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TROYPOINT Winners Announced

Here are the winning names and prizes won.

I’ve sent an email to all winners indicated below with instructions on how to redeem your prize.

Thank you all for supporting this fun contest.  Many more to come!

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you and thanks for following TROYOINT!



Michael mc*** – Dynalink Android TV Box

Hardy lil.*** – Dynalink Android TV Box

Douglas – douglas*** Dynalink Android TV Box

Tobey – Grin*** Dynalink Android TV Box

John – jde*** MECOOL KM1

Serg – frodo*** MECOOL KM3

Brad – brad*** MECOOL KM9 Pro Hounour

Happy Thanksgiving TROYPOINT Fans!

I bought four additional Dynalink Android TV Boxes when I did my review as I wanted to do a Thanksgiving Giveaway.

MECOOL has also generously donated three Android TV Boxes as well!

Have fun with this free drawing and check back frequently to see how many entries that you’ve accumulated.

Troy’s Dynalink Android TV Box Review

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Notable Replies

  1. Cool, it’s always fun to hear about your giveways. I, for one, would be thrilled to win. You’re my go to for many streaming issues. Thank you, thank you.

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