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VNest IPTV Targeted in Lawsuit by DISH Network & Sling TV

vnest iptv

DISH Network and Sling TV have filed a lawsuit against VNest IPTV for alleged infringing content.

VNest IPTV is a Las Vegas-based company that claimed to provide users with over 5,000 channels for a small monthly fee.

vnest iptv service

We want to know your thoughts after reading this story in the comments below. What do you think of DISH & Sling TV targeting another unverified IPTV Service?

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As first reported by TorrentFreak, Sling TV & DISH filed the lawsuit in a Nevada Court which targets Las Vegas resident Santina Fulton.

Fulton is the alleged owner and operator of VNest IPTV and was even sent a cease-and-desist notice from the companies in October of 2021.

The request was ultimately ignored and the service continued to operate as usual.

However, since the court filing from Sling & DISH, the VNest official website is no longer available for access.

You will encounter the following screen when attempting to access VNest IPTV’s website:

vnest iptv website

The media companies claim that VNest captured streams from DISH Network and rebroadcasted them under their own name.

They even allege that some of the channels were ripped from Nitro TV which is also facing charges from DISH Network

Nitro IPTV Operators to Pay Over $100 Million in Piracy Lawsuit

While most IPTV developers go to great lengths to hide their identity, Fulton seemed to do the opposite.

Investigators for DISH & Sling signed up for the service and made payments via PayPal and Venmo that went directly to Santina Fulton.

The lawsuit against VNest claims the company violated the Federal Communications Act and the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) by unlawfully stealing and rebroadcasting live streams.

DISH Programming and Sling Programming has been retransmitted to users of Defendants’ VNest TV service without Plaintiffs’ authorization, thereby allowing VNest TV users to receive such programming without paying the requisite subscription fee to DISH or Sling.

You can read the entire lawsuit by following the link below.

DISH Network/Sling TV/Nagrastar vs Ventura’s Nest LLC


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This isn’t the first time we have seen DISH target IPTV Providers for stealing the companies’ streams.

IPGuys IPTV to Pay DISH $14,000 in Damages

Universe IPTV to Pay DISH Over $7 Million in Copyright Damages

Popular IPTV Service ChitramTV Sued by DISH

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What do you think of DISH targeting another IPTV Service?

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1 thought on “VNest IPTV Targeted in Lawsuit by DISH Network & Sling TV”

  1. Sidney Foster

    (The media companies claim that VNest captured streams from DISH Network and rebroadcasted
    them under their name.)

    Well, he should have been using a VPN, to begin with.
    1. How do they know he got the streams directly from them?
    2. Did he promote that the streams were his or did he just say he can supply 5,000 channels?
    3. Those streams are so readily available over the internet, or he may have bought the streams from another person, who told him this is like an affiliate website and you pay one price, say $5.00 and he can up price because he is getting a discount to say $8.00 to $20.00 a month and make your money back and more. And it is easy to make a website look so real. And affiliate sites are everywhere on almost anything.
    So in his mind, he was legit and the Cease Operations letter could have been a spammer.
    So no violation as far as he was concerned. But when he received the court documents, he freaked out and went Dark. But they know where he lives, so he will need to jeep on hiding on the run. Or just get someone to make a Dummy anonymous website that can’t be tracked. VPN A Tails USB Drive that once removed everything is erased and undetectable and even on the library’s computer because you will not leave a trace on the computer you use once the USB Drive is removed like going on the Tore Browser and the Dark Web.m

    He was as bad as the guy who started the AlphBay website. They used his Hotmail personal account, had Crypto wallets unsecured on his computer, his name was used for the admin and designer plus used his LinkedIn account and flashed how rich he was and what he intended to do was be bigger than eBay. And illegal operations which he wrote. Th.ey said he wouldn’t be able to deny his guilt.
    Maybe he did commit suicide.

    The guy here should of read what happened to the Alpha Bay guy and he would of learned what not to do.

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