

CLICK HERE for complete channel lineup.

Pricing Packages and Inclusions

Unlike other services, there’s only one package available on YouTube TV. It raised its prices from $35 to $40 a month in March 2018 and then hiked it again to $49.99 in May 2019. 

It’s still well below the prices of basic plans offered by fuboTV and AT&T TV NOW though.

Google explained that it had to push up its monthly fee because of the service’s expansion to more U.S. markets and addition of 10 new channels aside from TLC, Food Network, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, MotorTrend, Discovery, HGTV and EPIX.

For those wanting to upgrade, YouTube Premium, which carries YouTube content (with YouTube Originals) on YouTube TV that is ad-free, is priced at $11.99 and comes with a month’s worth of free trial.

YouTube TV doesn’t also carry any contract so subscribers can cancel their plan anytime without paying additional fees.

Free StartMail Trial

Compared to other services offering the same or even more channels, its monthly subscription fee isn’t as competitive as others.

For example, Sling TV already offers more than 100 channels for $40 a month. However, if you’re after local programming and unlimited cloud DVR recording, then YouTube TV’s price package can be considered a good deal.

User Interface

Similar to the YouTube website, the user interface on YouTube TV is very basic, clean and simple. It’s worth mentioning that I’m amazed by the tailored suggestions that it features on the Home section.

I’ve never had any issues with the interface for YouTube TV whether on my mobile device or desktop computer. Everything is straightforward and minimalist with Library, Home and Live as the only tabs presented.

Browsing shows on the Live section is made easier with the live preview. I’m  also able to watch using the picture-in-picture (split screen) feature on my Android device, which is ideal when I don’t want to miss my favorite sports events while on the road.

It’s currently not offered on iOS except when you turn on iPad’s split screen feature.

Streaming and Picture Quality

I’ve noticed that most live shows that I’ve streamed are at 1080p/60fps with my 200 Mbps internet download speed. However, take note that this still depends on the program source since there are channels that can be limited to only 720p/60fps.

Buffering was kept to a minimum and I did not have any issues streaming in high quality.

Cloud DVR Functionality

This is where YouTube TV gets ahead in the cord-cutting market. It’s the only IPTV service that offers unlimited space to store your recorded shows, which you can keep for nine months.

This is a great feature considering that other services such as Hulu + Live TV and fuboTV only offers 50 and 30 hours of storage, respectively. Philo also offers unlimited storage but only for 30 days.

I thoroughly enjoy the YouTube TV recording feature. I simply choose which show to record, save it in my library, and retrieve it for later viewing.

The only (good) problem I have is because of the unlimited space, I already have huge number of content in my library until each of them gets deleted after nine months.

Other Issues

There are no parental controls available. However, parents can still filter based on ratings such as G and PG movies, and TV-Y, TV-Y7 and TV-G shows. Sling TV allows me to lock my settings using a PIN so I can restrict what others can watch, however. This is something I look forward to having on YouTube TV.

As of this time, I find that YouTube Originals still has a lot to catch up on the quality of entertainment compared to Hulu’s award-winning programs.

Its original series and films haven’t been much talked about compared to The Handmaid’s Tale, which has gotten many interested viewers to sign up for a Hulu account.

YouTube TV Review – Bottomline

Based on my experience streaming on YouTube TV, I would say that it’s one of the best options for cord-cutters who want a mix of lifestyle, news, sports and entertainment programs in their plan.

Users can benefit from the user-friendly and simple interface, availability of more local channels, and of course, unlimited cloud DVR recording.

In terms of the price, I don’t think it will appeal to most new cord-cutters considering that there are other better and reasonably priced packages offered by its competitors such as Sling TV and Philo.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is a streaming service available for installation on streaming devices such as the Amazon Firestick to watch Live TV.

Is YouTube TV legal?

Yes. YouTube TV is a verified service and is 100% legal to use.

Does YouTube TV stream Live TV?

Yes. YouTube TV streams Live TV channels across many different categories.

What devices can YouTube TV be installed on?

YouTube TV is available for installation on tons of devices including the Amazon Firestick which is the most popular streaming device available. Users can also download on Android and more.

What channels does YouTube TV have?

YouTube TV offers numerous channels to choose from for live viewing. These include News, Shows, Movies, Sports, Tech, Kids, Music, and more.

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  1. I was never able to overcome audio sync issues during my YouTube TV trial. My wife, who is usually quite passive about most technical glitches that drive me crazy, immediately noticed the sync issue and was displeased. My attempts to get the issue resolved with YouTube TV tech support were fruitless. Hard pass on this one. Just my opinion based on my personal experience with their service.

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